Griffon Corporation: Lower Demand Is Priced In Right Now

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Investment Rundown

The stock terms for Griffon Corporation (NYSE:GFF) has been connected a precise stayed ascent the past mates of months, but possibly not yet reached a constituent wherever it tin beryllium considered overvalued. The p/e is nether 10 which represents a discount of astir 40% to the sector. That benignant of discount seems lone applicable to companies that are struggling oregon who are facing weaker request and the prospects of maturation are diminishing. For GFF it seems to beryllium the second close present arsenic they noted an 11% diminution successful revenues successful the past 4th successful a year-over-year comparison. This is simply a worrying inclination that I deliberation has merit to beryllium kept up, unluckily arsenic agelong arsenic involvement rates stay elevated and consumers person little escaped superior to spend, lowering the enactment successful the economy.

However, arsenic I said, the valuation of the concern is not overvalued, but alternatively accounting precise good for these risks, and truthful I won't accidental it's a sell. Instead, I americium standing GFF a clasp close present and perchance a bargain if the request tin increase, and we tin spot a wide betterment of it arsenic good successful coming quarterly reports from the business.

Company Segments

GFF offers an array of consumer, professional, home, and gathering products crossed a divers scope of planetary markets, including the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and beyond. The institution is included successful the concern sector, but much specifically the gathering products industry.

Within its ample merchandise and work portfolio, the company's Consumer and Professional Products conception stands out, focusing connected the design, manufacturing, and organisation of a wide spectrum of long-handled tools and landscaping products. These offerings cater to some homeowners and professionals alike, catering to a wide spectrum of customers with varying needs and preferences. This is besides the conception that is generating the largest magnitude of gross for the concern astatine $1.6 cardinal successful the past 12 months.

A look astatine the institution segment

Segment Overview (Investor Presentation)

What is causing immoderate issues though for the maturation of the concern is the rising involvement rates which are hammering down connected the spending of mean Americans and their location needs a gathering products are decreasing. Besides, determination is besides a slowdown in caller buildings successful the state which is conscionable adding much substance to the occurrence which is the little request GFF is faced with.

An overview of the institution portfolio

Portfolio Overview (Investor Presentation)

But GFF is not sitting idle close present to conscionable hold retired the little demand. No, they are reshaping their portfolio of products and focusing connected intensifying maturation to go a person successful the abstraction erstwhile again. The institution has made a fewer acquisitions implicit the past mates of years and I deliberation this volition assistance transportation the institution guardant erstwhile request resumes. With a much divers portfolio of services and products acknowledgment to respective acquisitions, GFF is successful a amended presumption now. In 2022 for example, GFF acquired Hunter Fan Company, fundamentally netting themselves a important marketplace stock successful the marketplace for ceiling fans, different measurement towards creating a wide acceptable of merchandise names for customers. A starring denotation of rising request volition apt travel from little involvement rates. More currency disposable for extremity consumers volition pb to much orders, astir likely.

The superior allocations of the company

Capital Allocations (Investor Presentation)

Looking astatine the capital allocations for the business, the priorities are rather wide successful that paying down indebtedness is not astatine the top, arsenic returning shareholder worth is much important. I find that the larger indebtedness presumption the institution has should beryllium prioritized more. It is digging into the net of the much important concern close present and past ensuring investors get much buybacks. With higher debts comes higher involvement expenses, and that diverts net distant from buybacks successful times of higher involvement rates environment, similar now. A little leveraged presumption should besides pb to a higher terms arsenic the hazard illustration improves. The institution nevertheless does inactive person $173 cardinal near authorized for buybacks, which would trim the outstanding shares by a small implicit 5% if each utilized close now. The dividends nevertheless person seen a beardown momentum successful presumption of maturation arsenic since 2012 it has averaged an 18% CAGR. I deliberation the coming years won't show the aforesaid growth, much similar 7 - 8% maybe, if request is uncovering its level close now. If times go adjacent worse than possibly an adjacent little divine maturation complaint volition beryllium noticed and the stock terms apt autumn arsenic a effect of it.


Within the Consumer and Professional Products business, respective challenges loom up for the company. Notably, the request for products successful the tract & garden, storage, and organizational sectors has witnessed a decline, resulting successful reduced income volumes. This, successful turn, has exerted downward unit connected the operating borderline of this peculiar segment. It's worthy noting that the intricate interplay of marketplace dynamics has posed obstacles to the company's maturation trajectory successful this area.

The conception overview for the company

Segment Overview (Investor Presentation)

With a rising indebtedness level arsenic well, the margins for GFF person been nether unit arsenic the institution present has the highest involvement expenses successful its past astatine astir $100 million. That is an summation of astir 30% since 2021, each the portion nett incomes person not seen the aforesaid improvements. With semipermanent debts of implicit $1.5 billion, I deliberation that GFF does person a somewhat precocious leverage ratio, which could beryllium a crushed for the little valuation the institution is presently receiving arsenic well. Until determination is much currency diverted to paying down debt, I deliberation that GFF volition proceed to beryllium valued rather low.

Final Words

GFF has had immoderate pugnacious past fewer quarters arsenic the higher involvement rates are digging into the request from extremity customers. With little superior disposable to spend, the customers purchasing straight from GFF are lowering their inventory levels and not refilling them arsenic rapidly arsenic before, arsenic was seen successful the past report.

The stock terms is receiving a precise precocious discount based connected net alone, but it seems warranted fixed the existent marketplace conditions and the uncertainty of erstwhile request volition erstwhile again commencement to prime up. For me, GFF represents a clasp close present until determination are wide improvements successful demand.

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