Essex Property Trust: Dividend Yield At A High

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Essex Property Trust (NYSE:ESS) past declared a quarterly currency dividend of $2.31 per share, successful enactment with its anterior payout and for a 4.34% annualized guardant yield. The past clip ESS sported a yield this precocious was during the pandemic erstwhile stay-at-home orders and wide eviction moratoriums drove up delinquent payments and sparked a wide selloff of the communal equity. ESS is present trading hands astatine a terms to escaped currency travel of 17.21x, its lowest level successful years. Bears would beryllium close to emblem that its trailing 12-month funds from operations of 14.16x is inactive astir 24% higher than its adjacent radical median and that the existent grounds output inactive pales successful examination to safer choices.

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To beryllium clear, investors could swap retired ESS for a certificate of deposit with yields of up to 5.6% and with nary hazard of losing their principal. This contention with safer income investments for investors has besides played a portion successful driving down the terms of the flat REIT, particularly against a macroeconomic discourse inactive defined by uncertainty astir ostentation and the absorption of the economy. Looming pupil indebtedness repayments could besides person a not immaterial interaction connected delinquent payments arsenic unemployment faces forecasts for its emergence done 2024.

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However, ESS has grown its dividend by a 3.72% compound yearly maturation complaint implicit the past 3 years and has acceptable the backdrop for further growth. The REIT hiked its halfway FFO guidance by $0.22 astatine the midpoint to a scope of $14.88 to $15.12 per share. This would connote a 62.1% payout ratio erstwhile acceptable against the existent annualized dividend payout. ESS focuses connected the supply-restricted West Coast marketplace with conscionable 2 states, California and Washington, accounting for 100% of its portfolio nett operating income.

West Coast Focus

Essex Property Trust Apartment Portfolio

Essex Property Trust September 2023 Investor Presentation

It's not hard to spot wherefore this attraction matters with California wide poised to overtake Germany arsenic the fourth-largest system successful the satellite aft usurping France successful 2015 and the United Kingdom successful 2017. Critically, an system backstopped by exertion and task superior places California and the forefront of technological innovation, and ESS flagged the increasing AI manufacture and recovering Bay Area VC fundraising arsenic macrotrends driving renewed economical maturation and drafting radical to their West Coast locations. This is acceptable against a increasing return-to-work bureau inclination that is moving antagonistic to bearish arguments that distant enactment volition propulsion workers retired of the West Coast and into cheaper markets crossed the US.

Essex Property Trust September 2023 Investor Supply

Essex Property Trust September 2023 Investor Presentation

Same-property gross was up 4% during ESS's past reported fiscal 2023 2nd 4th with nett operating income increasing by 3.6% to $280.79 million. Both of these were besides up 1.4% and 2.4% respectively connected a sequential ground implicit the archetypal quarter. The REIT, which forms 1 of the 3 REIT tickers connected the S&P Dividend Aristocrat list, reported nett income per stock of $1.55, up from $0.87 successful the year-ago quarter. Whilst this maturation was chiefly driven by income derived from marketable securities and the REIT's non-core co-investments, halfway FFO grew by 2.4% to $3.77 per share from $3.68 per stock successful the year-ago period.

Fortress Balance Sheet

Essex Property Trust September 2023 Investor Debt Maturity

Essex Property Trust September 2023 Investor Presentation

$14 cardinal marketplace headdress ESS held $1.6 billion successful full liquidity arsenic of the extremity of its 2nd 4th with a nett debt-to-EBITDA ratio of 5.6x. This liquidity illustration included $738.4 cardinal of investments successful indebtedness and equity securities for a caller fortress positioning erstwhile acceptable against what's acceptable to beryllium $403 cardinal successful indebtedness maturing adjacent year, astir 6.8% of its full indebtedness balance. Critically, full indebtedness came with a weighted mean involvement complaint of 3.3% and was broadly fixed. New funds volition person to beryllium raised astatine higher rates with ESS closing connected a $298 cardinal 10-year secured indebtedness astatine a fixed complaint of 5.08% post-period end.

Essex Property Trust September 2023 Investor Delinquency

Essex Property Trust September 2023 Investor Presentation

Gross delinquency arsenic a percent of scheduled rent came successful astatine 2.3% for the archetypal fractional of the year, maintaining a downtrend successful spot arsenic pandemic-era tenant rent moratoriums afloat get peeled back. Los Angeles lifted the past of its eviction moratoriums earlier this twelvemonth connected March 31 with tenants who beryllium backmost rent incurred from March 2020 and October 2021 lone required to wage successful afloat by August 1. ESS's carnal occupancy astatine the extremity of the 2nd 4th stood astatine 96.7% with the REIT flagging beardown firm lodging enactment associated with the ample tech companies supporting seasonal demand. We could spot continued weakness with the commons against the Fed's higher for longer mantra but the underlying fundamentals of the REIT are beardown with the ticker a cautious buy.

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