ECP may hold Punjab PA polls in last week of April

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ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is astir apt to suggest holding of elections to the Punjab Assembly successful the past week of April, informed sources told Dawn connected Thursday.

The commission, which met present for the 2nd consecutive time aft the Supreme Court’s verdict successful a lawsuit relating to hold successful the polls to Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies, decided to suggest elections successful Punjab astir a week aft Eidul Fitr which is apt to autumn connected April 22.

An authoritative told Dawn that a tentative docket for the polls had besides been readied and it would beryllium placed earlier the Commission for approval.

A missive proposing the day for elections to the Punjab Assembly is besides astir apt to beryllium sent to President Dr Arif Alvi connected Friday and the docket would beryllium issued soon aft his approval.

Official says tentative docket for polls has been prepared

The Supreme Court had connected Wednesday ruled that the elections to the 2 assemblies should beryllium held wrong the stipulated play of 90 days. It, however, allowed the ECP to suggest a canvass day that deviates from the 90-day deadline by the “barest minimum”, successful lawsuit of immoderate applicable difficulty.

It besides held that President Alvi and the KP politician volition hole dates for Punjab and KP assemblies, respectively, successful consultation with the ECP.

The Punjab and KP assemblies were dissolved connected Jan 14 and 18, respectively. Under the law, the elections are to beryllium held wrong 90 days aft the dissolution of assemblies.

That means April 14 and April 17 were the deadlines for holding wide elections to Punjab and KP assemblies, but the 2 governors alternatively of mounting dates for elections aft receiving connection from the ECP advised the ECP to consult stakeholders.

Chief secretaries and inspectors-general of the 2 provinces during meetings with the ECP said they were abbreviated of constabulary unit and talked of coercion threats, making retired a lawsuit for putting disconnected elections.

The concern part expressed its inability to supply funds and the interior ministry told the ECP that the service and civilian equipped forces volition not beryllium available.

Published successful Dawn, March 3rd, 2023

Source Dawn