Advanced Drainage Systems: Recent Correction Is A Buying Opportunity

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Investment Thesis

Advanced Drainage Systems’ (NYSE:WMS) banal terms has corrected importantly from its 52-week precocious of $153.36 made successful August and the banal is presently trading successful the debased 80s. The institution is witnessing inventory destocking successful its infiltrator conception arsenic good arsenic a shifting of request to aboriginal quarters owed to Hurricane Ian. While the institution is facing near-term gross headwinds, its semipermanent maturation drivers are intact. The concern is benefiting from secular trends astir the modulation from factual tube and septic tanks to much durable and cost-effective integrative tube and septic tanks. The banal is trading astatine a 9.13x EV/EBITDA (TTM) aggregate which is astatine a important discount to the 5-year mean EV/EBITDA aggregate of 15.45x. I judge semipermanent investors tin usage the existent diminution to bargain this semipermanent maturation communicative astatine an charismatic valuation.

Long-term maturation versus short-term headwinds

WMS is benefitting from a secular inclination astir the modulation from accepted factual tube and vessel to high-density polyethylene tube (HDPE) and plastic-based vessel products. These products instrumentality little space, are lighter, much durable, and cost-effective. Additionally, the integrative alternatives instrumentality fractional the clip to instal compared to accepted products, reducing labour costs for its customers. Due to these benefits, integrative products are progressively utilized successful the wastewater manufacture and WMS is benefiting from this trend. Over the past 11 years, Advance Drainage Systems outgrew the residential marketplace by 6% and the non-residential marketplace by 10%

WMS Revenue Growth Outperformance

WMS Revenue Growth Outperformance (Investor presentation)

In the past mates of years, WMS's gross maturation has benefited from the accelerated adoption of WMS's superior merchandise arsenic good arsenic favorable extremity markets. This resulted successful the company's nett income increasing from $1.67 cardinal successful FY20 to $2.7 cardinal successful FY22. The company’s non-residential concern grew 5% successful FY21 and 43% successful FY22 arsenic compared to the marketplace maturation complaint of -8% and 7% for respective periods. The Residential concern grew 44% successful FY21 and 46% successful FY22 arsenic compared to marketplace maturation rates of 6% and 4% for the respective periods.

WMS Net sales

WMS Net income (Company data, GS Analytic research)

The institution reported $914 cardinal and $884 cardinal of gross during Q1 and Q2 of FY23, increasing 36.6% and 25.2% Y/Y respectively. While the institution reported coagulated Y/Y gross maturation successful Q2, the show was anemic erstwhile we look compared sequentially with the gross decreasing 3.3% from Q1 to Q2. This was chiefly owed to 2 reasons: Hurricane Ian and the important destocking of leachfield products. During the past week of September, Hurricane Ian impacted income successful the cardinal and southwestern parts of Florida and resulting successful a 70% diminution successful shipment volume. Further, the leachfield products which signifier a important information of the Infiltrator segment’s income saw unexpectedly precocious destocking from the distributors. The destocking resulted successful a 6% sequential diminution successful gross for the Infiltrator segment.

Looking forward, Hurricane Ian has resulted successful a deferral of request for 2 to 3 quarters arsenic contractors are prioritizing betterment efforts implicit stormwater projects. Additionally, important destocking of leachfield products astatine distributors is indicating weakening request successful the residential extremity marketplace which represents 37% of the full gross for WMS. Apart from these 2 headwinds, the institution has a hard year-over-year comparison, peculiarly successful income from the northeast and northwest geography. These areas experienced elevated levels of enactment past twelvemonth owed to reopening. During the pandemic, these regions had a much melodramatic pause. So, erstwhile they reopened determination was a important pent-up request resulting successful higher revenues. Hence, the gross comparisons are tougher successful the 2nd fractional of FY23. This on with different short-term headwinds should effect successful a Y/Y diminution successful gross for the adjacent fewer quarters.

However, the bully quality astir of these headwinds look to beryllium already priced successful aft the steep correction successful the banal price. In the agelong run, absorption believes that their superior products should proceed to summation traction and assistance the institution to outperform the marketplace and make 2-3% above-market maturation complaint consistently. Frankly, the institution has generated overmuch higher outperformance successful caller years and I judge management’s people of 2-3% outperformance versus extremity markets volition apt beryllium conservative.

Margin Outlook

From FY19 to FY21, WMS witnessed an exceptional emergence successful adjusted EBITDA borderline owed to favorable pricing, operational leverage, and inclusion of higher profitable Infiltrator business, and the adjusted EBITDA borderline accrued from 16.8% successful FY19 to 28.6% successful FY20. However, during FY22 the institution faced proviso concatenation issues on with higher earthy worldly prices and higher proscription costs resulting successful a 420 bps diminution successful margins to 24.4%.

WMS Adjusted EBITDA margin

WMS Adjusted EBITDA borderline (Company Data, GS Analytics Research, FY23 estimation is mid-point of absorption guidance)

During the archetypal fractional of FY23, the institution witnessed immoderate correction successful resin prices which on with the anterior terms hikes benefited margins positively. The company’s adjusted EBITDA margins improved by 800bps and 644bps Y/Y to 32.7% and 29.8% for Q1 and Q2 FY23 respectively.

 Plastic worldly and Resin Manufacturing

Producer terms scale by industry: Plastic worldly and Resin Manufacturing (FRED)

Looking forward, portion absorption reduced their FY23 gross guidance by ~5% owed to headwinds described successful the anterior section, they kept adjusted EBITDA guidance unchanged astatine betwixt $900 mn and $940 mn. This translates into a 130 bps summation successful adjusted EBITDA borderline from anterior guidance. The absorption expects the full-year adjusted EBITDA borderline to beryllium ~29.2% (at the midpoint) arsenic they expect to reap benefits from the stabilized resin prices portion maintaining the terms increases.

In the agelong term, the company’s margins should payment from accrued investments successful productivity initiatives. During the past capitalist day, the institution announced that they are going to put $150 cardinal successful accumulation facilities implicit the adjacent 18-24 months. These investments are higher than the past 10-year mean concern of $35-40 cardinal per year. Management is making investments successful automation, improving productivity successful existing lines, debottlenecking earthy worldly operations, and caller accumulation lines. These incremental investments are expected to summation productivity arsenic good arsenic summation accumulation capableness which tin lend to higher operational leverage. Management has a semipermanent adjusted EBITDA borderline people of betwixt 28% and 29%. The institution is expected to station margins supra this scope successful the existent twelvemonth and I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if the company’s semipermanent borderline continues to bushed this people scope fixed its productivity initiatives and benefits from operating leverage erstwhile the short-term gross headwinds fade.

Valuation and Conclusion

The banal is presently trading astatine a 9.13x EV/EBITDA (TTM) aggregate which is astatine a important discount to its five-year mean of 15.45x. WMS is an absorbing semipermanent maturation communicative that tin present an above-market maturation complaint successful the agelong term. While investors are acrophobic astir near-term headwinds, I judge astir of these headwinds are already priced successful astatine the existent valuations. I judge semipermanent investors tin see buying the banal astatine the existent levels.

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