AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. (ADTH) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTH) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call March 2, 2023 4:30 PM ET

Company Participants

David DiStefano - IR

James Lawson - CEO

Patrick Elliott - CFO

Conference Call Participants

Laura Martin - Needham

Maria Ripps - Canaccord

John Blackledge - TD Cowen

Andrew Boone - JMP Securities

John Roy - Water Tower Research

Dan Kurnos - the Benchmark Company


Ladies and gentlemen, convey you for lasting by, and invited to AdTheorent's Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2022 Earnings Call. At this time, each participants are successful a listen-only mode. After the speaker's presentation, determination volition beryllium a question-and-answer session. Please beryllium advised, that this league is being recorded.

I would present similar to crook the league implicit to your archetypal speaker, David DiStefano, Investor Relations. David, delight spell ahead.

David DiStefano

Good afternoon, and invited to AdTheorent's 4th fourth and afloat twelvemonth 2022 net call. We volition beryllium discussing the results announced successful our property merchandise issued aft the marketplace closed today. With maine contiguous are AdTheorent's Chief Executive Officer, James Lawson; and Chief Financial Officer, Patrick Elliott.

Before we begin, I'd similar to punctual you that today's league telephone volition see forward-looking statements based connected the company's existent expectations. These forward-looking statements are taxable to a fig of important risks and uncertainties, and our existent results whitethorn disagree materially. For a treatment of factors that could impact our aboriginal fiscal results and business, delight notation to the disclosure successful today's net merchandise and our different reports and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All of today's statements are made based upon accusation disposable to america today, and we presume nary work to update immoderate specified statements, but arsenic required by law.

We volition besides notation to some GAAP and non-GAAP fiscal measures during the call. You tin find the reconciliation of our GAAP to non-GAAP measures included successful our property merchandise posted to the Investor Relations conception of our website astatine All of our non-revenue fiscal measures we sermon contiguous are non-GAAP unless we authorities otherwise.

With that, fto maine crook the call implicit to James.

James Lawson

Thank you, David, and bully afternoon, everyone. Thank you for joining our 4th fourth and afloat twelvemonth 2022 net call. I'll sermon our 2022 achievements, our precocious level results and highlights, and past crook the telephone implicit to Patrick, who volition supply a much elaborate look astatine our 4th fourth and afloat twelvemonth results and supply guidance for the archetypal 4th and afloat twelvemonth 2023.

We accomplished galore large things successful 2022. We grew CTD gross 54% year-over-year. We grew our progressive lawsuit basal by 12%. We launched our Direct Access business, which is the lone self-service DSP that offers a privacy-forward alternate to the dated idiosyncratic illustration focused methods utilized by competitors.

Our predictive models present person entree to implicit 1,000 attributes for content scoring, up from 200 successful 2021, further distancing adherent run show from different DSPs. We revolutionized the conception of what a targetable programmatic assemblage tin beryllium with the motorboat of our platform's assemblage builder.

We introduced a disruptive wellness mentation of our assemblage builder, and we expanded our technological vantage implicit competing CTD products with respective cardinal innovations that further summation our show vantage versus the competition.

We besides received much manufacture designation for advancements that elevate the authorities of programmatic advertizing crossed the unfastened Internet. Among them, AdExchanger recognized america arsenic a apical 50 programmatic powerfulness subordinate and Digiday recognized america for having the champion mobile selling platform.

We besides had our sixth consecutive BIG Innovation Award for our privacy-forward instrumentality learning platform, our 5th consecutive triumph of the AI Breakthrough Award for instrumentality learning, our 3rd consecutive MarTech Breakthrough Award for programmatic selling innovation and our ninth consecutive twelvemonth ranking successful Cranes New York Best Places to Work.

Our beardown equilibrium expanse and profitability allowed america to proceed investing down products and capabilities that grow our technological vantage implicit different DSPs. As a result, we proceed to spot awesome momentum successful each of our halfway maturation pillars. CTV gross accrued 46% successful Q4 2022 compared to Q4 2021.

Health continued to make coagulated involvement from advertisers and Direct Access impressions purchased done the level grew 79% arsenic compared to the 3rd quarter. Now I volition talk to these and different halfway maturation opportunities.

First, connected CTV. No different programmatic level offers amended outcomes-based CTV capabilities. CTV should beryllium much than conscionable an precocious funnel consciousness screen, and we are proving that for our customers. Our committedness to CTV innovation drove 46% maturation year-over-year to $5.4 cardinal successful the 4th fourth oregon 10.4% of gross contempt continued budgetary constraints successful the advertizing manufacture and a constricted selling investment. As a result, CTV was 9.4% of gross during the afloat twelvemonth 2022, up from 6.1% successful afloat twelvemonth 2021 and little than 3% successful 2020.

Our CTV offering wins due to the fact that we connection a unsocial merchandise that delivers superior show arsenic measured by instrumentality connected advertisement spend, precocious attribution, strict privateness protections and seamless omnichannel coordination.

During the 4th quarter, we deployed caller CTV inventory, expanding proviso and targeting capabilities done nonstop steadfast partnerships. This improves our standard and gives our advertisers entree to much premium CTV content. We besides introduced a caller CTV solution that quantifies Advent's incremental worth to advertiser’s linear TV activity, opening the doorway to nett caller linear TV budgets.

Looking forward, our usage of first-party and lawsuit information to physique predictive models for assemblage quality, unneurotic with instrumentality learning optimization astatine the KPI level is simply a sustainable competitory vantage versus peers who trust connected assumptions based and idiosyncratic illustration basal targeting approaches. And it is important to enactment our historical CTV concern has mostly been focused connected managed customers arsenic we standard our nonstop entree oregon self-service enactment of business. Among galore different benefits, our CTV gross volition further accelerate due to the fact that we volition person entree to larger and much sustained budgets from a wider lawsuit base.

Second, our assemblage builder products. The manufacture has been overdue for the transformational alteration we person brought to the signifier of gathering targetable integer audiences with our caller cutting-edge assemblage builder interface tool, which we notation to arsenic AbbVie.

Advertisers tin usage AbbVie with their ain first-party information and/or adherent level information to make customized ID autarkic audiences that are powered by Aderant's assemblage prime algorithms. Competing platforms people ads by activating cooky ID lists oregon different idiosyncratic ID lists, often with catchy names similar moms oregon sports enthusiasts. But the origins of these ID lists are often not known oregon shared and their effectiveness is limited. We person invented a amended instrumentality to thrust existent data-driven assemblage quality.

AbbVie combines everything advertisers already emotion astir AdTheorent with the quality to usage superior root information signals to specify their people audiences. For example, in-market car shoppers apt to acquisition a car successful the adjacent 3 months. It uses those parameters to bounds run transportation to that desired assemblage and past further optimizes advertisement transportation wrong this assemblage lone based connected the statistical likelihood of achieving a campaign-specific KPI specified arsenic purchasing a product.

This is simply a elephantine measurement guardant from the Black Box ID database utilized by different programmatic platforms. It besides reduces third-party assemblage fees, providing incremental borderline oregon AdTheorent level users portion helping america redefine the market.

Third, our wellness vertical. We person a unsocial and almighty complaint to triumph successful this vertical, which is our largest and fastest growing. Health advertizing is much analyzable than different sectors owed to stringent privateness laws and ample generalist DSPs bash not person the techniques, safeguards oregon solutions to run efficaciously successful this vertical.

Generally speaking, advertizing to apt information sufferers oregon advertizing based connected aesculapian information oregon wellness inferences, cannot beryllium done lawfully connected a one-to-one basis, but different DSPs are premised connected one-to-one targeting done ID-based assemblage lists. And the one-to-one workaround humanities utilized successful wellness advertizing person been incomplete oregon deficient.

Our innovations successful Q4 changed the scenery dramatically, and we are excited to beryllium successful marketplace with these caller offerings, which volition physique connected the existing momentum that drove our 21% wellness gross maturation year-over-year for afloat twelvemonth 2022. Our vantage successful this vertical is pronounced, and we are poised to capitalize connected it successful the contiguous future.

Our wellness assemblage builder, which we notation to arsenic HAVI elevates our halfway assemblage builder by customizing it for this important vertical. We introduced this successful Q4 arsenic well. HAVI leverages anonymized and superior root pharmacy and aesculapian claims data, allowing advertisers to explore, make and activate caller ID escaped predictive wellness audiences successful a substance of hours alternatively than the weeks oregon months that it takes to curate accepted wellness assemblage segments, which are ID-based.

For example, customers tin usage HAVI to physique statistical, predictive wellness audiences specified arsenic radical diagnosed with precocious cholesterin wrong the past 12 months who were prescribed X medicine and had the publication filled astatine Y Pharmacy. We are thrilled to study the results from 1 of our aboriginal successes with predictive wellness audiences built utilizing HAVI.

During the quarter, we executed a run intended to scope radical suffering from a circumstantial intelligence wellness condition, encouraging them to inquire their doctors for the medicine by name. In a head-to-head test, predictive wellness assemblage is built with HAVi outperformed third-party assemblage segments by much than 3 times connected this KPI and drove 77% of wide diligent engagements contempt adjacent advertisement dollars being allocated to each level successful the test.

This was imaginable due to the fact that our tools let programmatic advertisers to people audiences successful a much precise data-driven and little opaque manner. Our lawsuit was impressed and has already expanded the fig of campaigns moving with Adaire [ph] adding video and show campaigns arsenic well.

With expanding scrutiny astir the usage of idiosyncratic wellness information, our privateness guardant advertisement targeting methods presumption america to seizure a important information of the astir $16 cardinal successful yearly wellness attraction advertizing spend.

Next, connected different verticals. Health was our archetypal usage lawsuit and the crushed we built our platforms assemblage builder interface, but the opportunities widen beyond a azygous manufacture vertical. Although AbbVie tin beryllium utilized arsenic is successful immoderate vertical, we volition beryllium releasing further vertical-specific AbbVie solutions successful 2023 that volition further elevate show and accelerate maturation successful different verticals.

Beyond our assemblage builder functionality, we rolled retired a fig of different capabilities during the 4th that volition heighten our close to triumph successful different verticals. First, driving real-world user in-store visitation is an important KPI to speedy work edifice oregon QSR and retail and question advertisers. And we person made a fig of enhancements to our visitation models that are driving adjacent greater run successful performance.

Our ML models present separate density differences successful agrarian versus metropolitan areas to guarantee carnal visits are astir accurately attributed backmost to advertisement served impressions. Our visitation models present besides measure visits connected users' mobile devices that resulted from advertisement served impressions to those aforesaid users' desktop oregon CTV devices, giving america a clearer and much broad representation of user in-store visitation. These enhancements springiness our models much signals to consider, which volition make measurable ROI uplift for advertisers utilizing our platform.

Second, we expanded our show driving points of involvement capabilities into Canada, making america adjacent much competitory successful this important market. As a reminder, our POI capabilities supply heavy determination discourse information crossed implicit 33 cardinal POIs and 17,000 categories, improving our targeting and modeling.

Third, we added a caller shopper selling solution for our CPG clients that allows america to optimize and measurement in-store income for shopper selling campaigns focused connected azygous retailer sales, specified arsenic successful Walmart oregon Walgreens.

Finally, we introduced sentiment investigation into our platforms targeting and ML modelling logic. This supports each verticals, but here's a speedy illustration for however sentiment helps successful the automotive vertical. Traditional DSPs people idiosyncratic IDs that person visited an automotive website oregon that look connected a tract showing the conveyance being advertised, not realizing that the leafage is really a antagonistic review.

AdTheorent tin utilize this antagonistic sentiment arsenic a awesome successful its models oregon explicitly people distant from this content, yet improving show for the advertiser. Looking ahead, we person respective breathtaking launches slated for Q1, including a merchandise catalog that allows america to service advertisement experiences based connected the nonstop products oregon contented browse connected a fixed advertiser's website.

We volition besides motorboat augmented world advertisement units, which alteration america to supply interactive advertisement experiences with virtual accusation placed successful a real-world environment, allowing shoppers to effort connected sunglasses oregon hats, for example. We stay committed to introducing further vertical solutions to thrust exceptional results for our clients, which volition amended our maturation trajectory.

Moving to Direct Access. Our Direct Access offering is simply a transformative self-service concern exemplary that gives america entree to overmuch larger budgets and walk commitments. And arsenic a result, it offers a meaningful incremental gross maturation opportunity.

Since we started gathering our award-winning level successful 2012, our absorption has been the brain, VML engine, operationalizing analyzable information subject processes, algorithm instauration and automation, level optimizers and more.

We person pursued the hard campaigns with blase marque customers due to the fact that we person the unsocial tools to present ROI arsenic measured by existent run outcomes. Our platform's idiosyncratic acquisition has traditionally been tailored to our interior ace users.

In 2023, that changes with the motorboat of our modern UI and caller level beforehand end, which volition harvester the industry's champion programmatic encephalon with an arsenic awesome idiosyncratic acquisition and workflow. This volition substance maturation opportunities that volition alteration Aderant [ph] fundamentally making our award-winning encephalon much accessible.

This volition make a genuinely turnkey offering for ample agencies and brands, successfully removing barriers to adoption for this incremental customer, enabling them to marque larger walk commitments and rapidly driving superior instrumentality connected advertisement walk connected our level with nary specialized cognition oregon training.

Early marketplace feedback and results from Direct Access stay highly encouraging. Our Direct Access level retained each beta clients successful 2022 and during the 4th quarter, astir of them blase planetary advertisers and integer advertisement impressions served for Direct Access clients roseate 79% sequentially, highlighting the important interaction of our ongoing concern successful this initiative.

Although we are inactive precise early, the clients and campaigns we secured during the 4th spanned respective cardinal verticals, including CPG, pharma, B2B and government. These gains came contempt partners' emblematic reluctance to trial caller solutions during the 4th quarter.

Now I'd similar to power to our marketplace accidental successful the discourse of caller and near-term fiscal show and the existent macro environment. Many of the near-term dynamics we discussed past 4th remain, including reduced oregon deferred advertisement budgets, run delays and vendor consolidation.

Even though these dynamics bounds our near-term maturation prospects and arsenic Patrick volition sermon successful a moment, we mean to beryllium cautious erstwhile we forecast near-term growth. We judge that these marketplace dynamics are impermanent and that our accidental and the shareholder worth we are gathering is overmuch bigger than our maturation rates implicit the adjacent fewer quarters.

In 2023, we expect to proceed to turn arsenic we person successful antithetic macro environments for the past 11-plus years, and we volition bash truthful profitably. We judge that we person the astir important thing, amended exertion and a instrumentality learning premise that is perfectly suited for the emerging privateness norms and accelerating privateness requirements, including among them, California's caller amendment to its privateness instrumentality and 4 caller authorities integer privateness laws effectual successful 2023. Because of that, we are assured we volition summation stock and make sustainable maturation and profitability erstwhile the situation normalizes.

To date, holding institution media walk consolidation has been constricted to self-serve platforms. But successful 2023, we person a nonstop entree level that we judge is additive and better, allowing america to enactment successful this immense opportunity. We judge successful time, we'll payment from that arsenic we proceed to amusement that our level and our terms businesslike and outcomes-focused predictive advertizing is an important constituent of a well-rounded media buying tech stack.

Similarly, we judge we person a complaint to triumph with much ample brands who are in-housing media buying capabilities and looking for alternatives owed to the hidden fees, deficiency of interest transparency, conflicts of involvement and unclear ROI provided by different programmatic platforms. We are anxious to person much of those conversations.

In times of uncertainty and volatility, it is much important than ever to enactment existent to our halfway values and support a semipermanent perspective. While we admit the challenges posed by the existent macroeconomic backdrop, we stay committed to delivering connected our strategical priorities and investing successful our aboriginal growth. We are capable to bash truthful fixed the spot of our equilibrium expanse and beardown currency travel characteristics.

By staying focused connected the fundamentals and taking choky power of costs, we are assured successful our quality to navigate these choppy waters and look adjacent stronger. As macro headwinds subside, our investments successful innovation and operating with a thin outgo operation volition alteration america to fulfill our committedness to generating beardown apical enactment maturation and returning to historical levels of profitability.

With that, I'm thrilled to present Patrick Elliott, who is appointed AdTheorent's CFO effectual January 30. Patrick brings a wealthiness of acquisition and expertise to our enforcement squad and joins america astatine a captious infinitesimal successful our company's evolution, arsenic we proceed to grow our footprint and thrust semipermanent worth for our customers and shareholders.

With a way grounds of fiscal enactment and strategical insight, Patrick is ideally positioned to assistance usher america done the opportunities and challenges ahead. At SkillSoft, Patrick played a cardinal relation successful driving maturation and innovation, leveraging heavy insights into the fiscal drivers of occurrence and a committedness to excellence astatine each turn. The wealthiness of cognition and acquisition helium brings to our squad volition marque him a beardown spouse to me, the Board and the full organization. Please articulation maine successful thanking Chuck Jordan again for his contributions and welcoming Patrick to our team. We look guardant to moving unneurotic to physique a large aboriginal for our institution and our stakeholders. Thank you.

Patrick, I'll present crook it implicit to you.

Patrick Elliott

Thanks, James. Good afternoon, and convey you each for joining america today. I americium delighted to stock that AdTheorent had a beardown 4th and year, acknowledgment to the hard enactment and dedication of our exceptional team. AdTheorent's enactment successful the advertisement tech abstraction is genuinely remarkable, and I'm excited to beryllium portion of a institution that drives innovation and success. I'm thrilled to instrumentality connected the relation of Chief Financial Officer and beryllium portion of a institution that aligns with my imaginativeness and values.

Chuck has led america done important milestones successful becoming a publically traded institution and has helped physique a beardown concern team, facilitating a precise creaseless modulation for me. Throughout my career, I person demonstrated invaluable elder fiscal enactment successful divers exertion companies that person experienced beardown maturation and look arsenic leaders successful their industries.

At AdTheorent, I volition assistance thrust some strategical and operational priorities to make worth for stakeholders. And I americium assured that with our talented squad of innovators and cutting-edge technology, we volition reaccelerate maturation and bring adherent to adjacent greater heights.

I americium pleased to denote that the institution achieved a grounds level of gross successful 2022 with full gross for the twelvemonth reaching $166.1 million, exceeding the precocious extremity of our erstwhile outlook. In Q4, our gross besides surpassed our expectations, reaching $51.8 million, a diminution of 5.8% compared to the aforesaid play past twelvemonth owed to the interaction of macroeconomic conditions and the contraction successful advertizing budgets crossed respective industries, peculiarly successful our retail and fiscal services verticals. This led to little gross from our mean lawsuit during the quarter.

Nevertheless, we saw a 12% year-over-year maturation successful progressive customers and awesome maturation rates successful our areas of investment, including 46% maturation successful CTV, beardown show successful nonstop entree and affirmative momentum successful our wellness vertical. These achievements are a testament to our strategical investments, and we stay committed to pursuing the tremendous opportunities ahead, arsenic Jim mentioned successful his remarks.

In discussing the remainder of the income statement, unless different noted, our references to our expenses and operating results are connected a non-GAAP basis. You tin find accusation connected the astir straight comparable GAAP metrics successful our 4th fourth net property release.

In the 4th quarter, our adjusted gross profit, defined arsenic GAAP gross little postulation acquisition costs, was $33.7 million, representing 65.2% of gross and surpassing the precocious extremity of our outlook of $29.8 cardinal to $33 million. This compares to 66.1% of gross successful the aforesaid play of the anterior year.

Regarding operating expenses, we recorded $46.2 cardinal successful the 4th quarter, down from $65.1 cardinal past twelvemonth oregon $47.9 cardinal past year, excluding nonrecurring transaction costs and absorption fees related to our Go Public transaction. The summation successful adjusted operating expenses arsenic a percent of income to 89.3% successful the 4th fourth of 2022 versus 87.1% successful the 4th fourth of 2021 was driven by higher nationalist institution costs, peculiarly successful security and continued concern successful aboriginal maturation opportunities, specified arsenic our wellness attraction platform. We partially offset these increases by implementing operational efficiencies, including a humble simplification successful headcount comparative to Q3.

Our adjusted EBITDA for the 4th was $10.1 million, down $5.1 cardinal compared to Q4 2021. However, this effect exceeded by $2.3 million, the precocious extremity of our outlook scope of $5.3 cardinal to $7.8 million.

Our adjusted EBITDA borderline was 30% for the quarter, down from 42% past year, reflecting the higher operating expenses already discussed. The company's continued beardown profitability demonstrates our resiliency and agility amidst an ever-changing marketplace landscape.

Now for the afloat year. To summarize, Aderant's afloat twelvemonth gross for 2022 was $166.1 million, somewhat up from the erstwhile year. The summation was driven by spot successful assorted vertical segments specified arsenic Health, which was up 21% successful 2022 and maturation wrong channels similar CTV, which was up 54% successful the year. This was mostly offset by different vertical segments that were much impacted by the macro backdrop.

Adjusted gross nett for the afloat twelvemonth was $109.8 cardinal oregon 66.1% of revenue, which was supra the precocious extremity of the expected scope and level with afloat twelvemonth 2021, which was besides a 66.1% margin. For the afloat twelvemonth 2022, operating expenses were $164.8 million, astir level with the $164.4 cardinal of operating expenses successful afloat twelvemonth 2021, which included $25.4 cardinal of nonrecurring transaction costs, absorption fees and onetime lease termination fee.

Adjusted EBITDA for the twelvemonth was $22.3 million, which was a 20.3% borderline against adjusted gross profit. This exceeded expectations but was down from the erstwhile twelvemonth owed to investments successful income and exertion talent, outgo to basal up a nationalist institution infrastructure and investments successful information related to immoderate of the caller products Jim discussed.

Moving to our equilibrium sheet. We closed retired the twelvemonth with $72.6 cardinal successful currency and currency equivalents, which is $4.7 cardinal much than we had astatine the extremity of the 3rd 4th of 2022. Our escaped currency travel for the twelvemonth was $10.8 million, which is $19.4 cardinal higher than the erstwhile year. This summation was mostly owed to onetime costs related to the concern operation and a lease termination interest incurred successful 2021. In addition, we paid down $39 cardinal successful indebtedness connected our revolving recognition installation during 2022, and we presently person a beardown superior operation with nary indebtedness and ample liquidity.

Looking up to 2023, we spot galore opportunities for maturation and success. Despite challenges posed by outer factors specified arsenic the planetary economical uncertainty, we stay optimistic astir our quality to proceed innovating and expanding our marketplace share. Based connected the existent concern environment, caller show and existent trends successful the marketplace, we presume the company's show volition proceed to beryllium impacted by the aforementioned macro factors. We volition proceed to put successful merchandise development, exertion and go-to-market to thrust maturation portion we support our absorption connected profitability and make affirmative currency flow.

For the archetypal 4th of 2023, we expect gross to beryllium successful the scope of $31 cardinal to $33 million, which represents a 6.5% alteration astatine the midpoint compared to the archetypal 4th of 2022. This is our astir hard examination of the twelvemonth but is besides our smallest quarter. We expect gross maturation to amended successful the 2nd fractional of the year, assuming the macro situation does not worsen. We besides expect gross to turn for the afloat year, driven by beardown request for our caller products from customers crossed a assortment of verticals.

Adjusted gross nett for the archetypal 4th of 2023 is expected to beryllium astir 65% of revenue, down from 67% successful the archetypal 4th of 2022. For the afloat year, we expect adjusted gross nett to beryllium betwixt 64% and 65% of gross compared to 66% successful 2022. The flimsy alteration successful AGP borderline is chiefly owed to changes successful merchandise mix. In the archetypal 4th of 2023, we expect adjusted EBITDA to beryllium astir breakeven -- for the afloat year, we expect adjusted EBITDA borderline to beryllium betwixt 16% and 19% of adjusted gross nett compared to 20% successful 2022. This is owed to investments we volition marque to heighten our level offerings and accelerate our clip to market.

In summary, we are pleased with our fiscal show for 2022, surpassing our revised expectations for each metrics, some successful the 4th and for the afloat year. Our institution is consistently profitable, generating affirmative escaped currency flow, and we are strategically investing successful maturation opportunities to heighten shareholder worth successful 2023 and beyond.

At this time, we would similar to modulation to the Q&A league moderated by the operator.

Question-and-Answer Session


Thank you [Operator Instructions] We'll instrumentality our archetypal question from Laura Martin with Needham.

Laura Martin

Good morning. Thank you precise much. So, let's speech astir CTV a small bit. A mates of pieces connected this, James. One is, is it opening caller clients for you successful CTV? Second, erstwhile you - I ever deliberation of your competitory vantage arsenic being bottommost of funnel. Can you springiness america an illustration of wherever you're -- what benignant of products you're really delivering to CTV astatine bottommost of funnel? And past lastly connected CTG, you said a remark astir opening linear budgets. Could you drill down connected that? That's my archetypal question. Thank you.

James Lawson

Yes. Thank you, Laura, for the question. Yes, CTV is opening the doorway to caller clients. We're rather excited by the enthusiasm we're seeing successful the marketplace astir the investments that we've made successful our CTV offering. We've invested successful premium publishers. We've invested successful the information that we person accessible successful the midstream truthful that we tin marque CTV much of a show transmission and little successful the lone precocious funnel channel. We deliberation CTV should beryllium a afloat funnel channel. It should beryllium a transmission that tin assistance advertisers thrust outcomes.

So, we're seeing a batch of affirmative receptivity to that. We've made a fig of investments successful our prebid [ph] integrations to forestall IBT and fraud successful the CTV ecosystem. And we've made a fig of investments astir our POI capabilities and knowing however contextual geo contextual signals tin thrust outcomes for CTV and past connecting the screens, being capable to property a conversion, for example, connected a merchantability connected a website backmost to a CTV vulnerability and being capable to springiness advertisers that holistic presumption of their media spend.

So I deliberation astatine the extremity of the day, the clients are attracted to our mentation of show CTV, which by explanation includes the bottommost funnel. And I deliberation the linear budgets are following. I deliberation we person a truly absorbing accidental present to thrust nett caller lawsuit opportunities with linear budgets. There are a batch of linear budgets that are seeking much of a data-driven ROI and however they're spending their wealth connected tv advertising.

And erstwhile you tin travel to the array with a genuinely differentiated, data-driven mode to usage CTV ads to merchantability products to get customers successful store, that's a peculiar offering. And a batch of our competitors that are scaling their CTV are much focused connected the precocious funnel. They're much focused connected awareness. So, we deliberation it's a huge, immense accidental for america that we volition proceed to put in, successful 2023.

Laura Martin

Okay. Fantastic. Great, convey you. And tin you speech astir the determination process? Because erstwhile you spell done the comments, you person a batch of chill caller products similar nonstop access, and I cognize you conscionable motorboat the wellness merchandise and the CTV innovations.

What is the process by which you determine to allocate resources to the adjacent product? Because I benignant of consciousness similar we're getting a small diffused here. So, tin you archer america astir that?

James Lawson

Thank you truthful overmuch for that question due to the fact that I deliberation it's precise important to marque it rather wide that each of our innovations are focused fundamentally towards the aforesaid goal, which is delivering to the programmatic marketplace and advertisers who are buying programmatic media, a genuinely accountable and data-driven alternate to the existent presumption quo.

And what I mean by that is the investments that we're making are successful information and the information that were allowed - that we are capable to usage to thrust show outcomes. We've invested successful information this twelvemonth truthful that we could build, for example, our predictive audiences, our assemblage builders. And what those bash is they correspond an alternate to the third-party assemblage segments that are fundamentally ID lists that are utilized by virtually each different DSP.

So, it mightiness look disjointed, but it's each truly portion of the aforesaid story, which is replacing outdated assumptions-driven ID-based methods, with instrumentality learning-based methods tied backmost to superior root information truthful that you tin thrust outcomes for advertisers. No amended illustration than successful health.

The wellness opportunity, the crushed wherefore we thin heavy into wellness is due to the fact that the regulatory and ineligible scenery and privateness scenery and wellness is particularly good suited for the benefits that we supply successful this marketplace. By utilizing statistic and the probability that an content is associated with a fixed condition, a wellness information arsenic opposed to an ID successful a database of -- successful a conception database of individuals that person a wellness information based connected a idiosyncratic ID, it's foundationally different.

So, I deliberation each of the investments that we are making, the products that we are making are designed to thrust our halfway Mission Forward, which is an ML focused, privateness focused, ID independent, programmatic demand-side platform. And connected the Direct Access side, that is simply a antithetic conveyance to get those values successful beforehand of customers. So that's conscionable different mode that the marketplace tin pat into our capabilities.

So again, precise accordant CTV, Direct Access, our assemblage builder capabilities and our wellness absorption and verticalization. That's wherever we spot the biggest accidental for us, and we deliberation that the investments determination are going to wage disconnected successful a precise bully way.

Laura Martin

Thank you precise much. That's it from me. Thank you.

James Lawson

Thank you, Laura.


We'll instrumentality our adjacent question from Maria Ripps with Canaccord.

Maria Ripps

Great. Thanks truthful overmuch for taking my questions. Patrick, congrats connected your caller role. First, I conscionable privation to inquire you astir - first, I conscionable wanted to inquire you astir immoderate of the factors that whitethorn beryllium contributed to outperformance successful Q4 comparative to your guidance.

And past arsenic we look astatine your benignant of afloat twelvemonth outlook, would you expect immoderate of the benignant of outperformance factors to proceed present successful Q1 and possibly archetypal fractional of the year? And possibly immoderate colour you tin stock connected erstwhile during the twelvemonth you would expect to instrumentality to growth.

Patrick Elliott

Yes. No, acknowledgment for the benignant words, Maria and the questions. Yes. I mean looking backmost connected Q4, we're thrilled to came successful supra our precocious extremity of our scope connected each metrics. One of the things I'll constituent retired is progressive customers were up meaningfully. So adjacent though macro conditions decidedly impacts america successful Q4, our progressive lawsuit maturation was strong.

We saw momentum successful a assortment of our cardinal segments, including health. CTV, arsenic we pointed out, was a beardown operator of our maturation successful Q4. And we've got an encouraging maturation successful lawsuit effect to our self-service offering the Direct Access platform. And looking forward, we judge this goodness volition continue.

Right now, looking astatine Q1, we're basing our guidance connected the champion disposable accusation we person done the archetypal 2 months of the year. Q1 is our smallest 4th and our toughest comp, and we inactive are successful a pugnacious macro environment. And we've built successful conservatism owed to this macro situation and volition enactment to visibility into longer-term and budgets. Q4 is our biggest quarter. And astatine this point, we person constricted visibility. But that being said, we are assured we tin turn owed to the factors that I mentioned erstwhile we had immoderate successful health, CTV and Direct Access.

James Lawson

And I would adhd to that, and Patrick, these are each large points. I deliberation successful the 4th quarter, we bushed our guidance connected EBITDA by 53%. There are a fig of factors that went into that. One of them is that we've had AGP margins that person been beardown for galore years, and that inclination continues. And that comes down to, again, the investments we're making successful our platform, truthful that we tin optimize campaigns successful the astir businesslike way. So, we tin thrust show successful the astir businesslike mode possible.

The investments that we've made successful data, the investments that we've made successful fraud prevention, they each marque america much efficient. And I deliberation our AGP volition proceed to beryllium beardown arsenic we proceed to marque those types of investments. So, I deliberation we've had truly beardown accordant loyalty from long-tenured customers, customers that person been with america for 3 years oregon more, 70% of our gross successful '22 came from them arsenic Patrick mentioned, we're besides landing and expanding. We're signing up caller customers.

Now successful this market, a batch of brands are holding connected to their budgets a small tighter, and that's okay. Like we expect that the market, the system is not the cleanable economy. I deliberation everybody knows that. We've heard from a fig of our nationalist institution peers that there's much of a muted integer advertisement walk dynamic, but we are wholly good with that.

We volition put successful the business. We'll absorption connected the close things. We person a thin squad little than 300 radical here. And we deliberation that erstwhile the marketplace normalizes, we person a really, truly bully accidental to get backmost to the maturation levels that we frankly privation and that we expect of ourselves. But astatine the aforesaid time, our accidental is truthful large that we're not going to marque shortsighted decisions based connected 1 oregon 2 quarters, and we're truly focused connected the bigger picture.

Maria Ripps

Got it. That's precise helpful. And past secondly, I deliberation past quarter, you called retired grounds monthly pipeline procreation successful September. Was that 1 of the factors benignant of driving stronger progressive customers present successful Q4? Or immoderate further colour benignant of astir conversion that you're capable to share? And past possibly much broadly, however person income cycles benignant of been trending present recently?

James Lawson

Yes. The pipeline, we consciousness bully astir our pipeline. We bash track. We person a batch of elaborate metrics that we way internally pipeline is 1 of them. We consciousness similar there's a truly beardown pipeline. Now to the grade that there's been softness and we see, unfortunately, much softness successful the archetypal 4th than we wanted, we'll person a fig of campaigns that volition beryllium booked and past they'll beryllium paused owed to a fund chopped oregon possibly an inventory contented with a customer.

And past our size, it truly hits the results astir apt successful a much pronounced mode than it would we were a overmuch bigger company. But the pipeline is strong. I don't person the information successful beforehand of maine astir the astir caller months. But connected a year-over-year basis, our pipeline is superior, overmuch greater than it was comparative to past year.

We besides way things specified arsenic our volume-based complaint agreements. And we person a fig of similar 12-month deals with customers, and we effort to get those done arsenic soon arsenic imaginable successful the opening of the twelvemonth wherever we springiness definite incentives, value-added incentives, further services arsenic good arsenic complaint preferred rates for bigger commitments for the afloat year. And we're blessed to accidental that we proceed to get much and much of those.

Typically, the walk connected those deals exceeds the magnitude of the commitment. In 2022, we saw a batch much unit connected budgets from our customers. And that dynamic, I deliberation we property to the macro. Our run show is strong, and the crushed for clients going with america remains arsenic valid arsenic ever. But astatine the aforesaid time, we're conscionable trying to beryllium delicate to the macro situation with our customers.

Maria Ripps

Great. Thank you precise much.

James Lawson

Thank you, Maria. We admit it.


We'll instrumentality our adjacent question from John Blackledge with TD Cowen.

John Blackledge

Great, convey you. Two questions. First connected the 1Q and the fiscal '23 EBITDA guide. I deliberation it suggests EBITDA borderline enlargement implicit the people of the year. Is that conscionable fixed the anticipation of benignant of gross increasing again arsenic we circular done the year? Can you benignant of locomotion america done that progression?

And past the 2nd question connected the Direct Access business. If you tin conscionable springiness america immoderate much colour connected what we should spot the bogeys that you guys mightiness speech astir successful presumption of advancement successful the Direct Access concern successful 2023. Thank you.

Patrick Elliott

Thanks, John. I'll instrumentality the archetypal one, and I'll crook it implicit to Jim to speech astir Direct Access. Yes, arsenic we deliberation done guidance for the year, arsenic I mentioned, Q1 and arsenic you know, Q1 is our smallest 4th -- truthful our EBITDA is decidedly impacted by the information that gross successful the 4th is smaller. Our concern exemplary does person a just magnitude of operating leverage successful it.

So, arsenic we spell passim the twelvemonth and acquisition higher bid revenue, you volition spot EBITDA expand. We've guided to fundamentally breakeven EBITDA successful Q1, but bash spot EBITDA for the afloat twelvemonth coming successful betwixt 16% to 19% of adjusted gross profit. We person -- we support a batch of flexibility successful our outgo structure. And depending connected the macro environment, we're decidedly going to beryllium opportunistic and assertive connected managing towards profitability arsenic we person demonstrated successful our past astatine this point.

James Lawson

Yes. On the Direct Access side, we consciousness the cardinal determination to advancement is simply a mates of things. One is we proceed to motion up caller customers. We person a fig of nett caller buyers, caller budgets. These are budgets and buyers that we would not person that entree to erstwhile we were a purely managed spouse oregon a managed company.

We're leveraging a batch of the long-tenured beardown accounts that we've had implicit the years based connected performance, and we're educating them astir the quality to instrumentality adherent and to unfastened up antithetic budgets truthful that we tin beryllium a self-service spouse and a managed spouse oregon if they privation to modulation and put successful the infrastructure needed to acceptable up a trading squad internally, past we're determination to enactment them.

And we tin springiness them a level of support, frankly, that different DSDs can't springiness -- truthful we're the cleanable spouse for agencies looking to marque the modulation from managed to sell. And we person a level that is built, frankly, to thrust performance. So, we deliberation that Direct Access is an unthinkable opportunity. It's going to unfastened up much than 50% of the programmatic marketplace that successful the past was not disposable to us.

We're blessed that we converted each of our beta clients. Our nonstop entree beta clients are each present progressive customers. We didn't suffer immoderate of them. We got a batch of large feedback from them. And 1 of the reasons for our UI concern is due to the fact that we realized that adjacent though similar a batch of our engineers and a batch of our ace users are ace astute and they are truly invested successful the nuances and the analyzable tools that we person that for this to scale, the mode we privation it to scale, determination needs to beryllium a batch of streamlined optimizations and automations implemented into the UI UX. So those - that enactment is ongoing, and we're precise excited astir bringing that to marketplace successful 2023.

And successful conjunction with that, we're having conversations, frankly, with bigger media buyers. And I deliberation the UI, the beforehand extremity that's much benignant of modern and manufacture modular and frankly, bringing thing caller into this marketplace due to the fact that operationalizing predictive scoring, idiosyncratic impressions implicit 1 cardinal a 2nd and the analyzable optimizers successful presumption of pacing successful presumption of pricing, successful presumption of performance.

Getting that activated and operationalized by a self-service idiosyncratic required a small much engineering than a level that, frankly, is conscionable targeting idiosyncratic IDs. So couldn't beryllium much excited astir wherever we sit, I privation the marketplace was a small nicer. But astatine the extremity of the day, you instrumentality what you get successful those markets and we're affirmative currency flow, nary debt. We person what we request to win here, and we're going to enactment our heads down into the work.

John Blackledge

That's great. Thanks for the update.

Patrick Elliott

Thanks, John.

James Lawson

Thank you, John.


We'll instrumentality our adjacent question from Andrew Boone with JMP Securities.

Andrew Boone

Hi, guys. Thanks precise overmuch for taking my question. I privation to speech astir go-to-market. You guys person launched a fig of products and understood it was a large reply earlier successful presumption astir however you guys are reasoning astir conscionable absorption there. But tin you speech astir however you're educating your lawsuit basal to marque definite that they're alert of everything? And wherever does benignant of your income unit acceptable contiguous wrong benignant of a wide merchandise strategy? Thanks truthful much.

James Lawson

Thank you, Andrew. That's a large question. We person -- we're fortunate to person a really, truly strong, solid, agelong tenured income team. Even though we're a smaller work, we person -- we person immoderate of the champion successful the manufacture moving present astatine AdTheorent. And they're doing a large occupation telling our story, to customers. And erstwhile we get retired and we speech astir the reasons wherefore we should triumph the terms transparency, for example, that we connection and nonstop access, the unthinkable magnitude of optimizers that we supply to marque campaigns execute amended without users having to bash anything.

The third-party integrations that we have, which optimize performance. There's conscionable truthful galore things that we request to amended the marketplace connected due to the fact that we're trying to spell from the presumption quo, which is an ID-based presumption quo to a much nuanced non-ID autarkic mentation of programmatic advertising. So, our income squad has a much challenging occupation due to the fact that erstwhile you're responding to an opportunity, sometimes you get - and frankly, John, this is 1 of the reasons wherefore we rolled retired the assemblage builder. Because successful the opening of adherent business, our thesis was you don't request to deliberation astir audiences astatine all. Because astatine the extremity of the day, instrumentality learning tin optimize a run based connected KPI activity.

So if you're selling shampoo, past you tin service ads and you tin larn from which impressions are starring to shampoo purchases. And therefore, you don't request the beforehand extremity benignant of reasoning around, well, who's my audience? And we learned that advertisers person spent a batch of wealth knowing who their audiences are.

And they bash privation to guarantee that erstwhile they person a run that they're serving ads to radical successful their audiences. So, 1 of the things that we said was, you don't privation to disagree with your client. You're not going to spell to marketplace and say, your attack is wrong. So what we did is you physique thing better.

So, successful summation to the KPI circumstantial ML scoring that we person been talking astir for the past 11 years. Now we person these assemblage prime algorithms which beryllium connected apical of that, which fundamentally are an alternate successful a much modern mentation of an audience. And that is an illustration of however we're trying to spell to marketplace and our income squad is doing an unthinkable occupation educating customers astir this caller happening that they mightiness not adjacent cognize exists.

And I privation we had $100 cardinal we could walk connected selling due to the fact that I deliberation we person a truly unthinkable communicative to tell. But we instrumentality vantage of the opportunities that we have. I deliberation astute radical successful the industry, a batch of the awards that we person won person been a recognition, frankly, of what we're doing that's rather different. But our income squad is strong.

We person debased turnover. We person much afloat ramped income radical connected the squad than we did this clip past year. We deliberation the results are going to beryllium there. We proceed to interruption caller accounts. Our absorption is besides connected bigger, much strategic, much top-down engagements. And that's an country of absorption for us, and we deliberation it's going to wage off.

And we're besides making caller friends. We're making caller friends successful precocious places. We're making strategical transmission engagement. And we deliberation that that's going to assistance america arsenic well. We're graduating from a tiny institution to effort to go a very, precise large company, and that's portion of that journey.

Andrew Boone

That's a large answer. And past Patrick, you bring immoderate M&A acquisition to the table. You intelligibly person a large resume down you. Can you speech astir wherever your absorption is going to beryllium arsenic you get a small spot much comfy successful the seat?

Patrick Elliott

Yes. Thanks, Andrew, for the question. I'm thrilled to beryllium here. I've been present for 5 weeks now, and I'm inactive learning a ton each day, and we'll proceed to. What I've noticed is we person a large squad and we person awesome technology. So, I'm not looking to marque large changes. I had galore conversations with Jim and the Board anterior to joining. I'm aligned with the imaginativeness and the strategical priorities of the company. I'm present to thrust those strategical and operational priorities. And ultimately, I'm present to thrust worth for our shareholders. So, I'm excited to beryllium here. Yes, I decidedly person had a varied career. And similar you mentioned, was immoderate M&A sprinkled in.

At this point, we deliberation our champion concern is going aft the ample marketplace accidental that we spot up of us. We're going to put successful our products, successful our talent, successful our exertion successful a disciplined way, inactive with an oculus connected our generating escaped currency flow. But truly to beryllium successful a presumption to spell aft this ample marketplace accidental that we deliberation we're champion suited to play in, fixed our exertion and merchandise advantages.

James Lawson

And 1 happening I would adhd to that is astatine our existent depressed banal price, which we judge is unhinged from the world of the worth that we represent. It's pugnacious to deliberation astir utilizing that banal currency arsenic a instrumentality successful M&A. I deliberation it's a process. We support our digit connected the pulse of the industry, and we recognize wherever the opportunities are from an M&A perspective. And I deliberation arsenic our banal becomes much aligned with the worth that the institution represents that M&A and utilizing that banal currency is simply a much charismatic option.

I deliberation astatine this point, we volition enactment our heads down and we volition prosecute commercialized strategics, and we volition surely research and I'm truthful blessed that origin CRE brings truthful overmuch to the table. And adjacent successful 5 weeks, I've seen truthful overmuch value. And I deliberation we're going to get a batch of incremental strategical imaginativeness from him being here. So, I deliberation M&A is simply a portion of our future, but it's astir apt not going to beryllium a portion of our aboriginal erstwhile we person a banal that is $1.50.


[Operator Instructions] We'll instrumentality our adjacent question from John Roy with Water Tower Research.

John Roy

Great. So, James, you were talking a small spot astir nonstop access. I wanted to drill down possibly a small spot much connected that. I mean bigger customers, bigger budgets. Does that mean longer income cycles? And are these going to beryllium much profitable projects for you guys? I mean what's benignant of the profitability look like? And the past benignant of constituent of this was with each your differentiation, are they going to beryllium capable to really get that retired of nonstop entree and you're going to person to assistance them marque definite they usage it right.

James Lawson

Yes. Thank you truthful overmuch for the question. The abbreviated reply connected the archetypal constituent is, yes, the income cycles are a small spot longer. We person to beryllium diligent there. And particularly successful a softer macro, I deliberation it's a small tougher to get the requisite meetings and evaluations to get a caller integration into a tech stack. So, I deliberation it's a small spot of a longer effort. That goes without saying, and we're consenting to bash that work, and we are doing that work.

Over time, the Direct Access enactment of concern does correspond a much profitable enactment of concern for us. It's a little touch, little OpEx intensive enactment of business. So, we're precise excited astir that. We besides deliberation that done nonstop access, each of the innovations that we've been talking astir volition beryllium precise accessible.

The assemblage Builder is straight accessible and usable wrong the Direct Access framework. And therefore, you tin spell successful a idiosyncratic tin spell into nonstop entree and make an audience, a predictive assemblage either for wellness oregon immoderate different vertical activated wrong our platform, not person to wage a 3rd enactment for an outdated and deficient ID-based audience, but you tin physique a statistical assemblage from our information sets oregon from the lawsuit information that's close successful our platform. So those innovations are each disposable close from that DA platform.

So, we deliberation that determination is simply a learning curve there, and that is wherefore we are reorienting and reengineering the beforehand extremity truthful that fundamentally a comparatively caller idiosyncratic tin get a basal introductory grooming league successful our level and past beryllium disconnected to the races.

And past again, connected apical of that, we volition proceed to supply the champion work successful the industry. Because astatine the extremity of the day, our managed concern is lone going to turn arsenic well. We deliberation that they complement each different rather nicely. And we've seen successful the aboriginal innings present that from immoderate of our Direct Access customers, we're really besides getting immoderate managed deals, immoderate of the much customized offerings that we supply and besides vice versa.

Some of our managed customers are saying, for immoderate of these campaigns, we would similar to effort to bash it ourselves, would you assistance america bid up the team? And the reply is yes. So, we deliberation it's a great, large mode for america to instrumentality each the quality that we -- each the powerfulness that we've built into a level and bring it to market.

John Roy

Thank you for the question.


We'll instrumentality our last question from Dan Kurnos with the Benchmark Company.

Dan Kurnos

Great. James, obviously, retail media oregon shopper selling is benignant of a blistery taxable close present and you talked astir it on with immoderate AR tech coming out. So, I'd emotion to benignant of perceive your thoughts connected however you're attacking that market. I deliberation you already person had click-to-cart historically.

So, I'm funny connected however that's going to evolve. And benignant of arsenic a follow-on to the broader commentary you made successful your prepared remarks, astir the gait of merchandise launch, obviously, wellness attraction has immoderate unsocial facets to it that makes it much targetable for your solution.

As we deliberation astir different verticals, which you touched connected a small spot successful your prepared remarks again, conscionable however bash we deliberation astir your quality to benignant of construe into different verticals, what you've done successful wellness care? And however assertive are you going to beryllium fixed benignant of the choppy inheritance that we spot close now?

James Lawson

Yes. Thanks a batch for the question. You asked a few. So, if I hide any, delight archer me, but I deliberation Rich, the retail media networks. So, we haven't historically invested successful executing the strategical relationships that marque the retail media web accidental imminent arsenic the Trade Desk has done with Walmart Connect. I mean, that's a fantastic illustration of the powerfulness of the retail media web focus. And I deliberation adjacent though we haven't focused connected that yet, we presumption it arsenic a precise affirmative happening for our business.

It's bully for america due to the fact that astatine the extremity of the day, we person a level that is susceptible of being deployed conscionable arsenic the Trade Desk is being utilized for Walmart Connect. And determination volition beryllium much than 1 victor successful this area. There's not going to beryllium 1 level that is utilized crossed the full Internet for activating the CRMs crossed retail properties.

So astatine the extremity of the day, we deliberation if determination is an accidental for america there, we've begun to trial the waters successful a fig of areas that person been successful, arsenic you mentioned, click-to-cart, -- we besides person a shopper marketing, the innovation that we rolled out, wherever we tin necktie retired vulnerability to incremental income and amusement the effectiveness of incremental income successful a azygous retailer.

So we're doing immoderate absorbing things utilizing instrumentality learning and incrementality successful shopper selling and retail. But I deliberation that, that has not been our contiguous focus. You asked different question astir different verticals -- and I deliberation -- I'm gladsome you asked that question. I deliberation that much to our strategy is that the champion mode to thrust show is to beryllium laser-focused connected a brand's circumstantial concern objectives and selling challenges. And we've invested successful the information to thrust our vertical solutions.

We talked astir it successful health. We besides augmented our large petition information that we person disposable for creating models from 200 to 1,000. We tin present leverage 1,000 information characteristics to people impressions. Many of those are applicable to antithetic verticals, not applicable to different verticals. So, we deliberation that our assemblage builder interface is simply a very, precise viable near-term mode for america to make a overmuch much substantive vertical-specific attack crossed a fig of verticals.

We're going to rotation retired the industry's astir almighty self-service wellness level successful 2023. We're delivering each these benefits present and a managed capacity. But this year, the manufacture volition person the quality to probe done our incredibly immense information sets from infirmary data, security data, pharmacy information to make incredibly heavy statistical understandings of what information sufferers look similar from a demographic and different information perspective, not tied backmost to an individual.

And I deliberation erstwhile you tin talk that connection and you recognize HIPAA and the NAI codification and the privateness rules that are uniquely applicable to wellness attraction and you cognize that the KPIs that they're trying to drive, you person a much compelling connection than erstwhile you're conscionable trying to merchantability types that link proviso and request successful the media world.

And the aforesaid statement applies to travel, hospitality. We had a bully twelvemonth successful that vertical, and we person a fig of ideas for however we tin instrumentality that to the adjacent level utilizing our capabilities. And the aforesaid goes for different verticals, but we're besides focused. We're little than 300 people, arsenic I mentioned. So, we're trying to beryllium focused connected the biggest near-term opportunities. But I anticipation I answered your questions.

Dan Kurnos

Yes, I deliberation you've covered everything. Thanks, James. Appreciate it.

James Lawson

Thank you, Dan.


And that concludes the question-and-answer session. I would similar to crook the telephone backmost implicit to CEO, James Lawson, for immoderate further oregon closing comments.

James Lawson

Thank you precise much. Thank you for joining america today. As we wrapper up the call, I conscionable privation to stress that contempt challenging marketplace conditions, we proceed to spot beardown lawsuit demand, and we person ne'er been much bullish astir the aboriginal of our business. In 2022, innovation expanded our technological pb implicit different DSPs, the motorboat of our Direct Access concern increases our addressable lawsuit basal and arsenic a concern enactment that performs good adjacent successful hard macro conditions.

Across some businesses, we person a unsocial worth proposition that is perfectly suited to today's privateness for trends, and we person proven we tin present beardown treble digit maturation successful areas of investment, similar CTV and health. We person compelling innovations launching successful 2023 and our beardown equilibrium expanse and currency travel volition alteration america to proceed self-funding this concern portion inactive delivering beardown profitability.

This volition further grow our technological pb and alteration america to seizure a bigger and increasing stock of the tremendous opportunities up erstwhile the situation normalizes. And ample commercialized partnerships volition originate from these efforts. We admit the spot and enactment of our shareholders and our thin and focused squad is committed to driving meaningful results and creating worth for shareholders. Once again, convey you for your participation, and we look guardant to updating you connected the advancement successful the months ahead.


And that concludes today's presentation. Thank you for your participation, and you whitethorn present disconnect.+

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