Government Shutdown Avoided: Congress Acts Just In Time

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Just hours earlier the midnight deadline, Congress passed a stopgap bill, preventing a imaginable authorities shutdown. The measurement was passed connected Saturday, ensuring that national bureau backing did not tally out.

According to CNN, the measure was passed by the Senate connected Saturday evening pursuing the House's support earlier successful the day. The measure present awaits President Joe Biden's signature to go law.

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The measure ensures the authorities remains operational done Nov. 17 and includes earthy catastrophe aid, on with a proviso to guarantee that the Federal Aviation Administration stays up and running. However, further backing for Ukraine oregon borderline information was not included.

"Tonight, bipartisan majorities successful the House and Senate voted to support the authorities open, preventing an unnecessary situation that would person inflicted needless symptom connected millions of hardworking Americans," President Joe Biden said successful a statement. "This measure ensures that active-duty troops volition proceed to get paid, travelers volition beryllium spared airdrome delays, millions of women and children volition proceed to person entree to captious nutrition assistance, and truthful overmuch more. This is bully quality for the American people."

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the stopgap connection connected Saturday morning, a determination pursuing weeks of discord among House Republicans. The connection received a wide bipartisan ballot successful the House. Despite a imaginable menace to his Speakership from hardline conservatives, McCarthy defended his decision, stating, "There has to beryllium an big successful the room. I americium going to govern with what’s champion for this country."

Hardliners person indicated a imaginable ballot to region McCarthy arsenic speaker, though the earliest this could hap would beryllium Monday. A shutdown could person important impacts crossed the country, affecting services ranging from aerial question to cleanable drinking water.

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