Elon Musk Once Said DeSantis Could Easily Win Against Biden — Did The Billionaire Just Switch His Choice?

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The Republican statesmanlike superior pulled successful different campaigner this week, arsenic Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) threw successful his name, joining a crowded field.

What Happened: Scott is the lone Black Republican successful the Senate and came up done the ranks the hard way. Raised by a azygous parent and having grown up successful poverty, the legislator stands successful stark opposition with the different candidates successful the fray, galore of whom travel from affluent backgrounds.

In a run video, Scott says, "Today is chaos … immersed successful a civilization wherever everyone is affected."

"We person the teaching, benignant of necessity of idiosyncratic responsibility. If you are able-bodied, you work, if you instrumentality retired a loan, you'll wage it back," the legislator says.

"If you perpetrate a convulsive crime, you spell to jail," helium adds, going connected to present himself arsenic a campaigner for the GOP primary.

In effect to the video, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted connected Friday, "Great connection by @votetimscott!"

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Why It's Important: Although Musk has often projected himself arsenic a moderate, helium suggested past twelvemonth that helium shifted his allegiance to the Republican party.

He erstwhile tweeted that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could travel retired connected apical if helium were pitted against President Joe Biden successful the 2024 election. "If DeSantis runs against Biden successful 2024, past DeSantis volition easy triumph – helium doesn't adjacent request to campaign," helium said backmost then.

The Tesla CEO ruled retired erstwhile President Donald Trump arsenic a contender, reasoning that the second would beryllium 82 years aged by the clip his 2nd word were completed.

Opinion polls favour Trump to look arsenic the GOP nominee for the 2024 statesmanlike race. DeSantis has yet to denote his candidacy, though reports suggest helium is apt to marque it authoritative adjacent week.

Among the candidates who person already confirmed their candidacies are erstwhile South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, erstwhile Arkansas Governor William Asa Hutchinson II and right-wing governmental commentator Larry Elder.

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