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We’re astir to the decorativeness enactment of 2022, and it’s been 1 for the past books. This twelvemonth we had, successful nary peculiar order, aggregate acquisitions, large gaming and hardware launches, monolithic leaks — oh, and a warfare that inactive threatens the lives of respective members of our community. This is the twelvemonth we saw the commencement of the Steam Deck and the decease of Google Stadia. We’ve seen tragedy, drama, occurrence and truthful overmuch controversy. As we’re astir to exit to the different side, let’s look backmost connected however we did successful 2022.

Microsoft got this twelvemonth started disconnected by announcing successful January that it intended to get Activision Blizzard. An acquisition connected that standard was unheard of, truthful that got our corporate humor pumping early. This month, the FTC announced it was suing to artifact the acquisition pending further investigation. That makes the woody consciousness similar a bully bookend connected each broadside of 2022. Sony has progressive itself successful the process by pointing retired each the ways that the woody volition wounded “competition” (meaning Sony itself) should it spell through. That’s go the root of immoderate ongoing drama.

Activision was acold from the lone institution snapped up this year. Embracer went connected a buying spree, snatching up Eidos Montreal, Square Enix Montreal (later renamed Onoma, present defunct), Crystal Dynamics, Tuxedo Labs, Middle-earth Enterprises, Limited Run Games, Tripwire Interactive and others. It was acold from the lone institution buying up studios — Sony acquired Bungie, Haven Studios and Savage Game Studios. But still, nary 1 was arsenic anxious arsenic Embracer.

Then, connected what would different person been a quiescent week, idiosyncratic retired determination leaked nary little a crippled than Grand Theft Auto VI. The precise aboriginal footage which was allegedly swiped from Rockstar’s Slack server showed that the caller rubric volition diagnostic 3 playable characters and takes spot successful Vice City. The alleged hacker was aboriginal detained by the police. It’s not the lone large crippled leak that happened successful 2022, but it was surely the biggest.


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Sadly, not each of the stories were arsenic frivolous and casual to marque airy of arsenic those above. Russia attacked the Ukraine successful February. Ukraine is location to a ample and thriving crippled improvement assemblage (not that it would alteration the fearfulness of the concern adjacent if it weren’t), truthful this straight affected respective beloved studios. Some games companies, specified arsenic GOG, Humble and Epic, person campaigned to rise wealth successful enactment of Ukraine.

Here successful America, we mislaid the protections granted to america by Roe v Wade, and crippled companies came retired successful (relatively) ample numbers to express their support for the reproductive rights of their employees. Sure, it’s articulator service, but that’s inactive a heckuva batch much than women similar maine person gotten successful the past — and isn’t that a depressing thought.

As we determination into 2023, let’s anticipation for a twelvemonth that is arsenic exciting, but possibly a spot little fraught. There’s a full caller radical of games waiting for us. I privation each of you successful the manufacture the champion going into the caller year.

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