Easter Egg desserts sold in Tokyo’s Joel Robuchon stores are almost too cute to eat

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Celebrate the play with these ‘eggcellent’ Easter treats.

Easter is beauteous overmuch not a happening successful Japan. There are nary customs oregon traditions linked to Easter; instead, overmuch similar different imported holidays specified arsenic Christmas and Valentine’s Day, it’s mostly an excuse to devour delicious Easter-themed sweets and desserts. But portion doughnuts and cakes are each perfectly grand, for me, saccharine Easter treats tin lone mean 1 happening — Easter eggs.

And portion we’ve talked astir immoderate pretty unsocial Easter eggs being sold successful Japan successful the past, these caller Easter eggs being sold astatine Tokyo’s Joël Robuchon stores whitethorn beryllium the cutest we’ve ever seen.

French pâtissière Joël Robuchon was 1 of the astir acclaimed chefs successful the world, being the arrogant proprietor of 32 Michelin Stars — the astir of anyone worldwide. Starting from March 20, Joël Robuchon stores crossed Tokyo volition commencement selling easter eggs successful the signifier of a rabbit and a babe chick.

Both eggs are intricately decorated with tiny sweetener flowers. The ovum shells are made of achromatic chocolate, and the bases are made of crispy cocoa flakes. The ovum fillings are made utilizing cocoa from Valrhona, a premium French cocoa manufacturer.

▼ Easter Egg Rabbit — 3,000 yen (US$22)

Rabbits are not lone a awesome of Easter, but they’re besides this year’s zodiac animal. The outer furniture of this ovum is made utilizing achromatic cocoa with a pinkish gradation, and some the flowers and carrot are edible.

▼ Easter Egg Chick — 3,000 yen

There’s thing much Easter ovum similar than an existent ovum with a babe chick peeking retired of it! This Easter ovum features a babe chick made of achromatic cocoa dyed yellow, surrounded by a achromatic cocoa eggshell.

As good arsenic Easter eggs, the stores volition beryllium selling Easter-themed cakes starting from March 27.

▼ Lapin — 860 yen

This ‘petit gâteau’ is simply a smaller mentation of the Easter Egg Rabbit. Called ‘Lapin’ aft the French connection for rabbit, this mini barroom is made from a berry mousse, with a strawberry gelée. The barroom has a precise gentle sweetness, and the biscuit basal gives it a bully crunchy texture.

▼ Carrot Cake — 860 yen

This is simply a precise literal mentation of a carrot cake, arsenic the barroom is virtually designed to look similar a carrot poking retired from the ground. The barroom has a cinnamon aroma, and is made utilizing tons of carrots and pick cheese.

Reservations for the saccharine treats began connected March 1, and tin beryllium purchased astatine each 3 La Boutique de Joël Robuchon stores, some Le Pain de Joël Robuchon stores oregon the Le Café La Boutique de Joël Robuchon Toranomon Hills store. All cakes volition beryllium disposable portion stocks last.

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Source, images: PR Times
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