Harry condemns ‘dangerous spin’ about his Taliban comments

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LONDON: Prince Harry has deed backmost astatine “hurtful” responses to his record-selling memoir, saying helium was peculiarly upset by the “lie” helium had boasted that helium had killed 25 radical successful Afghanistan erstwhile serving arsenic a subject chopper pilot.

In his publication “Spare”, King Charles’s younger lad recounts his 2 tours of Afghanistan, archetypal arsenic a guardant aerial controller successful 2007/08 and again successful 2012, erstwhile helium was a co-pilot gunner successful Apache onslaught helicopters, and the fig of radical helium had killed.

British newspapers, who helium heavy criticises successful his book, and immoderate elder erstwhile British subject figures person attacked his determination to marque nationalist the fig of those helium had killed, saying it could enactment him and others astatine hazard of reprisals.

Speaking to US chat amusement big Stephen Colbert connected “The Late Show”, helium said helium had lone done truthful to trim the fig of suicides by subject veterans.

“Without uncertainty the astir unsafe prevarication that they person told is that I someway boasted astir the fig of radical that I killed successful Afghanistan,” helium said, saying the property had spun his words to instrumentality his disclosure retired of context.

“I made a prime to stock it due to the fact that having spent astir 2 decades moving with veterans each astir the world, I deliberation the astir important happening is to beryllium honorable and beryllium capable to springiness abstraction to others to beryllium capable to stock their experiences without immoderate shame.”

On Tuesday, the steadfast of Harry’s publication said it had go the UK’s fastest selling non-fiction publication ever and its intimate idiosyncratic revelations astir his beingness and different royals, and his accusations astir however they had worked with a hostile press, person dominated the British media for days.

“I’m not going to prevarication the past fewer days person been hurtful and challenging,” Harry said.

Published successful Dawn, January 12th, 2023

Source Dawn