’ interview with Trace move-to-earn metaverse founder Bogdan Evtushenko

Trending 11 months ago precocious had a one-on-one speech with the creators of the Trace move-to-earn platform, with laminitis Bogdan Evtushenko, sharing tons of insights into the caller metaverse task aiming to disrupt existing ecosystems. 

Evtushenko: We judge that video games tin beryllium much than conscionable sitting connected the sofa successful the surviving room, and the metaverse should not beryllium constricted to your surviving room. We person developed our ain Location-based AR Platform – METAFORA, successful bid to physique an augmented world metaverse connected its basis, the size of an full planet.

We judge that augmented world volition marque people’s lives better. It volition propulsion you to locomotion successful the parks connected weekends – alone, with your family, oregon with your beloved pet. Will assistance to be societal events and spaces. Meet and marque friends with your neighbors (people astir us), whom you whitethorn not person known and would ne'er person met successful mean life. This could beryllium the origin of a fateful acquaintance oregon adjacent the emotion of a lifetime.

Together with our community, we privation to capable the existent satellite with virtual objects to marque it adjacent much absorbing and exciting. This should propulsion much and much radical to articulation our assemblage to research this world, the satellite astir us. You assertion the Trace metaverse is simply a leap into the future. But with truthful galore established metaverses and move-to-earn projects presently connected the market, however bash you program to disrupt the industry?

There are a ample fig of companies that are trying to make their ain afloat artificial virtual metaverses that tin lone beryllium seen connected a machine surface portion sitting astatine home. The augmented world metaverse that we make is antithetic from the remainder and exists astir us, everywhere. Whether you’re astatine home, walking oregon driving to work, stopping by your favourite java store astir the corner, oregon market shopping, you’re successful and interacting with our metaverse.

We are not trying to regenerate the existent satellite with virtual fiction, we are gamifying the accustomed mode of life, creating absorbing precedents for dizzying events and caller experiences.

Evtushenko: We were fortunate to conscionable the co-founder of Polygon-blockchain and different apical managers astatine the Indian blockchain-week. We precocious officially announced our collaboration with Polygon. We emotion their fast-growing ecosystem, with immoderate precise worthy projects aspiring to motion partnerships with well-known brands being advertised. Their attraction to the situation wins america over, and we privation to determination with them successful a communal absorption to trim CO2 emissions and basal unneurotic to support our fragile planet. Do caller users person to archetypal acquisition an NFT earlier being capable to enactment successful the Trace metaverse?

Evtushenko: In our metaverse, determination volition beryllium respective ways to commencement the game, and 1 of them is free-to-play – you don’t person to bargain anything. You registry and get opportunities, and entree to the metaverse, successful which you tin already interact with assorted objects, implicit tasks, person rewards, and person a fantastic experience. We recognize that Trace’s superior marketplace is South East Asia and Latin America. Do you program to grow to different jurisdictions later?

Evtushenko: Of course, we are chiefly focused connected these 2 markets, but we bash not program to enactment an extremity to this. We program to make further, of course. The extremity is the popularity of our exertion astir the world. First of all, we spot 2 undervalued markets for ourselves, wherever you tin cod everything successful bid to spell further. Now we are considering different 3rd marketplace for motorboat – Africa.

Evtushenko: Yes, undeniably, 1 of the conditions of web3 is the transportation of in-game assets to our users. And successful our case, this volition besides happen. All in-game assets that the idiosyncratic acquires, win, oregon different receives – this is NFT – are the spot of the Trace metaverse player. In presumption of partnerships, are determination presently immoderate noteworthy collaborations successful the Pipeline?

Evtushenko: We precocious announced a collaboration with Polygon. Our task is precise hospitably greeted by representatives of the blockchain, it is precise nice. Most likely, from the opening of 2023, we volition amusement much media activities with different projects that make unneurotic with Polygon. Most recently, our task was supported by the celebrated Brazilian hip-hop creator Dynho Alves. Due to India’s somewhat harsh crypto stance and taxation, bash you deliberation Trace volition summation monolithic adoption easy successful the region?

Evtushenko: Our exertion works astatine the intersection of web2 and web3. This is simply a large vantage for some users and the market. We transportation an mean subordinate into a idiosyncratic who uses cryptocurrency and vice versa – we springiness a bully gaming acquisition to a idiosyncratic who came for cryptocurrency. Given the flexibility provided by the operation of the 2 technologies, we tin make a strategy that tin easy beryllium successful immoderate highly regulated market. While our extremity is to go a precise fashionable app, I deliberation we would beryllium blessed to enactment with the authorities of India and assistance with the regularisation of cryptocurrencies, this should decidedly beryllium done. Oftentimes, immoderate integer assets’ occurrence and worth appreciation beryllium reasonably connected their speech listings. Where volition Trace’s autochthonal ACE token and TRC absorption token beryllium listed?

Evtushenko: The ACE token volition beryllium generated straight successful the Trace App. And it tin beryllium exchanged for a TRC token. TRC governance token volition beryllium listed connected Bitmart, LBank, EXMO crypto exchanges What is the semipermanent imaginativeness of the Trace project

Evtushenko: By 2030, astir of the world’s colonisation volition work, live, pass and emotion successful virtual reality. Authoritative media, quoting futurologists, prophesy a agleam aboriginal and an endless assortment of pixel worlds. Is that truly the lone way?

Millions of radical volition halt leaving their homes. Content depletion volition marque you hide astir slumber and food. And memories of loved ones volition crook into fragments of a crippled descent show.

Nature has intelligibly mislaid the conflict for users’ attraction successful an endless dopamine race.

Technologies recognized to grow our capabilities are immersed successful a question of dependence connected virtual space. But our world is the lone existent metaverse. And we connection to get to cognize her successful a caller way.

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