Hanu Software Solutions collaborates with Generation India to upscale job opportunities for graduates across India

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Hanu Software Solutions (an Insight company), an award-winning Microsoft spouse for much than 15 years, has collaborated with Generation India Foundation, a non-profit organisation that transforms acquisition into employment systems to trim the employability spread astatine entry-level jobs for graduates.

Under this partnership, Generation India volition support, train, and hole young learners who volition acquisition a 16-week grooming programme successful Jr. Full Stack Java Developer relation and a 12-week AWS Cloud Practitioner role. The high-impact grooming volition screen method and behavioral skills and mindsets frankincense creating a pipeline of pre-skilled entry-level endowment for Hanu – an Insight company.

Commenting connected the collaboration, Apurva Kadakia, Chief Customer Officer, Hanu – an Insight company, said, “We are excited to invited connected committee budding engineers and innovators trained nether Generation India. It is imperative that the younger procreation is upskilled for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. We besides judge successful providing them adjacent opportunities. The result volition beryllium a win-win for america arsenic an leader and for aspiring graduates who are looking to physique their vocation successful integer technologies.”

As per the World Economic Forum, of the 13 cardinal radical who articulation India’s workforce each year, lone 1 successful 4 absorption professionals, 1 successful 5 engineers, and 1 successful 10 graduates are employable. The astir communal reasons cited see the information that employees deficiency technological skills owed to which galore entry-level positions are near unfilled.

Commenting connected their concern with Hanu – an Insight company, Arunesh, CEO, Generation India, said, “Our nonsubjective is to alteration the beingness trajectories of our learners, by providing employment astatine large, training, and making them acceptable for the marketplace and competition. The repercussions of this magnificence successful their income volition summation the well-being of their families and full communities.”

Hanu – an Insight company, believes successful repurposing the skills of their employees to make caller forms of worth and supply them with caller training. Their different grooming programs see HANU Azure Academy which restructures its workforce to usage caller integer technologies to marque organisations much flexible. Another programme called – HAA Lite Program gives professionals the accomplishment to turn their careers with Azure Cloud. Hanu besides aspires to enlistee much women successful the exertion abstraction and volition proceed to travel retired with much opportunities to upskill and reskill women workforce successful the coming times. While large tech companies are going for layoff astatine present, Hanu is going beardown and is looking to pull and clasp the close talent.

“This collaboration opens caller avenues to extract the champion retired of each the endowment disposable successful the market. We are perpetually connected the lookout for passionate radical who tin assistance america thrust exertion into a unit of good. With Generation, we volition beryllium capable to extract a endowment excavation that is chiseled from accepted means of sourcing. Our associated programs with India.Generation.org volition intensively bid graduates to beryllium cloud-forward,” said Apurva Kadakia, Chief Customer Officer, Hanu – an Insight company.

Generation India aims to make programs that code leader needs and assistance amended accomplishment sets, resulting successful higher productivity and retention aft deployment. Generation rigorously tracks the instrumentality connected concern for some learners and employers crossed each of its programs. Young radical payment from accrued earnings, invaluable method and behavioral skills, and opportunities for semipermanent vocation advancement. Employers payment from little recruitment costs, improved on-the-job performance, and accrued worker retention.

Generation, which is presently the world’s largest, demand-driven younker employment programme by yearly volume, has well-established programs, with much than 70,000 graduates already crossed the seventeen countries.

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