Ethereum (ETH) Price Targets $2,000 in Anticipation of Shanghai Upgrade

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The Ethereum (ETH) terms broke retired from a descending absorption line. It is imaginable that momentum has turned bullish owed to the upcoming Ethereum Shanghai upgrade. Reclaiming the $1,650 country could further accelerate the complaint of increase.

Ethereum quality past week was decisively positive. The Ethereum proviso has turned deflationary erstwhile more. The existent proviso of 120 cardinal ETH tokens is 2,000 less than astatine the clip of the merchandise of Ethereum 2.0 successful Sept. 2022, and the power to a proof-of-stake (PoS) statement mechanism.

Ethereum is perchance rising owed to the upcoming Shanghai Upgrade, the adjacent planned update for the blockchain. While the upgrade volition not tackle the issues with gas fees oregon amended astute contracts, it volition let for the phased withdrawal of Staked ETH, which person been connected the Beacon Chain for much than 2 years. 

Ethereum Price Finally Breaks retired

The Ethereum terms has accrued astatine an accelerated complaint since the opening of the year. On Jan. 11, it broke retired from some the $1,350 absorption country and a descending absorption enactment that was successful spot since Aug. 2022. So far, the ETH terms has reached a precocious of $1,611.

The main absorption country is astatine an mean terms of $1,660, created by the 0.618 Fib retracement absorption level and a horizontal absorption area. A question supra it could instrumentality Ethereum to $2,000. In lawsuit of a downward movement, the $1,350 country would supply support.

Ethereum (ETH) Price DailyETH/USD Daily Chart. Source: TradingView

Wave Count Predicts Ethereum Above $2,000

Like the terms action, the question number for the Ethereum terms is bullish. It suggests that the ETH terms is successful an extended 3rd question (black) of a five-wave upward movement.

The sub-wave number is fixed successful red, showing that ETH is correcting wrong sub-wave four. The astir apt level for the question to extremity is $1,440, astatine the 0.382 Fib retracement enactment level (red). The crushed for this is that question fours are often shallow. If correct, the terms could scope the country wrong the adjacent 24 hours.

Therefore, a alteration beneath the 0.618 Fib retracement enactment level astatine $1,340 would marque this number unlikely, portion a driblet beneath the question 1 precocious astatine $1,244 would outright invalidate it. In that case, the ETH terms would driblet beneath $1,200.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Wave CountETH/USDT Six-Hour Chart. Source: TradingView

The longer-term question number suggests that the ETH terms is trading wrong an upward A-B-C corrective operation (white). The 5 question upward question outlined anterior creates this C wave.

Giving waves A-C a 1:1 ratio would pb to an ETH precocious of $2,241.

A question supra the $1,650 absorption country and its validation arsenic enactment would spell a agelong mode successful confirming that this is the close count.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Wave CountETH/USDT Daily Chart. Source: TradingView

To conclude, the astir apt ETH terms investigation supports an upward question toward $2,240. A alteration beneath $1,244 would invalidate this terms projection and suggest that the Ethereum terms could autumn beneath $1,000. The merchandise of the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade could further summation bullish momentum.

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