400 Million Twitter User Accounts Exposed: Report

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Cybercrime quality steadfast Hudson Rock has disclosed that a menace histrion is trying to merchantability the users’ information of 400 cardinal Twitter customers containing backstage accusation astir celebrities, politicians, and companies.

Some of the large names see erstwhile U.S. President Donald Trump, Ethereum laminitis Vitalik Buterin, Shark Tank prima Kevin O’Leary, billionaire capitalist Mark Cuban, and tons more.

Threat Actor Tries to Sell Private Twitter Data 

According to Hudson Rock, the menace histrion claimed the information was obtained earlier this twelvemonth via a Twitter vulnerability. The database contains accusation astir the breached Twitter users, including their emails, relationship instauration dates, and telephone numbers.

The actor, who goes by the sanction Ryushi, has asked the Twitter management team and its caller proprietor Elon Musk to scope retired to specified accounts to onslaught a bargain for an exclusive buy-out to forestall the incorrect radical from getting a clasp of the data.

Ryushi told Musk that nonaccomplishment to cooperate would pull GDPR breach fines of up to $276 million, conscionable similar Facebook did erstwhile implicit 500 cardinal users’ information was exposed.

“Twitter oregon Elon Musk, if you’re speechmaking this you are already risking a GDPR good implicit 5.4m imaging the good if 400m users breach. Your champion enactment to debar paying $276 cardinal USD successful GDPR breach fines similar Facebook did (due to 533m users being scraped) is to bargain this information exclusively…,” the connection read.

Users Could Lose Trust successful Twitter 

The menace histrion further highlighted the consequences of Twitter’s nonaccomplishment to cooperate. Ryushi explained that selling the information to anyone other would exposure celebrities and politicians to crypto scams, phishing, doxxing, and different malicious activities.

Ryushi pointed retired that since Musk was already lasting connected shaky crushed for changing Twitter’s policy, users could wholly suffer their spot successful the level erstwhile they find retired astir the breach.

Meanwhile, immoderate Twitter users are speculating that Ryushi’s assertion of having the backstage information of 400 cardinal accounts is untrue, but Hudson Rock thinks otherwise.

“Please Note: At this signifier it is not imaginable to afloat verify that determination are so 400,000,000 users successful the database. From an autarkic verification the information itself appears to beryllium morganatic and we volition travel up with immoderate developments,” the cybercrime quality steadfast stated.


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