Afghanistan embassy in Delhi to cease operations from today

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The embassy of Afghanistan situated successful the nationalist capital, Delhi, volition cease each its operations from today, October 1, owed to a simplification successful unit and resources and a deficiency of enactment from India, said the embassy successful a connection connected societal media station connected X (formerly known arsenic Twitter) connected Sunday, September 30.

The embassy said that different captious origin successful shutting down the embassy is the nonaccomplishment to conscionable expectations successful serving Afghanistan's interests.

“It is with profound sadness, regret, and disappointment that the Embassy of Afghanistan successful New Delhi announces this determination to cease its operations. This decision, portion profoundly regrettable, is made aft cautious consideration, taking into relationship the historical ties and long-standing concern betwixt Afghanistan and India,” the embassy wrote successful an authoritative connection shared connected X.

Giving the reasons for the closure, the embassy said, “Lack of enactment from the big Government: The Embassy has experienced a notable lack of important enactment from the big government, which has hindered our quality to transportation retired our duties effectively. Failure to conscionable expectations successful serving Afghanistan's Interests: We admit our shortcomings successful gathering the expectations and requirements indispensable to service the champion interests of Afghanistan and its citizens owed to the deficiency of diplomatic enactment successful India and the lack of a morganatic functioning authorities successful Kabul. Reduction successful unit and resources: Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.”

"Given these circumstances, it is with heavy regret that we person taken the hard determination to adjacent each operations of the ngo with the objection of exigency consular services to Afghan citizens till the transportation of the custodial authorization of the ngo to the big country," the embassy added.

Press Statement
Date: 30th September, 2023

Afghanistan is closing its Embassy successful New Delhi.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan successful New Delhi regrets to denote the determination to cease its operations, effectual October 1, 2023.

— Afghan Embassy India (@AfghanistanInIN) September 30, 2023

After the Taliban came to powerfulness successful 2021, India closed its ain embassy successful Kabul arsenic India does not recognise the Taliban government. But, India inactive allowed the ambassador and ngo unit chosen by the Western-backed medication of ousted Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to grip commercialized matters and contented visas. India does not recognise the Taliban government.

Earlier, arsenic per a quality bureau Reuters study connected Friday, the Afghan embassy successful India suspended each operations aft the ambassador and different elder diplomats near the state for Europe and the United States, wherever they gained asylum, citing 3 embassy officials.

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