Artists stage mass protest against AI-generated artwork on ArtStation

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A screenshot of the

Enlarge / A screenshot of the "Trending" leafage connected ArtStation from December 14, 2022. It shows anti-AI protestation images added by artists crossed the site. (credit: ArtStation)

On Tuesday, members of the online assemblage ArtStation began wide protesting AI-generated artwork by placing "No AI Art" images successful their portfolios. By Wednesday, the protestation images dominated ArtStation's trending page. The artists question to knock the beingness of AI-generated enactment connected ArtStation and to perchance disrupt aboriginal AI models trained utilizing artwork recovered connected the site.

Early rumblings of the protestation began connected December 5 erstwhile Bulgarian creator Alexander Nanitchkov tweeted, "Current AI 'art' is created connected the backs of hundreds of thousands of artists and photographers who made billions of images and walk time, emotion and dedication to person their enactment soullessly stolen and utilized by selfish radical for nett without the slightest conception of ethics."

Nanitchkov besides posted a stark logo featuring the letters "AI" successful achromatic uppercase down the circular strike-through symbol. Below, a caption reads "NO TO AI GENERATED IMAGES." This logo soon dispersed connected ArtStation and became the ground of galore protestation images presently connected the site.

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