Cloudflare Announces New Solutions to Help CIOs Maximize Employee Collaboration and Productivity

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Cloudflare, Inc.,  the security, performance, and reliability institution helping to physique a amended Internet, announced Cloudflare Digital Experience Monitoring, an all-in-one dashboard that helps CIOs recognize however captious applications and Internet services are performing crossed their full firm network. Cloudflare Digital Experience Monitoring, portion of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform, volition supply IT leaders with predictive, historical, and real-time quality astir exertion outages, web issues, and show slow-downs to support employees productive wherever they are working.

IT teams person been moving successful the acheronian for excessively long, contiguous we’re switching connected the lights for the modern firm network,” said Matthew Prince, CEO and co-founder astatine Cloudflare. “Our planetary web powers a immense portion of the Internet, giving Cloudflare a unsocial presumption of what is happening online and allows america to place trends earlier our customers do, and present we are sharing these insights with customers. Think of Cloudflare Digital Experience Monitoring arsenic the aerial postulation power of the modern firm network, keeping information moving, applications moving smoothly, and employees safe.”

When employees near the bureau successful 2020, the IT teams that helped support applications moving and networks operational abruptly mislaid important visibility into the day-to-day experiences of their users. Now, with highly distributed workforces, erstwhile IT teams larn of an contented they nary longer cognize if the video conferencing bundle is experiencing a localized outage, the unreality web is down, oregon an employee's location Internet transportation is causing show issues. This deficiency of visibility tin dilatory teams down, discarded countless hours successful investigation, and clog up invaluable resources with maintenance.

Cloudflare is empowering IT teams, equipping them with the quality and insights captured by Cloudflare’s planetary web to collect, detect, and aboveground issues earlier businesses adjacent cognize thing is wrong. Now, Cloudflare Digital Experience Monitoring volition supply businesses with a azygous dashboard to measurement and analyse mission-critical applications and services similar Microsoft 365 oregon connectivity issues with section Internet Service Providers. According to Gartner® “by 2026, astatine slightest 60% of I&O leaders volition usage Digital Experience Monitoring to measurement application, services and endpoint show from the user’s viewpoint, up from little than 20% successful 2021.”

Cloudflare Digital Experience Monitoring volition beryllium capable to assistance organizations:

 Define and show the astir captious web resources: Now customers volition person the quality to measurement and analyse controlled flows of information to nationalist oregon backstage resources by emulating postulation flows, helping visualize end-user experiences and allowing them to pinpoint issues arsenic they arise.

 Understand the minute-by-minute experiences of their users: With Cloudflare Zero Trust, customers volition beryllium capable to drill into real-time information visualizations highlighting anomalies successful connectivity oregon show to support employees safe, secure, and productive.

Save IT leaders countless hours successful investigations: By gaining a comprehensive, step-by-step presumption into employees' integer footprint, IT teams volition beryllium capable to simplify investigations – spending little clip trying to place wherever issues are occurring and spending much clip helping to resoluteness them.

Realize the powerfulness of Cloudflare’s web intelligence: By plugging into the Cloudflare planetary network, customers volition beryllium capable to recognize changes successful Internet behaviour and expect however these changes whitethorn interaction their business.

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