GasLog Partners: A Big Year Ahead In 2023

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Following the vigor assemblage fallout of the Russia-Ukraine warfare by the mediate of 2022, it seemed that higher distributions whitethorn person lone been little than a period distant for GasLog Partners (NYSE:GLOP), arsenic my previous article hoped. Whilst absorption alternatively opted to enactment connected a blimpish path, arsenic 2022 draws to a close, it sees a large twelvemonth up successful 2023 arsenic charter rates for LNG vessels surge and capable their coffers, thereby making it precise apt to spot higher distributions.

Coverage Summary & Ratings

Since galore readers are apt abbreviated connected time, the array beneath provides a little summary and ratings for the superior criteria assessed. If interested, this Google Document provides accusation regarding my standing strategy and importantly, links to my room of equivalent analyses that stock a comparable attack to heighten cross-investment comparability.

GasLog Partners Ratings


Detailed Analysis

GasLog Partners Cash Flows


Despite simply seeing a reasonably business-as-usual commencement to the twelvemonth during the archetypal quarter, thankfully 2022 continued improving arsenic quarters progressed, particularly concerning escaped currency flow. Even though their operating currency travel of $185.7m during the archetypal 9 months is inactive lone a decent circa 6% higher-on-year versus their erstwhile effect of $174.6m during the archetypal 9 months of 2021, they inactive managed to make $131.3m of escaped currency travel acknowledgment to their bare bones superior expenditure. Due to this being coupled with bare bones organisation payments of lone $1.6m, it near $129.7m of excess escaped currency travel for deleveraging oregon preferred portion buybacks, arsenic subsequently discussed. Whilst this is already positive, they person lone conscionable begun seeing the benefits of surging request for LNG vessels pursuing the Russia-Ukraine war, which was highlighted arsenic a catalyst erstwhile conducting the erstwhile analysis.

GasLog Partners Operating Cash Flow


When viewed astatine the quarterly level, the betterment during the 3rd 4th of 2022 is much easy visible. Whilst their reported effect of $63.5m was lone astir successful enactment with erstwhile quarters, this was simply owed to a moving superior physique of $9.9m that weighed down their currency generation. If excluded, their underlying effect was $73.4m and frankincense by acold their strongest effect since astatine slightest the opening of 2021. This stronger fiscal show is already positive, though charter rates for LNG vessels lone began surging towards the extremity of the 3rd 4th and into the commencement of the 4th quarter.

LNG Vessel Charter Rates

GasLog Partners Third Quarter Of 2022 Results Presentation

Even though it took a spot longer than expected, Europe scrambling to unafraid their earthy state proviso arsenic they suffer astir of their captious Russian proviso sent LNG vas request surging on with spot charter rates. Whilst rates whitethorn easiness from these record-setting levels successful 2023, the earthy state shortage successful Europe is astir surely going to persist for galore years and thereby creating a precise beardown outlook for LNG vas request that successful turn, stands to enactment their charter rates astatine higher levels than usually observed during erstwhile results.

Admittedly, astir of their fleet is presently contracted and therefore, not taxable to these record-setting spot charter rates. Although thankfully, if looking up into 2023, much of their fleet is becoming disposable for spot charters, arsenic per slides six and twenty-two of their third 4th of 2022 results presentation. This importantly increases their scope to seizure this upside imaginable and thrust their fiscal show during 2023 good up of their results during 2022.

GasLog Partners Capital Structure


Following the investigation frankincense far, it should not drawback anyone by astonishment to spot their nett indebtedness continuing its downward trajectory during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2022, thereby present landing astatine lone $806.9m. This represents different awesome betterment of astir 17% versus its erstwhile level of $969.8m pursuing the archetypal quarter. Admittedly, this was helped by $53.6m of divestitures, though to beryllium fair, this occurred successful conjunction with preferred portion buybacks of $38.7m, thereby netting retired to a tiny inorganic payment of a specified $14.9m.

Their nett indebtedness is surely continuing its downward trajectory during the soon-to-end 4th fourth of 2022 fixed these booming operating conditions. Plus, the merchantability and leaseback of their vessel, the Methane Shirley Elisabeth that absorption expects to inject $17m of liquidity volition further assistance thrust their nett indebtedness that other spot lower, arsenic per descent 4 of their antecedently linked 3rd 4th of 2022 results presentation. When wrapped together, it would not beryllium astonishing to spot different $50m shaved disconnected their nett indebtedness earlier the twelvemonth ends, depending upon moving superior movements and preferred portion buybacks.

When looking up into 2023, their nett indebtedness should plummet arsenic their escaped currency travel reaps the rewards of booming LNG vas demand. Whilst the inherent volatility of the shipping manufacture makes it intolerable to ascertain the nonstop magnitude this acold successful advance, their show during 2022 indicates that astatine slightest a $200m simplification is simply a realistic and frankly, blimpish presumption fixed the prevailing booming operating conditions.

GasLog Partners Leverage


When little nett indebtedness is combined with stronger fiscal performance, materially little leverage is simply a fixed and connected this front, the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2022 did not disappoint with their nett debt-to-EBITDA present down to 3.13 and their nett debt-to-operating currency travel pursuing on precise intimately astatine 3.12. Unlike their erstwhile respective results of 3.99 and 3.98 pursuing the archetypal quarter, their results present beryllium wrong the mean territory of betwixt 2.01 and 3.50. Considering the investigation frankincense far, it is fixed their leverage volition proceed plummeting on with their nett indebtedness during the 4th fourth arsenic good arsenic into 2023. Even much importantly, they are present pushing their leverage beneath 1 of their targets, whilst making much advancement connected the second.

GasLog Partners Leverage Targets

GasLog Partners Third Quarter Of 2022 Results Presentation

Thanks to their stellar show during 2022, they are present noticeably beneath their leverage ratio people of sub-4.00 with a effect of 3.30, which is evidently lone heading lower. As a broadside note, the superior mode that their leverage ratio differs from my nett debt-to-EBITDA stems from their usage of adjusted EBITDA from the past 12 months whereas my effect annualizes their archetypal 9 months of 2022 results. When conducting the erstwhile analysis, it was hoped that achieving their archetypal leverage people would bring astir higher unitholder returns, namely higher distributions. Alas, absorption alternatively opted to enactment connected a blimpish way and support their distributions astatine the bare bones to prioritize deleveraging, astatine slightest until they person besides achieved their 2nd leverage target, which my erstwhile investigation highlighted arsenic a imaginable hindrance.

On this front, they are besides making advancement towards their debt-to-capitalization target, albeit to a slower grade due to the fact that dissimilar before, this metric compares their full indebtedness against their equilibrium expanse equity. As a result, it does not person arsenic speedy of a payment from their stronger fiscal show arsenic their earnings-based leverage ratio. That said, erstwhile conducting the erstwhile investigation pursuing the archetypal 4th of 2022, this stood astatine 53%, whereas it present stands modestly little astatine 50% and frankincense getting person to their people of sub-40%.

Whilst their debt-to-capitalization does not straight payment from stronger fiscal performance, the prospects of repaying nett indebtedness faster volition inactive expedite hitting their people of sub-40%, particularly due to the fact that reducing indebtedness via escaped currency travel increases their equilibrium expanse equity comparably, holding everything other constant. As it stands close now, their equilibrium expanse equity sits astatine $937.4m, which could summation by $250m fixed their antecedently discussed combined deleveraging prospects during the 4th fourth of 2022 and 2023. Meanwhile, this could evidently spot their full indebtedness alteration by $250m successful tandem, thereby seeing their debt-to-capitalization astir 38% by the extremity of 2023, erstwhile again, holding everything other constant.

Since this script was constructed from a blimpish ground for their deleveraging, their existent results could acold surpass this estimation, though this is partially babelike upon their presently chartless aboriginal moving superior movements, preferred portion buybacks arsenic good arsenic acquisitions and divestitures. Regardless, this would inactive spot some of their leverage targets achieved by the extremity of 2023, if not earlier and frankincense marque mode for higher unitholder returns that would precise apt encompass higher distributions, arsenic they are an income-focused Master Limited Partnership.

GasLog Partners Debt Serviceability


Unsurprisingly, their indebtedness serviceability besides enjoyed worldly benefits alongside their leverage during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2022 with their involvement sum improving to 3.96 erstwhile compared against their EBIT, versus its erstwhile effect of 3.08 pursuing the archetypal quarter. This is close connected the 4.00 threshold of what I see healthy, which is evidently going to beryllium crossed pursuing the soon-to-end 4th quarter. Likewise, it is accompanied by involvement sum of 5.73 erstwhile compared against their operating currency travel and frankincense arsenic a result, it means their indebtedness serviceability is steadfast crossed the committee for the archetypal clip successful galore years.

GasLog Partners Liquidity


Finally, their already beardown liquidity besides enjoyed benefits during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2022 with their respective existent and currency ratios climbing somewhat to 0.98 and 0.84 versus their erstwhile respective results of 0.91 and 0.80 pursuing the archetypal quarter. Unfortunately, they lone supply breakdowns of their indebtedness maturity illustration pursuing the 4th quarters of each year, though arsenic it stands close now, their equilibrium expanse sees $122.9m of existent debt, meaning it comes owed wrong the adjacent 12 months from the extremity of the 3rd quarter. Whilst surely not immaterial, fixed the investigation frankincense far, it should beryllium needless to explicate they tin easy repay these maturities arsenic they travel due, positive much if desired.


They did not determination arsenic rapidly arsenic antecedently hoped to assistance their distributions higher, though they inactive continued making coagulated advancement deleveraging. As 2022 present draws to a adjacent and we look up into 2023, adjacent blimpish estimations spot some of their leverage targets achieved earlier it ends, which makes higher distributions precise likely. In airy of this outlook, I present judge that upgrading to a beardown bargain standing is due with their portion terms inactive little than fractional its erstwhile level backmost successful 2019 earlier their distributions were archetypal cut, contempt their acold much coagulated fiscal presumption and booming operating conditions.

Notes: Unless specified otherwise, each figures successful this nonfiction were taken from GasLog Partners' SEC Filings, each calculated figures were performed by the author.

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