Cybersecurity platform BluSapphire unveils its new office in Hyderabad 

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Full-stack cybersecurity level BluSapphire Cyber Systems has kickstarted its pan-India enlargement by moving into a caller bureau abstraction successful Madhapur, Hyderabad. This comes a fewer months aft BluSapphire raised $9.2 cardinal arsenic portion of its Series A round. The institution is besides ramping up efforts to grow its team, successful opposition to the existent inclination of wide layoffs astatine tech firms.

The Hyderabad bureau of BluSapphire is 8500 quadrate feet successful size and is situated successful Cyber Gateway, Hi-Tech City successful Madhapur, Hyderabad. It tin accommodate 120 employees. The immense scope of maturation disposable successful Hyderabad prompted BluSapphire to take the city. Hyderabad is rapidly scaling up and present boasts 1 of the champion metro infrastructures successful India. The outgo of surviving successful the metropolis is astir 40% little than that of different metros successful the country. Moreover, Hyderabad possesses a important endowment excavation and offers precocious prime of living. The Government of Telangana is actively promoting innovation and striving to alteration Hyderabad into a planetary destination.

Commenting connected the launch, Kiran Vangaveti, the CEO and laminitis of BluSapphire, said, “The motorboat of this bureau is simply a milestone for BluSapphire successful its enlargement journey. Hyderabad’s favourable situation volition beryllium a launching pad for BluSapphire’s growth. Our program is to grow our probe and development, successful alignment with our robust merchandise roadmap, and bolster our planetary information operations to service our clients crossed the globe better.”

Currently, BluSapphire’s Hyderabad squad size is 75+, and the institution anticipates adding 50+ professionals successful the adjacent 2 quarters. As such, BluSapphire has embarked connected an assertive hiring spree.

BluSapphire is an industry-first, purpose-built, cloud-native, Hybrid XDR™ level powered by AI and Big Data analytics. Along with technology, BluSapphire offers managed detection and effect services enabling organisations to rapidly alteration their cybersecurity posture, resulting successful faster clip to worth and allowing faster cyber breach detection and mitigation, thereby reducing the organisation’s wide concern hazard posture. It was founded successful 2017 by Kiran Vangaveti, a seasoned of the cybersecurity domain with astir 17 years of experience. Observing that cybersecurity programmes ever stayed counterproductive with antagonistic ROI owed to siloed technologies and/or work implementation with nary automation lever, Vangaveti launched BluSapphire Cyber Systems, a hyper-growth cybersecurity SaaS level and a Gartner Cool Vendor. Besides India, BluSapphire has a beingness successful the US and has expanded into the Gulf arsenic well.

In 2022, BluSapphire Cyber Systems raised $9.2 cardinal arsenic portion of its Series A round. The circular was led by Barings Private Equity India, with information from cross-border VC steadfast Dallas Venture Capital, Binny Bansal-backed xto10x, RPG Ventures, and Merisis Venture Partners.

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