Autonomous Waymo car runs over dog in San Francisco

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A Waymo Jaguar iPace.

Enlarge / A Waymo Jaguar iPace. (credit: Waymo)

One of Alphabet's Waymo autonomous cars has killed a favored dog. TechCrunch spotted the nationalist report of the incident, which says 1 of the Waymo Jaguar I-Pace cars ran implicit a canine successful San Francisco portion successful autonomous mode with a information operator down the wheel. Waymo's collision study says:

On May 21, 2023 astatine 10:56 AM PT a Waymo Autonomous Vehicle (“Waymo AV”) operating successful San Francisco, California was successful a collision involving a tiny canine connected Toland Street astatine Toland Place. The Waymo AV was traveling southwest connected Toland Street erstwhile a tiny canine ran into the thoroughfare successful beforehand of the Waymo AV. The Waymo AV past made interaction with the dog, which did not survive. At the clip of the impact, the Waymo AV’s Level 4 ADS was engaged successful autonomous mode, and a trial operator was contiguous (in the driver’s seating position). The Waymo AV sustained damage.

The collision was a artifact from Waymo's Toland Depot, a 120,000-square-foot warehouse that houses at least 50 autonomous cars. The velocity bounds connected Toland Street is 25 mph, according to posted signs viewable connected Google Maps. From that Street View link, the roadworthy looks similar a engaged concern country with galore warehouses, motortruck transportation areas, and barbed-wire fences.

The country of Toland St and Toland Place, wherever the incidental happened.

The country of Toland St and Toland Place, wherever the incidental happened. (credit: Google Maps)

Waymo sent on a statement:

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