Expert Warns: Bitcoin Forming a Dangerous Bull Trap as Recession Looms – Is it Time to Sell Your BTC?

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Bitcoin price could driblet further successful treble digits percent soon contempt rallying astir 40 percent successful the past 2 weeks. These are sentiments made by fashionable crypto economist Nicholas Merten, the big of the DataDash YouTube transmission with implicit 500k subscribers.

Merten noted that crypto and equity prices person been rallying successful the past fewer months contempt the deficiency of a affirmative economical outlook. As such, the expert attributed the crypto rally to macroeconomic aspects including the planetary cardinal bank’s liquidity which is not shrinking.

With minimal inflows of currency into the Bitcoin marketplace caused by recession fears, Merten cautioned crypto investors that the alleviation rally is exhausted and a reversal is imminent. However, the expert highlighted that Bitcoin terms could rally further arsenic it did successful erstwhile carnivore markets.

With Bitcoin terms astatine the highest regular RSI overbought level successful 2 years, Merten noted that bulls are exhausted and the bears are astir to instrumentality power erstwhile again. Moreover, the expert attributed the equities buybacks that were rampant successful 2022 to a looming recession that volition yet crush Bitcoin prices.

“When it comes to the wide show of equities and [how] it volition person an effect connected crypto, bash not uncertainty it if planetary equities are successful a large outflow. If we’re going into a recession and equity valuations commencement to spell down towards little levels, we proceed having little highs and little lows which signify a downtrend, it would apt person the aforesaid effect connected crypto. Until we spot a interruption successful that correlation, we got to deliberation successful that mindset,” Merten said.

Notably, Merten is informing crypto traders who deliberation the caller rally is simply a motion of a looming large breakout. Moreover, on-chain analytics firms person identified a higher appetite for risky assets successful the caller past.

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