Apple: FQ1 2023 Earnings Call Revealed 3 Things Investors Should Appreciate

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Apple revealed 3 things that investors should appreciate


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) released fiscal Q1-23 earnings connected 2/2. AAPL somewhat missed the statement estimation ($117.15B vs $121.67B successful revenue, and $1.88 vs $1.93 successful EPS). The gross miss was chiefly owed to FX headwinds. According to the company, FX had a astir -800 bps interaction connected YoY growth. On an FX-neutral basis, AAPL was capable to turn successful astir of their markets.

If we look astatine AAPL terms successful the past 12 month, it has been tracking intimately to the S&P 500 (SP500). In my erstwhile article, 3 Myths To Debunk About Apple, I discussed Apple's gross premix displacement to higher-margin Service business, and aboriginal potentials of Apple TV. In this article, I privation to absorption connected what the institution covered successful the latest earnings call, and item respective things that I deliberation investors should admit more.

Capital IQ

Capital IQ

Apple reached 2 cardinal installed basal (2x of Samsung's, two-thirds of Android's)

Apple Inc. reported its installed basal crossed 2 cardinal progressive devices, up by +10% YoY, and +8% QoQ. This represents a large instauration for Apple to grow its aboriginal ecosystem.

First, the installed basal represents a cardinal input to APPL's work revenue. As shown successful the pursuing figure, AAPL's work gross person enjoyed large maturation successful the past decade. Higher premix and higher borderline of work gross helped AAPL accelerate worth instauration for shareholders.



Second, the mobile app marketplace is increasing rapidly ('23-'30 CAGR of 13.9%). This is not surprising, arsenic astute phones tin fulfill much and much idiosyncratic needs, and each manufacture is connected their mode of digitization. According to Statista (emphasis added):

"On average, radical spend 3 hours and 15 minutes connected their phones per day. Individuals cheque their phones an mean of 58 times each day. 3 successful 4 Gen Zers assertion to walk excessively overmuch clip connected their smartphones."

Third, AAPL work gross apt volition outpace the marketplace growth.

AAPL products proceed to summation traction connected the globe. Known grounds includes: 1) AAPL saw record-high maturation rates successful a fig of planetary markets; 2) fractional of IPAD buyers are new; 3) AAPL's gait of innovation to amended idiosyncratic experiences is accelerated (check retired Freeform if you haven't).

Supply concatenation issues are gone

Supply concatenation contented owed to China's lockdown successful 2022 slowed down AAPL's growth. 2022 was similar a accent trial for AAPL's proviso concatenation management. The institution executed connected their diversification strategy:

"We physique our products everywhere. There are constituent parts coming from galore antithetic countries successful the world, and the last assembly coming from 3 countries successful the satellite connected conscionable iPhone."

During the net telephone the institution confirmed "we're successful decent proviso connected astir products for the 4th currently."

To me, the proviso concatenation for Apple is simply a cardinal facet for their infrastructure which powers each different forms of monetization. Being capable to root constituent parts crossed galore countries, and past assemble them successful 3 countries, sounds convincing. Also, the institution mentioned Mac Book accumulation was moved from China to Vietnam, expecting accumulation starting Q2 2023. Its India-based works is besides expected to nutrient 25% of iPhones, up from little than 10% currently.

AAPL TV+ is getting acceptable for a leap

Apple Inc.'s ads gross was $4B successful 2022, representing a truly tiny information of what their potentials could be. Apple has been making efforts gathering a differentiated Apple TV. In my opinion, Apple TV+ is getting acceptable for a leap soon.

First, Apple TV is known for its wholly archetypal programming astir TV shows, constricted series, and movies, erstwhile each different players are prioritizing connected extended libraries of existing TV shows oregon movies. This is simply a large differentiator successful an progressively crowded streaming TV market.

Second, Apple TV is good positioned to summation much users globally. This twelvemonth Apple launched Major League Soccer Season Pass successful 10-year concern with MLS. It's worthy mentioning that the MLS Season Pass volition beryllium disposable to assemblage successful implicit 100 countries and regions. This follows Apple's Friday Night Baseball, representing a continued question towards advertising.

Third, with 2 cardinal installed base, Apple has unprecedented vantage successful contextual advertising. As stated successful Apple's website:

"Contextual accusation whitethorn beryllium utilized to service ads, specified arsenic Device Information, Device Location, App Store Searches, Apple News and Stocks. We make segments to present personalized ads for users leveraging idiosyncratic accusation specified arsenic Account Information, Downloads, Purchases & Subscriptions, Apple News and Stocks, and Advertising Interactions."

A precise speedy mode to cipher Apple's ads imaginable would be, 1.5 cardinal users * blended WW ARPU (let's accidental $20) = $30B successful gross revenue.


Apple Inc. is presently trading astatine $154, 26x P/E, and its terms is astir successful the mediate of its 52-week low/high. As a marketplace person moving a highly durable concern and operating an ecosystem with 2B installed base, I expect Apple to proceed accelerating its gross growth, and adhd worth instauration for shareholders. Apple Inc. banal successful my sentiment is simply a large semipermanent investment, and its runway successful integer advertizing should assistance boost the AAPL banal terms successful the adjacent term.

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