Amazon Promises God Of War Show Will Be ‘Incredibly True’ To Original Games

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Kratos leaps up to onslaught a elephantine troll portion his lad fires an arrow astatine it.

Image: Santa Monica Studios / Sony

The past fewer years person been reasonably bursting with TV shows and movies adapted from fashionable games. And even much are coming down the pipeline. If you inquire immoderate fans, galore of these shows person strayed excessively acold distant from their archetypal root material, truthful it mightiness beryllium bully to perceive that the producers of Amazon’s God of War TV amusement purpose to enactment “incredibly true” to its archetypal root material: the games.

While it had been reported aboriginal this year, it wasn’t until past week that Amazon officially confirmed it was developing a TV show based connected the fashionable and long-running God of War franchise. The PlayStation bid features Kratos, a god-like Spartan warrior, moving astir the satellite sidesplitting everything. Recent games person aged him up and fixed him a son, changing the code of the bid and helping marque it much fashionable than ever. And now, successful an interrogation with Collider, Amazon Studios Head of TV Vernon Sanders explained that the upcoming streaming amusement volition beryllium “incredibly existent to the root material” which helium says has a “real affectional core.”

“We cognize that there’s specified a passionate fanbase for God of War,” Sanders told Collider. “But the happening that we’re ever looking for is whether determination is simply a existent affectional core, if there’s a existent communicative story, and I deliberation [that’s] portion of what makes God of War so special.”

The Amazon TV brag continued, explaining that the newer games, portion being “giant epic” adventures are inactive focused connected telling a communicative astir “fathers and sons, and families.” He thinks this volition entreaty to everyone, adjacent radical who haven’t played the games.

“So what [showrunners] Rafe Judkins and Mark Fergus and [writer] Hawk Ostby person travel up with for the archetypal season, and for the series, I think, is some incredibly existent to the root material, and besides compelling connected its own,” explained Sanders. “So we deliberation it’s going to beryllium huge.”

Recent video crippled adaptations, similar Resident Evil on Netflix and Halo on Paramount+, person been heavy criticized online by fans for veering excessively acold from the archetypal root worldly the shows are supposedly inspired by. And portion I bash hesitate to hold with aggravated fans online and I deliberation adaptations should beryllium allowed to marque changes, it’s hard not to get a spot annoyed by however often the Master Chief takes disconnected his helmet successful the caller Halo show. And arsenic Sanders points out, Amazon has a bully way grounds with adaptations that fans like, listing The Boys and Invincible arsenic examples of however to bash adaptations correctly.

Of course, speech is cheap, and making TV shows is hard. It’s ever bully to accidental you’ll enactment existent to a video game’s storyline and narrative, but it’s overmuch harder to bash erstwhile truthful galore of the games being adapted into TV shows are chiefly 20 hours of combat with astir 4 hours of cutscenes and script. But hey, possibly God of War on Amazon Prime and The Last of Us on HBO Max volition beryllium fantastic and existent to their root material. Apparently, The Last of Us is really the top communicative ever told successful a video game. Seems similar that should marque for a fewer bully episodes of prestige TV?

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