Crypto Hacks Continue to Plague Industry Despite Security Checks as BitKeep Sees $8 Million in User Funds Lost

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BitKeep Wallet users mislaid $8 cardinal owed to downloading a hacked APK version. The assemblage consciousness thing shady.

2022, a twelvemonth that witnessed the highest DeFi hacks, is astir to end. But the hackers are determined to drain retired much of users’ funds adjacent during the vacation season. BitKeep announced connected their authoritative telegram transmission that hackers had hijacked immoderate APK bundle downloads.

The announcement read, “If your funds are stolen, the exertion you download oregon update whitethorn beryllium an chartless mentation (unofficial merchandise version).” The squad suggests users of the APK mentation transportation their funds to a wallet downloaded from an authoritative store similar App Store oregon Play Store.

The squad promised to marque afloat compensation if the plus nonaccomplishment is caused owed to the platform. They released a google form to cod applicable accusation from the users impacted by the hack.

BitKeep Wallet Users Lost $8 Million

The BitKeep users archetypal reported antithetic activities with their wallets connected the telegram radical yesterday. A idiosyncratic complained that their funds were being automatically sent to a wallet address, “0x66bfda9595c5d70880b142f1f6c6c0fab63e2491” Later, galore much users complained of automatic transactions today.

PeckShieldAlert, the blockchain security and analytic company, reported connected Twitter that hackers stole $8 cardinal worthy of assets. The assets see 4373 Binance Coin (BNB), 5.4 cardinal USDT, 196,000 DAI, and 1233.21 Ethereum.

2022, the Year of DeFi Hacks

According to DefiLlama, hackers grossed implicit $3 cardinal this year. Lastly, they exploited implicit $718 cardinal from DeFi protocol successful October, making it the biggest period successful the biggest twelvemonth of crypto hacking activities. 

DeFi hacks 2022Source: DefiLlama

Every different day, immoderate reports of DeFi hacks marque it to the headlines. With this frequence of hacks, the assemblage wonders if the protocols intentionally permission their information settings connected low.

It feels like, antithetic #defi protocols intentionally permission their information settings connected low. There person been galore flash indebtedness attacks, e.g. Cream Finance ($130M), wherefore others don't larn from their mistakes oregon bash they privation to support the loopholes to blasted on?

— Vijay Gir 🦇🔊 (@imvijaygir) December 26, 2022

Additionally, the assemblage members reported that adjacent those who downloaded the authoritative mentation of BitKeep Wallet suffered from the hack. Is idiosyncratic lying here? 

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