BuzzFeed launches Infinity Quizzes, creating personalized stories powered by OpenAI

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BuzzFeed — the media tract that made its sanction (literally) spinning retired viral contented — landed successful the middle of the buzz itself past period erstwhile quality leaked retired that it would partner with the AI startup of the moment, OpenAI, to physique a caller AI-powered quiz format, gathering connected the media company’s precise fashionable quizzes that saw 1.1 cardinal views past twelvemonth alone.

Now, that caller merchandise is launching: Infinity Quizzes, arsenic it is called, volition springiness users a basal theme, inquire a fewer keyword questions, and physique a breezy, personalized communicative based connected these. BuzzFeed said the quizzes are powered by an AI that it calls “Buzzy the Robot”, based connected OpenAI’s publically disposable API trained connected a blend of text, codification and accusation anterior to June 2021.

The concern is going unrecorded contiguous with six quizzes, including 4 playing connected Valentine’s Day, 1 sponsored by an advertiser, and 1 conscionable for premium subscribers: “Create Your Own Rom-Com,” “Generate a Break-Up Text,” “Date Your Celebrity Crush,” “Find Your Soulmate (Hint: It’s a House Plant),” “Create Your Own Cinematic Universe For You and Your Friends,” and ”Create a Cult for You and Your Friends.” (Not definite however lighthearted everyone mightiness find the past of these…)

If you’ve ever played Mad Libs oregon thing similar it, Infinity Quizzes are a batch similar those, but the thought is that the stories that get produced from idiosyncratic responses connected a taxable are theoretically “infinite” successful their variations, hence the name. But, akin to different generative AI services — beryllium it OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Shutterstock’s representation generators, oregon thing other — the results a small hit-and-miss. Personalization is there, but sometimes with awkward wording oregon cooky cutter results (see a mates of attempts I made astatine the bottommost of this article).

BuzzFeed has been dabbling with AI since launching a representation generator successful 2021, but each the same, erstwhile the OpenAI enactment was archetypal revealed, it created a immense stir.

There are a batch of radical skeptical that AI is simply a resoundingly affirmative development, immoderate adjacent downright alarmed astatine thought — 1 big/obvious menace being that it could marque humans and the relation they play obsolete. 

So BuzzFeed’s leap into the arms of a startup presently starring the complaint connected generative AI — which uses tiny cues from humans to physique retired elaborate narratives, music, images oregon different archetypal contented — to make contented that would person antecedently been crafted solely by humans, felt similar a awesome for many: immoderate dystopian aboriginal you deliberation mightiness beryllium astir the corner, it’s really already present close now. 

(It didn’t assistance that BuzzFeed announced conscionable weeks earlier the OpenAI leak that it would lay disconnected 12% of its workforce.)

Of course, not each responses were negative. BuzzFeed is listed connected Nasdaq and it was successful the doldrums earlier the OpenAI leak, with shares trading astatine little than a dollar each. The quality sent the banal terms skyrocketing, and portion it’s present calmed down, it volition beryllium worthy watching whether the interaction of this woody was a flash oregon thing that tin beryllium sustained by and for the business, oregon astatine slightest whether it tin make much capitalist enthusiasm — and, yes, buzz.

On that note, we’ve asked BuzzFeed questions astir this news, including whether it tin stock immoderate of the fiscal details of its concern with OpenAI, and whether the second volition get a chopped connected sponsorship deals. None of those details are being disclosed close now.

Although the startup has truly caught the oculus of the world, and has pocketed a immense concern from Microsoft astatine a monolithic valuation, determination are inactive large question marks implicit what volition instrumentality erstwhile it comes to gathering gross and nett astir its breakthroughs.

And, fixed that determination person been immoderate important issues astir the sources of the information that provender generative AI algorithms — the lawsuit betwixt Getty and Stability AI highlighting conscionable 1 of the problems — we person besides asked astir what happens to the information input into the Infinity Quizzes, including whether it is utilized anyplace other beyond the narratives.

“BuzzFeed presently saves anonymized prompts and results from OpenAI to amended performance. OpenAI has information privateness and information policies successful spot to support idiosyncratic data,” a spokesperson said. It volition besides usage the information to assistance pass what quizzes are subsequently built.

On the taxable of cutting humans retired of the equation completely, though, it sounds similar BuzzFeed is not doing this — not astatine this point, astatine least. The institution says that the quizzes and resulting stories are a collaborative effort between BuzzFeed’s quiz writers, “AI technology, henceforth dubbed ‘Buzzy The Robot,’ (official title: BuzzFeed’s AI Creative Assistant)” and quiz-takers themselves. 

Right present determination seems to be a batch of dense lifting excessively — tons of testing and tweaking to marque definite outcomes are amusive and connected point. That should travel down implicit time.

“At BuzzFeed, the originative team’s attack to integrating AI is to physique contented that is “AI-native” oregon could not beryllium without artificial quality (such arsenic an infinite fig of instant, personalized quiz results); and things that are created by humans but *enhanced* by AI,” the institution notes.

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