BONK’s Bid For Survival: New NFT Release Amidst Crypto Market Recovery

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Last week, we witnessed a fervent frenzy surrounding the caller Solana-based meme token, Bonk (BONK). Although we harbored anticipation that it would prolong its momentum, we couldn’t assistance but fishy that it would yet fizzle out, arsenic is often the lawsuit with caller meme tokens. Indeed, this improvement has occurred aggregate times wrong the industry.

As reported by CoinPedia, BONK’s worth skyrocketed by astir 3,000% wrong a substance of days past week. However, arsenic of this writing, it has experienced a melodramatic 10% driblet wrong a 24-hour period. It appears that Solana and BONK are present striving to salvage the meme token from oblivion.

BONK’s Non-Fungible Tokens

On January 10th, BONK planned to merchandise much than 15,000 NFT collectibles connected the Solana-based marketplace, Magic Eden. These NFTs, intended for usage arsenic illustration photos connected platforms specified arsenic Instagram and Twitter, were developed successful conjunction with established Solana-based NFT initiatives and diagnostic artwork created by members of the Solana community. 

Holders of the “Gods” NFT postulation connected Solana volition beryllium granted precedence successful minting the Bonk collectibles, and volition person a stock of the postulation arsenic a reward for their contributions to the project. Additionally, a information of 8,000 from the full proviso volition beryllium exclusively mined for BONK wallets.

It was reported that these illustration photos service nary applicable intent and were intended to beryllium lone arsenic works of art. Minimum acquisition for the mint volition beryllium acceptable astatine $25 successful BONK and each secondary transactions volition beryllium made utilizing SOL.

Furthermore, immoderate BONK that is collected volition beryllium destroyed and erased from existence, and a information of the royalties earned from income pursuing the motorboat volition beryllium utilized to acquisition and pain BONK forever. This is simply a imaginable origin that led to the alteration successful BONK’s marketplace value. 

Moreover, respective SOL whales cashed retired their shares astatine a clip erstwhile rumors were circulating connected Twitter suggesting that BONK would beryllium dumping.

Source Coinpedia