Focus on Decentralization and Empower Users in 2023, Says Industry

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2022 has been the astir melodramatic twelvemonth for crypto to date. 2021 ended with a frenzy of excitement, with BTC reaching its ATH lone weeks before. 2022 was going to beryllium astir consolidating wins, furthering adoption, and cementing the industry’s spot successful the mainstream. 

As we cognize now, things turned retired a small differently. To get a temperate cheque connected the industry, BeInCrypto spoke to astir 50 manufacture members to get a glimpse of crypto successful 2023. 

As portion of our probe into the industry’s future, we spoke to galore projects, some ample and small, developers and executives. One of the cardinal takeaways from our enactment was that decentralization had to beryllium enactment beforehand and halfway again. 

One of the cardinal points of weakness successful the manufacture is simply a deficiency of transparency. FTX was capable to misappropriate users’ funds, successful ample portion due to the fact that cipher could spot down the curtain. On December 19, Caroline Ellison, the erstwhile caput of FTX’s trading affiliate Alameda Research pleaded blameworthy to 7 transgression charges. She told a New York justice that the institution had entree to an chartless “unlimited enactment of recognition connected” 

Stakeholders, Customers, and Creditors got ****ed. Plain and simple.

Learn the lessons. Move on.

Market conditions made it worse. Alternatives to FTX should person been assisted and taken seriously.

Creditors were ne'er acceptable to “win” but it could person been a batch better.

— DJ Crypto (@DJCryptoYT) December 23, 2022

Decentralize Now!

That opaqueness poisons the good for the full manufacture and forms a roadblock to adoption. What atrocious actors similar Sam Bankman-Fried person done is enactment a crypto rotation connected accepted scams, says Jonathan Zeppettini, Strategy Lead at Decred. “In galore cases, utilizing cryptocurrencies arsenic intended would support users from vulnerability to these antagonistic outcomes,” helium says. “Unfortunately, complacency and greed often get the champion of people.”

But, the solutions are already determination and acceptable to use, and that includes self-custody of funds. According to aggregate respondents, they simply request promotion and adoption. “I’d similar to spot much of an accent connected tooling that empowers users to disintermediate and obviate the request for assorted middlemen…Decentralized exchanges specified arsenic Uniswap and DCRDEX tin mostly regenerate accepted centralized exchanges and forestall different FTX incidental from adjacent being possible.”

The hazard of centralized exchanges was demonstrated implicit a decennary agone with the Mt Gox hacks. By aboriginal 2014, the speech was handling implicit 70% of each bitcoin transactions. However, the aboriginal elephantine of crypto imploded aft a bid of intrusions, losing hundreds of thousands of bitcoins, past worthy hundreds of millions successful USD. 2022 has forced america to larn the aforesaid lessons, says Justin Banon, CEO of Boson Protocol.

Crypto successful 2023 volition person to get utilized to making the lawsuit for itself again. “Decentralization tin connection solutions to these issues and supply self-custody of assets alongside permissionless and trustless transactions. I foretell that we volition commencement to spot non-custodial and decentralized solutions re-emerging arsenic individuals statesman to spot the worth successful trustlessness and decentralization.”

Empowering Users Also Means Education

Multiple respondents were besides frank astir their views connected the deficiency of acquisition for non-crypto natives. Technical jargon and overwhelming and intricate UI make precocious barriers to entry, they said. Being “educated” did not needfully mean having developer-level cognition astir assorted protocols. However, users ought to beryllium amended placed to recognize the comparative benefits betwixt antithetic projects.

Problem: Blockchain literacy is low.

Unless your people assemblage is developers, astir radical are intimidated & confused erstwhile you propulsion dense crypto jargon astatine them.

Solution: Use quality affable labels, adhd descriptions and tool-tips to amended radical connected the go.

— Yash Bhardwaj (@ybhrdwj) May 21, 2022

“When a idiosyncratic past gets to the constituent of interacting with a caller protocol, it is up to each task to simplify onboarding for its user,” says Eric Chen, CEO of Injective Labs. “For example, having easier points of entree for users to on-ramp with fiat is crucial, arsenic it is simply a acquainted process for users crossed the board… In addition, simplifying the UI to let users to entree the existent merchandise without having to interface with method jargon is conscionable arsenic important to assistance with [the] adoption of mainstream users.”

BeInCrypto besides heard however acquisition needs to widen beyond however to interact with idiosyncratic protocols. Incoming users, and imaginable converts, request to recognize the worth of the exertion itself. “If we would absorption connected teaching radical the principles and not conscionable ‘cryptocurrency,’ radical would grasp the conception mode faster,” says Daniel Logvin, CEO of LedgerByte. “Currently, the wide nationalist thinks that web3 is lone astir cryptocurrencies, which it’s not. Now we person astute contracts; we tin process astir immoderate benignant of accusation successful the blockchain. People learning much astir the possibilities of web3 would beryllium a crippled changer and would greatly lend successful presumption of its adoption.

Crypto In 2023 Should Be Less Speculative

Many observers besides spot the manufacture arsenic a newfangled conveyance for making money. However, successful 2022, it has much often than not been a caller mode to lose money. But I digress. A 2020 survey by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority recovered that astir holders saw crypto arsenic a speculative investment. A 2022 study by the Ontario Securities Commission recovered speculation was the 2nd astir fashionable crushed for owning crypto. Multiple surveys person recovered akin results. 

FTX did not neglect due to the fact that of a slope run. It failed due to the fact that it fraudulently utilized lawsuit deposits to money marketplace making activities. Crypto does not request a cardinal slope arsenic a result. Crypto needs much utility, little speculation and amended lit markets which are bureau only

— Asiff Hirji (@AsiffHirji) November 12, 2022

In our ain survey, we heard that the manufacture should determination distant from this and absorption connected usage cases instead. In a marketplace with thousands of coins, tokens, and assets, speculation volition ever exist. But it should not beryllium the absorption oregon what the abstraction is known for. “Crypto companies that person dominated the headlines of precocious person been highly speculative, astatine times to the detriment of their customers,” says Devraj Varadhan, Senior Vice President of Engineering astatine Ripple.

“We are going to spot a displacement successful the benignant of companies taking halfway signifier – the ones that are harnessing crypto and blockchain exertion to lick existent problems and unmet lawsuit needs volition beryllium the ones that person lasting longevity successful the marketplace.”

Bring Forth The Bankless Future

One of the dreams of aboriginal crypto was a trustless, bankless system. A communal thread successful BeInCrypto’s conversations was the request to instrumentality to this vision. Not due to the fact that of its idealism but for purely applicable reasons, says Navdeep Sharma, cofounder of Reelstar. “Safety and security are amended recovered successful decentralized Web3 platforms that person little quality power owed to their implementation of transparent, audited code, specified arsenic astute contracts.”

BeInCrypto heard that the imaginable of this exertion is inactive not afloat appreciated. Not conscionable extracurricular of the assemblage but wrong it too. Crypto successful 2023 needs to hole that problem.

“As powerfulness is fixed backmost to the user, a fig of protocols volition proceed to interruption boundaries wrong the industry,” continues Chen of Injective Labs. “I fundamentally judge that idiosyncratic attraction volition proceed to determination into DeFi arsenic verticals specified arsenic exchanges, lending, prediction markets, and derivatives go genuinely decentralized. This, successful turn, would bring america each 1 measurement person to the imaginativeness of creating a bankless satellite controlled by the people.”


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