Framework, Noctua, and other brands add official 3D models to Printables

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PC cooling instrumentality from Noctua successful a 3D-printed frame

Enlarge / Printables is aiming to physique a one-stop tract for 3D-printed parts and accessories from brands similar Noctua. (credit:

A fig of instrumentality and accessory brands—including Adafruit, Framework Computer, Noctua, and Raspberry Pi—have started sharing escaped authoritative 3D-printable models of parts, accessories, and mods connected Printables, kicking disconnected what the tract hopes is simply a wide inclination toward repair-friendly parts and assemblage mods.

Prusa Research, which shifted its PrusaPrinters tract to successful March, writes that it had been "talking with a mates of giants successful their respective industries" earlier launching a caller conception of the site, Brands. Giving customers the enactment of locally printing definite parts reduces inventory and shipping needs. By doing so, the institution writes, that "makes it easier for brands to enactment the right-to-repair initiative"—and make immoderate chill mods.

"We anticipation that successful a fewer years, it volition beryllium the norm to merchandise 3D-printable models to travel the brand's products," writes Mikolas Zuza, selling specializer astatine Prusa Research.

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