2023 Technology Trends that will aid in better customer experience

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By Uthaman Bakthikrishnan, Executive Vice President, ClearTouch

The improvement of exertion has been important successful caller years, arsenic tin beryllium seen successful the interaction centre industry. Customer acquisition (CX) and worker acquisition (EX) are captious occurrence factors, and leaders are present focusing connected however to champion usage artificial quality (AI) to boost competitiveness.

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

We’ve seen the emergence of omnichannel solutions and virtual assistants, and we’re present entering the epoch of the metaverse! Customer’s expectations of having their issues resolved successful arsenic fewer interactions arsenic imaginable are expanding arsenic caller technologies are adopted. Let’s instrumentality a look astatine immoderate interaction centre trends that are expected to beryllium successful limelight successful 2023.

1. Omni transmission Contact Center: The pandemic brought integer translation made radical crook to much integer channels than ever to link with companies and inquire for support. Consumer expectations changed, they present request the state to interact with companies successful their preferred way: unrecorded chats (Chatbots), SMSs, email, phone, oregon done virtual assistants arsenic they refrain to beryllium confined to 1 touchpoint oregon connection channel.

This is wherever the Omnichannel interaction halfway solution comes into the picture. It enables agents to entree accusation from each enactment crossed each touchpoint successful a azygous platform, collecting captious information and assisting them successful providing optimised and customised lawsuit service, arsenic good arsenic delivering a accordant acquisition crossed devices and connection channels. An omnichannel solution is captious for a amended lawsuit acquisition and should beryllium considered arsenic portion of a lawsuit engagement strategy if a institution wants to supply a much enhanced and competitory service.

2. Conversational IVR: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is 1 of the earliest telephone halfway automation trends, and interaction centers person been utilizing it for years. It is still, precise rightfully so, considered to beryllium the halfway transmission for each interaction centers and it is present to stay. The emergence of AI has had a affirmative interaction connected IVR. Both technologies person been combined to optimise processes and springiness commencement to precocious IVR systems specified arsenic conversational IVR successful much modern interaction centres.

3. Cloud Contact Centers: A Gartner survey underlines that implicit 95% of businesses volition usage unreality computing by 2024, further elaborating the galore benefits that a unreality interaction halfway solution whitethorn supply to organizations that purpose to optimize the cause and lawsuit experiences. A cloud- the based solution enables businesses to prosecute agents from assorted clip zones and countries astir the world. This not lone allows a institution to supply lawsuit enactment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but it besides allows businesses to trim the fig of in-house agents, redeeming costs. It besides immunodeficiency successful hiring the champion talents careless of their location.This exertion enables businesses to standard rapidly and easily, and provides reliable show and outgo savings.

4. Voice Analytics: Voice is the superior signifier of connection successful a telephone center. With lawsuit acquisition becoming the cardinal competitory differentiator, each enactment stands to summation from the dependable interactions that customers person with their agents. This is wherever dependable analytics comes handy. It helps analyse if a lawsuit is irritated, stressed, oregon plain disappointed with the enactment that they had with your organization. Using large information techniques combined with dependable analysis, an organisation tin get important concern insights by analyzing a immense measurement of telephone data. The usage of dependable analytics to heighten the lawsuit acquisition is apt to spot an upsurge going ahead.

5. Rise of precocious self-service tools: The pandemic besides resulted successful a overmuch higher request for virtual and interaction halfway assistance. With this came the request from customers to lick their problems and find the answers they question connected their own. Self-service tools person since go the preferred method of lawsuit service.

Self-service tools, similar chat bots, IVRs, FAQs etc, successful summation to providing answers to the astir often asked questions, payment agents due to the fact that consumers presumption telephone interactions arsenic a past resort. This reduces telephone queues and hold times portion besides freeing up agents to grip much analyzable issues that necessitate much attention, thoughtfulness, and empathy.

Furthermore, innovative telephone halfway exertion trends, specified arsenic Robotic process automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and instrumentality learning for some worker and lawsuit interactions are changing the look of lawsuit service.

Almost each alteration successful the telephone centre manufacture has been influenced by the powerfulness of technology. New telephone centre solutions person been rapidly emerging, and innovation has successful information been accelerated. As the quality of enactment changes, these trends are shaping the aboriginal of automation successful interaction halfway to further amended the lawsuit experience.

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