Amitabh Bachchan makes 5x return on this smallcap stock in 5 years!

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Bollywood histrion Amitabh Bachchan made tremendous wealth successful an NSE-listed smallcap steadfast that is engaged successful the concern of ligament manufacturing. Data disposable with Ace Equity suggests Amitabh Harivansh Rai Bachchan, besides known arsenic Big B, has been holding 3,32,800 shares, oregon a 2.45 per cent stake, successful this institution since September 2018. This is DP Wires.

Share terms of the wiring institution has jumped 4.87 times, oregon 387 per cent, to Rs 360.35 connected March 1, 2023, against Rs 74 connected September 3, 2018. With the astute moves successful its shares, the marketplace capitalisation of DP Wires soared to Rs 488.92 crore present from Rs 100.40 crore astatine September 2018 levels. The scrip scaled its grounds precocious of Rs 502.80 connected September 20, 2022. Here is each you request to cognize astir DP Wires:

Business and background
The Madhya Pradesh-based institution is engaged successful manufacturing and proviso of alloy wires and integrative films that find its exertion successful industries similar lipid and gas, power, environment, civil, energy, automobile and infrastructure.
Plastic products that the institution manufactures person been utilized successful lining of canals, landfills, road and roadworthy constructions, ponds, tanks, h2o reservoirs, mining and solution ponds and for corrosion resistant connected alloy tanks and ligament products find exertion successful construction, bridges, lipid & gas, infrastructure.

Shareholding pattern

Overall, promoters held a 70.40 per cent involvement successful the institution arsenic of December 31, 2022. Retail investors and precocious net-worth individuals held 8.88 per cent and 8.85 per cent stakes, respectively, successful DP Wires.

Report card
Net income of the institution accrued 25.70 per cent compounded annually to Rs 613.24 crore successful FY22 from Rs 195.38 crore successful FY2017.

On the different hand, nett net witnessed a compounded yearly maturation complaint of 42.05 per cent during the aforesaid period. The bottommost enactment of the steadfast jumped to Rs 29.05 crore from 5.02 crore successful the play mentioned.

For the 9 months ended December 31, 2022, nett income of the institution jumped 90.54 per cent to Rs 828.67 crore. Net nett for the aforesaid play grew 17.61 per cent to Rs 25.95 crore.

Annualised net per stock of the institution besides surged to Rs 27.44 successful Q3FY23 from Rs 8.88 successful the 4th fourth of FY19. The institution had ‘nil’ nett indebtedness arsenic of December 2022, according to its capitalist presentation.


In its latest capitalist presentation, DP Wires said that the concern situation remains challenging and it is expected to highest arsenic inflationary pressures easiness retired globally.

“In India, the home request for alloy continues to stay firm. A further boost is provided by the accrued budgetary allocation by 33 per cent to Rs 10 lakh crore towards infrastructure, successful the Union Budget 2023-24. Also, the company’s wide scope of value-added products, accrued accumulation capacity, a coagulated lawsuit base, and a beardown equilibrium sheet, we endeavour to expect maintaining the maturation momentum going forward,” the institution said.

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