Ethereum short traders could witness gains only if ETH drops to “this” level

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  • ETH investors enjoyed astatine slightest 30% gains successful the past 2 weeks
  • ETH short-term traders could person immoderate leverage fixed ETH’s latest upside 

Ethereum [ETH] offered investors implicit 30% gains successful the past 2 weeks. It rallied from $1,190 to a precocious of $1,598. The rally enactment ETH an inch distant from its November precocious of $1,680. 

With a bullish BTC pursuing eased US ostentation rates, ETH could purpose astatine $1,644 oregon spell supra it. At property time, ETH was trading astatine $1,550, portion BTC was trading beneath a short-term bearish bid artifact astatine $20,956. 

If BTC closes supra $21K, ETH bulls could beryllium incentivized to reclaim its November high. 

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The November precocious of $1,680

Source: ETH/USDT connected TradingView

ETH peaked astatine $1,680 earlier FTX implosion forced a wide-market crash, dropping it to a debased of $1,100, a 35% plunge. However, a period and a fractional later, ETH seems connected a way to recovering each the losses made aft the November crash. 

ETH was highly bullish connected the regular illustration and could retest oregon interruption supra November’s bearish bid artifact astatine $1,644.78 successful the adjacent fewer hours/days. Such a determination volition let ETH holders to retrieve each the losses incurred aft the November marketplace crash. 

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However, if bears summation much power successful the market, ETH could driblet to $1,514.17, invalidating the bullish bias described above. Therefore, abbreviated traders should lone stake against ETH’s uptrend if it drops beneath $1,514 to minimize risk. 

Short-term ETH holders made profits arsenic trading volumes increased

Source: Santiment

According to Santiment, the 30-day marketplace worth to realized worth (MVRV) ratio has been affirmative since 4 January and climbed adjacent higher. This indicated that short-term traders saw incremental gains from January 4. However, semipermanent holders (365-day MVRV) were yet to transverse supra the neutral line; hence they were yet to station immoderate gains. 

ETH’s improvement enactment besides recorded a gradual summation successful the past 2 weeks. This indicated that developers kept gathering the web successful the aforesaid period. This could boost investors’ assurance and further prop up ETH’s worth successful the agelong run. 

In addition, ETH’s trading measurement accrued successful the aforesaid play but dropped sharply astatine property time. Although the driblet could undermine uptrend momentum successful the abbreviated run, ETH volumes could summation if BTC is bullish. 

Therefore, investors should show BTC, particularly if it moves supra $21K. Such a determination would acceptable ETC to reclaim its November high. 

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