Compliance and Risk Management in 2022: Top 10 Stories

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ITPro Today's most-read articles astir compliance and hazard absorption analyse information consciousness training, nationalist and planetary regulations, and insider threats.

2022 brought caller approaches to security training and accrued authorities engagement successful stemming cyber threats.

The Biden-Harris medication introduced the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy among other initiatives. Across the pond, the UK rolled retired laws that question to destruct state-linked disinformation. These authorities activities occurred against the backdrop of the Great Resignation, which has caused businesses to grapple with imaginable threats posed by departing employees. 

Here are ITPro Today’s apical 10 articles astir compliance and hazard absorption successful 2022.

1. Uber’s Former Security Chief Convicted of Data Hack Coverup

Former Uber Technologies information main Joe Sullivan was convicted of covering up a ample data breach from 2016. The proceedings unearth a bid of different scandals that took spot astatine Uber.  

2. State Department Announces Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy

The U.S. State Department launched the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy successful April. The inaugural spoke to the increasing value of cybersecurity successful nationalist policy, economy, and defense. 

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3. Why Providers Are Retooling Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity consciousness grooming is commonplace successful today’s workplace, but galore employees conflict to clasp important information. IT leaders person opted for a caller approaches.

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4. Top U.S. Websites Run Afoul of European Data Privacy Law

Research from regulatory compliance exertion supplier Zendata recovered that starring U.S. websites did not comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Find retired however these websites miss the people and the imaginable ramifications of noncompliance. 

5. UK to Force Internet Companies to Curb Foreign ‘Disinformation’

The UK successful July said its Online Safety Law volition requires owners of societal media and hunt motor apps to surface contented for state-linked disinformation.

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6. Walmart Security Chief Criticizes Data Breach Prevention Strategies

When it comes to information breach prevention, the onus is often enactment on cybersecurity consciousness grooming and the actions of idiosyncratic employees. Walmart’s main information designer argues that the solution indispensable travel from a larger taste change. 

Ira Winkler/Interop Digitalinterop_human_security_engineering_model_winkler_0.png

Ira Winkler's quality information engineering model


7. White House Unveils Cybersecurity Strategy to Keep IoT Devices Safe

The White House introduced galore cybersecurity initiatives this year, among them a labeling strategy for commonly utilized IoT devices. The strategy rates devices for resiliency against cybersecurity threats. 

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8. 4 Types of Insider Threats Every IT Pro Should Know

While astir information is focused connected extracurricular attackers, it’s important to admit that immoderate threats travel from wrong an organization. This nonfiction lays retired 4 communal insider threats and however companies tin code them.

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9. Digital ID Technology Promises Stronger Security

The password inactive reigns ultimate arsenic the primary method for verifying identities online. Info-Tech Research Group expert Ian Mulholland explains the aboriginal of integer ID technology. 

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10. Great Resignation Sparks Insider Risk Management Concerns

The Great Resignation has seen a grounds fig of employees leaving their jobs, and, arsenic a result, has raised cybersecurity concerns astir departing employees. Can concern executives and information pros enactment unneurotic to mitigate insider risks?

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What are your predictions about compliance and hazard absorption successful 2023? Share your predictions successful the comments!

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