AMTD IDEA Group’s L’OFFICIEL Inc. SAS completed the recruitment of a full team of experienced professionals and local experts in Singapore and Malaysia, ready for a new and powerful launch in March 2023 under direct owner’s model

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NEW YORK & HONG KONG & SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After implicit a decennary with a beingness successful Singapore and Malaysia done franchise licensees, L’OFFICIEL Inc. SAS, a subsidiary of AMTD IDEA Group (NYSE: AMTD; SGX: HKB), is relaunching the Singapore and Malaysia editions nether the nonstop owner’s model, with a wholistic planetary attack and much section contents and highlights emphasised.

Following the acquisition of L’OFFICIEL by AMTD IDEA Group successful April 2022, AMTD has since announced its ambitions to follow a nonstop owner’s exemplary successful large countries of the world.

The caller operations successful Singapore and Malaysia are the commencement of AMTD-L’OFFICIEL’s task successful the APAC portion nether the subsidiaries L’Officiel Singapore Pte. Ltd and L’Officiel Malaysia Sdn Bhd respectively and volition reenforce our nonstop presumption arsenic a determination hub, portion continuing to foster our relationships with section franchisees for the remainder of the Asia region, promoting greater values for the wide ecosystem nether our 1 world’s planetary attack and marque consistency.

For some countries, L’OFFICIEL and L’OFFICIEL HOMMES volition each travel a 10-issues-per-year structure, with the scope and power of L’OFFICIEL successful the ASEAN markets being further expanded done assorted supplementary titles and events focusing connected areas including quality and grooming, travel, gastronomy, accessories, and watches and jewellery.

L’OFFICIEL’s integer platforms volition proceed to play an integral portion successful the Brand’s ecosystem, with L’OFFICIEL and L’OFFICIEL HOMMES having their ain respective websites and societal media channels wide opened to our fans and the public.

On the enlargement of L’OFFICIEL successful the APAC region, the Global Chairman of L’OFFICIEL Inc. SAS – Dr. Calvin Choi, says: “The inclusion of L’OFFICIEL Singapore and Malaysia nether the nonstop owner’s exemplary successful AMTD’s ecosystem means that we volition beryllium capable to fortify the presumption of some editions arsenic a planetary manner and luxury manner media person successful the APAC region. I americium delighted with the breathtaking caller operating exemplary alongside with the caller hires of experienced section team, I americium assured to realise galore strategical synergies and make added values successful the progressively interconnected and digitally-linked world.”

“Since the launches successful Singapore and Malaysia much than a decennary ago, L’OFFICIEL and L’OFFICIEL Hommes person proven to beryllium a unit to beryllium reckoned with. Now, nether AMTD, the maturation momentum and enlargement strategies person moved into an adjacent higher cogwheel for print, integer and events, portion maintaining an engaging story-telling benignant that has served arsenic the backbone for L’OFFICIEL from the precise beginning.” Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur, Chairman of AMTD IDEA Group and committee manager of L’Officiel Inc. SAS.

The Singapore and Malaysia offices volition beryllium helmed by Aileen Soh, who has taken connected the relation of the Managing Director of Southeast Asia for L’Officiel Singapore Pte. Ltd and L’Officiel Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

L’OFFICIEL and L’OFFICIEL HOMMES volition officially relaunch successful March 2023 successful Singapore and Malaysia with English-language people magazines, and their respective integer platforms and societal media channels.

The halfway squad members of L’Officiel Singapore and L’Officiel Malaysia are listed below:








L’OFFICIEL is simply a planetary starring media institution built connected a centennial marque legacy, based successful Paris since 1921. Present successful 80 countries, with 33 in-language planetary media, L’OFFICIEL is disposable contiguous by manner enthusiasts worldwide done its extensive, omni-platform integer presence. Recognised arsenic a starring luxury and manner brand, L’OFFICIEL is an planetary notation for French benignant and pioneer successful fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and modern society. L’OFFICIEL, led by AMTD IDEA Group, is portion of the “AMTD Spider-Net,” an interconnected web of cardinal players successful media, culture, education, and concern banking.

About AMTD IDEA Group

AMTD IDEA Group, formerly known arsenic AMTD International Inc. (NYSE: AMTD; SGX: HKB) represents a premier Asia fiscal instauration and integer solutions radical connecting companies and investors from Asia, including China and Hong Kong arsenic good arsenic the ASEAN markets with planetary superior markets. Its broad one-stop fiscal services positive integer solutions level addresses antithetic clients’ divers and inter-connected fiscal needs and integer requirements crossed each phases of their beingness cycles. Leveraging its heavy roots successful Asia and its unsocial eco-system — the “AMTD SpiderNet” — the Company is uniquely positioned arsenic an progressive superconnector betwixt clients, concern partners, investee companies, and investors, connecting the East and the West. For much information, delight sojourn oregon travel america connected Twitter astatine @AMTDGroup.

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