Identiv, Inc. (INVE) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ:INVE) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call March 2, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Steven Humphreys - Chief Executive Officer

Justin Scarpulla - Chief Financial Officer

Amir Khoshniyati - General Manager and Vice President-Transponder Business

Conference Call Participants

Craig Ellis - B. Riley Securities

Brian Ruttenbur - Imperial Capital

Jaeson Schmidt - Lake Street

Anthony Stoss - Craig-Hallum


Good afternoon. Welcome to Identiv’s Presentation of its Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2022 Earnings Call. My sanction is John and I volition beryllium your relation this afternoon. Joining america for today’s presumption are the Company’s CEO, Steve Humphreys; and CFO, Justin Scarpulla.

Following management’s remarks, we volition unfastened the telephone for questions. Before we begin, delight enactment that during this call, absorption whitethorn beryllium making references to non-GAAP fiscal measures oregon guidance, including adjusted EBITDA, non-GAAP gross borderline and non-GAAP operating expenses.

In addition, during the call, absorption volition beryllium making forward-looking statements. Any statements that notation to expectations, projections, oregon different characteristics of aboriginal events, including aboriginal fiscal results, aboriginal concern and marketplace conditions, and aboriginal plans and prospects is simply a forward-looking statement. Actual results whitethorn disagree materially from those expressed successful these forward-looking statements. For much information, delight notation to the hazard factors discussed successful documents filed from time-to-time with the SEC, including the Company’s latest yearly study connected Form 10-K and quarterly study connected Form 10-Q. Identiv assumes nary work to update these forward-looking statements which talk arsenic of today.

I would present crook the telephone implicit to CEO, Steve Humphreys for his comments. Sir, delight proceed.

Steven Humphreys

Thanks, operator. And convey you each for joining america today. In 2022, we built retired our teams and technologies, executed our strategical program and made advancement towards our people concern model. This shows successful our 2022 results. We delivered grounds gross and adjusted EBITDA, while expanding our gross margins.

Revenue was $112.9 million, reflecting 9% year-over-year maturation portion afloat twelvemonth adjusted EBITDA grew 33% year-over-year to $5.4 million. Gross margins were strong, up 72 ground points implicit fiscal 2021 to 37.6%. Our IoT information strategy is to absorption connected precocious worth solutions successful verticals that worth the method benefits we bring to their products.

We person to beryllium cautiously balancing and limiting our information successful much commodity products but we request immoderate information successful the debased extremity due to the fact that it drives little mean costs, due to the fact that of measurement and scale. But we person to beryllium precise selective truthful that serves our standard needs but doesn’t dilute our margins oregon our strategical focus. We struck this equilibrium successful 2022. It shows successful our gross margins, and successful the astir 20% gross maturation successful our RFID-based IoT business.

However, immoderate of our transformational opportunities, the usage cases with some beardown margins and large maturation and standard imaginable didn’t instrumentality disconnected oregon turn arsenic accelerated arsenic we wanted. Now each accidental is inactive intact and we expect them to scope scale. We built the solutions, the relationships are successful place. So we are assured that volition turn arsenic they deploy and ramp up.

In our carnal information business, our Premises segment, margins are consistently beardown without the measurement versus borderline trade-off. In this concern we besides built retired our implicit squad successful 2022. With the beardown instauration and a absorption connected growth, we grew revenues 17% for the twelvemonth successful Premises, much than treble the industry’s maturation rate.

As we negociate these realities successful 2022, we focused connected increasing revenues successful higher borderline categories, protecting our equilibrium expanse and moving superior and winning strategical applications to thrust our semipermanent concern model. Focusing connected precocious value, higher borderline solutions that support and grow our borderline illustration is the apical precedence successful our IoT business. This was reflected successful our Q4 results.

While revenues came successful a spot aboriginal than consensus, gross margins, EBITDA and nett income were each higher than statement and higher year-over-year establishing our concern basal for semipermanent maturation and higher margins. So with that context, successful Q4, full gross was $29 million, up 2% implicit past twelvemonth and adjusted EBITDA was $1.7 million, an summation of $2.5 cardinal implicit past twelvemonth successful EBITDA.

Most importantly, adjusted gross borderline dollars grew 11% year-over-year and our borderline percent grew 370 ground points to 38% from 34% successful Q4 2021. By segment, Premises grew a coagulated 11% year-over-year and RFID grew 5%, compared to the anterior twelvemonth play erstwhile RFID revenues included a greater premix of little borderline orders that some these maturation trends were partially offset by a diminution of astir 25% successful our non-core astute paper scholar business. We don’t expect further declines successful this concern and going guardant we expect it to beryllium fundamentally flat.

As we exited Q4 with its focused gross and borderline balance, request is strong. Total institution backlog astatine the extremity of Q4 was $35 million, up 16% implicit the aforesaid twelvemonth agone period, of which backlog for transportation successful Q1 was $14.3 million, up 22% year-over-year.

Now beneath the numbers, the 4th fourth of 2022 was important for 3 reasons. First it showed the request spot successful some our IoT and Premises segments. In IoT, we grew portion our largest rival declined, 1 of our largest IoT lawsuit categories had declining income and our largest spot supplier de-prioritized deliveries to our IoT RFID segment.

In Premises, we again grew overmuch faster than our manufacture and had large wins successful our strategical video and hyper converge merchandise categories. The 2nd crushed successful Q4 was important is due to the fact that we grew revenues and expanded gross margins contempt the macro environments and pugnacious manufacture trends successful IoT. A twelvemonth agone we outperformed the IoT manufacture average, but astatine the outgo of little gross margins. A twelvemonth later, we had the request strengths to outgrow the manufacture person with expanding margins.

Third, successful Q4, we made advancement successful our Strategic Medical and Healthcare conception and began archetypal shipments of Wiliot’s combination, Bluetooth and RFID device. Now successful implicit terms, maturation successful our IoT conception was modest, but we outperformed the market. Our closest rival successful IoT, Avery Dennison Solutions Group, declined 11%.

And arsenic I mentioned before, our cardinal mobility lawsuit saw a income declined 5% contempt Q4 being their historically strongest season. Our income pipeline spot supported america successful Q4 with capable alternate request to support our maturation trajectory and grow gross margins adjacent successful the look of request and proviso pressure.

In our Strategic Healthcare segment, we built a wide pipeline of customers and projects. We present person implicit 3 twelve customers successful this class successful assorted stages of valuation and production. Use cases of people see the 5 car injector projects which we’ll sermon successful item aboriginal connected the call. Among the equilibrium of the 3 twelve healthcare customers, we person 8 companies doing assorted kinds of aesculapian tests, 5 companies doing surgical and operating country devices, 2 companies processing acold concatenation modernity applications for humor and different biologic samples, 2 doing dental applications, 4 cause dispensing usage cases, 2 astute bandage usage cases and a twelve different companies with assorted usage cases.

Now for those of you connected the webcast, these usage cases are shown connected the descent with lawsuit names kept confidential, of course. And this is the halfway worth conception for our RFID-enabled IoT business. So we wanted to springiness much insights successful the scope of applications we person lawsuit activities in. Now aesculapian products instrumentality clip to launch, but our spot successful the class is growing.

We deliberation we are positioned to pb arsenic customers motorboat their products that incorporated our devices. Now we are going to beryllium cautious successful our adjacent word outlook since the aesculapian categories of car injectors and prescriptions are taking longer to get to marketplace and standard than we expected. Our cardinal IoT programme was Wiliot. Wiliot’s IoT pixels are precise analyzable devices, from a lasting commencement successful October without immoderate anterior NRE work, we developed the exertion and measurement accumulation processes, scaled up and shipped our archetypal cardinal units successful Q4.

This truly shows the method excellence and dedication of our IoT team. Now that we person the processes running, we expect to present astir 10 cardinal units successful Q1 and we are connected gait to present 14 cardinal units successful Q2 with follow-on orders expected for 2023 delivery.

And what is captious that we show our capableness to present precocious prime devices astatine volume, we did this and built an adjacent stronger narration with Wiliot successful the process, adjacent though we shipped less units than we primitively planned for successful Q4. Now we besides person the archetypal Wiliot derived opportunities successful the pipeline and volition stock accusation arsenic usage cases and solution providers travel to market.

The 1 transformational IoT accidental that’s taken longer than we expected to get traction is cannabis included successful our astute packaging category. We developed large products, but manufacture deployment of RFID for authenticity and tracking person gone dilatory arsenic the cannabis manufacture has faced its ain headwinds.

In California, cannabis income dropped much than 8% successful 2022, Colorado similarly. With request pressures the industry’s slowed deployment of caller exertion and adjacent authorities regulators look to person deferred immoderate mandates for amended merchandise tracking. We are staying engaged with MSOs, but being cautious astir outgo successful beforehand of a sustained marketplace instrumentality off.

Now astute packaging wide is processing good and I volition speech astir that later. Now proviso concatenation challenges besides continued successful the 4th quarter, though we were capable to offset astir of the impact. NXP precocious guided to a diminution of 9% successful their IoT-related spot sales, but they kept 11% 3 twelvemonth IoT income maturation rate.

Consistent with this expectation, we expect IoT spot proviso issues to proceed done the archetypal fractional of fiscal twelvemonth 2023 earlier normalizing successful the 2nd half. Now successful summation past to springiness our customers options, we precocious announced caller NFC and HF designs based connected chips from STMicro. We besides precocious announced the strategical proviso concern with Trace ID for UHF-based concern IoT applications.

Now I privation to beryllium wide we are not going aft commoditized precocious measurement UHF-based business. Trace ID is simply a shaper of analyzable ruggedized applications of UHF for concern and specialty environments with products that are accordant with our higher borderline profile. Unit terms is higher than retail UHF besides successful the $0.15 scope compared to commodity UHF tags that mean $0.02.

Serving this RFID class done a manufacturing spouse alternatively than nonstop concern preserves our superior portion leveraging our world-class income and engineering teams to maximize the stock of wallet from each relationship we are in.

Lastly, an update connected the 2 different metrics successful IoT that we track, lawsuit retention and NREs. We kept our 100% lawsuit retention, though with immoderate of the little borderline products we are exiting, this whitethorn alteration astatine immoderate constituent by our ain choice.

NRE enactment besides continued to beryllium strong. We person 54 NRE projects underway with 4 caller NRE projects successful healthcare. We besides person aggregate projects successful the user instrumentality class and the accelerated way projects utilizing STMicro chips that we expect to vessel adjacent quarter.

Moving to Physical Security, our Premises segment, the spot I mentioned is wide successful some numbers and concern progress. In summation to the beardown afloat twelvemonth successful Q4 growth, we besides had Q4 revenues comparable to Q3, which is usually our strongest 4th successful Premises. We’ve been capable to onslaught this equilibrium due to the fact that of our thrust to fortify the commercialized business, alongside our national concern spot that made large progress.

Now I’ll item 1 Premises illustration successful Q4, due to the fact that it shows astir of our maturation drivers. This is San Diego International Airport, a large illustration of our strategy to supply the industry’s widest scope of information products and astatine DIA, we are deploying entree control, video surveillance, entree readers, unafraid for – and retention integrated into our hyper converge platform, each managed done a azygous pane of glass.

This merchandise portfolio gives america much cross-selling opportunities than anyone successful the manufacture and positions america with the astir implicit precocious information solution close erstwhile CSOs and CIOs are consolidating vendors and don’t privation to instrumentality immoderate information risks. Our OEM strategy successful Premises has besides been gaining traction. Our TS readers are present being sold by our 2 largest entree power competitors by staying focused connected hardware arsenic good arsenic our bundle strategy, completing our merchandise scope to maximize our stock of wallet adding instrumentality learning-based analytics and driving SaaS, arsenic good arsenic strategy solutions, we are positioned to support expanding our stock and increasing supra marketplace rates successful the carnal information market.

So successful summary, we deliberation the fiscal and operational milestones we deed successful 2022 person solidified our instauration for gross maturation and borderline enlargement successful 2023. Our absorption is connected disciplined maturation with beardown execution of our spell to marketplace strategy arsenic we thrust toward our semipermanent model, we are positioning to enactment accelerating maturation arsenic our customers motorboat products successful the transformational applications we developed.

So with that, I’ll walk the telephone implicit to Justin to reappraisal our fiscal results successful immoderate much detail. Justin?

Justin Scarpulla

Thanks, Steve. As Steve mentioned, successful 2022 we delivered grounds revenue, on with enlargement successful gross margins and adjusted EBITDA. This is successful summation to a full aboriginal backlog summation of 16% year-over-year. We protected our borderline and maintained choky power implicit our operating expenses. We judge thse results, paired with our continued investments successful our IoT concern presumption the institution to proceed to turn successful 2023.

Full twelvemonth 2022 gross was $112.9 million, wrong our guidance scope and somewhat beneath statement estimates. This was up 9% versus the comparable anterior twelvemonth period. Fourth 4th 2022 GAAP gross nett borderline was 36.5% a important summation compared to 33% successful the 4th fourth of 2021. For the afloat twelvemonth 2022, our GAAP gross nett margins were 36.3% versus 35.7% successful 2021.

For the 4th fourth of 2022, non-GAAP adjusted gross nett borderline was 37.9%, which was higher than statement estimates of 37.2% and an summation compared to 34.2% successful the 4th fourth of 2021. For the afloat twelvemonth 2022, non-GAAP adjusted gross nett margins were 37.6% versus 36.9% successful 2021.

GAAP and non-GAAP adjusted gross nett borderline changes resulted chiefly from our merchandise mix, our continued absorption connected higher borderline customers and earthy worldly outgo reductions done strategical inventory purchases. We were capable to summation margins year-over-year, portion continuing to summation our investments successful exertion and manufacturing processes and equipment. We stay committed to a semipermanent non-GAAP adjusted gross borderline people of 40% to 45%.

In the 4th fourth of 2022, our GAAP operating expenses including probe and development, income and selling and wide and administrative outgo were $10.2 million, compared to $11.3 cardinal successful the 4th fourth of 2021.

For the afloat twelvemonth 2022, GAAP operating expenses were $41.3 cardinal arsenic compared to $38.4 million. In the 4th fourth of 2022, non-GAAP adjusted operating expenses were $9.3 million, compared to $10.5 cardinal successful the 4th fourth of 2021. For the afloat twelvemonth of 2022, non-GAAP adjusted operating expenses were $37.1 million, arsenic compared to $34.2 million, an summation of 8%.

Our non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA was $1.7 cardinal oregon 6% of EBITDA borderline successful Q4 2022, landed supra statement estimates of $1.5 cardinal and was an summation of $2.5 cardinal year-over-year. For the afloat twelvemonth of 2022, our non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA was $5.4 million, an summation of $1.3 cardinal from 2021. Both Q4 and afloat twelvemonth EBITDA numbers, year-over-year maturation reflected our committedness to maintaining our expected borderline and operating disbursal profiles.

We stay committed to a semipermanent non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA borderline of 15% to 20%. Our Q4 GAAP nett income was $0.3 cardinal oregon $0.00 per share, which was successful enactment with statement estimates. This compared to a nett nonaccomplishment of $1.9 cardinal oregon a nonaccomplishment of $0.10 per stock successful Q4 2021. For the afloat year, GAAP nett nonaccomplishment was $0.4 cardinal oregon a nonaccomplishment of $0.07 per stock versus nett income of $1.6 cardinal successful 2021.

We person provided successful the appendix contiguous a afloat reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP information, which is besides included successful our net release. Our adjacent descent further analyses trends by conception opening with identity, gross from our individuality products totaled $16.8 cardinal oregon 58% of our full gross successful Q4 of 2022, arsenic compared to $17.5 cardinal successful Q4 of 2021.

For the afloat twelvemonth 2022, our individuality gross were $57.4 cardinal oregon 60% of our full gross arsenic compared to $64.7 cardinal successful 2021. The Q4 2022 alteration successful individuality gross was chiefly driven by, little income of our bequest astute paper readers. The afloat twelvemonth summation was chiefly driven by our RFID, IoT products which much than offset the diminution successful our bequest smartcard readers.

Our Q4 2022 Identity conception non-GAAP adjusted gross borderline was 24%, which compared to 21% successful Q4 2021. The year-over-year summation reflects our continued absorption connected higher borderline products. For the afloat year, the Identity conception non-GAAP adjusted gross borderline was 24%, compared to 25% successful 2021 chiefly owed to merchandise mix.

Quarter-to-quarter margins tin fluctuate, but we expect semipermanent margins to inclination upwards from existent levels arsenic we grow and deepen our existing lawsuit and exertion partnerships including our planned enlargement into Thailand with little manufacturing cost. We judge our absorption connected much analyzable devices and strategical NRE relationships with our customers volition lone further fortify our borderline profile. We stay committed to a semipermanent gross borderline people of 35% to 40% successful our Identity business.

Now turning to the Premises segment. This conception accounted for $12.2 cardinal oregon 42% of our full gross successful Q4 representing an summation of 11% compared to Q4 of 2021. For the afloat year, gross was $45.5 million, an summation of 17%. The year-over-year summation successful Premises conception gross was crossed some national and commercialized businesses and reflects accrued merchantability successful our expanded merchandise portfolio. We proceed to grow our marketplace stock and connection a full level solution.

Non-GAAP adjusted gross margins for Premises successful the 4th fourth of 2022 were 57% compared to 54% successful Q4 2021. For the afloat twelvemonth 2022, non-GAAP adjusted gross margins were 58%, compared to 56% successful 2021. The year-over-year changes were chiefly owed to merchandise premix and our continued absorption connected passing done terms increases to our customers and reducing manufacturing and logistics costs. We stay committed to a semipermanent gross borderline people of 55% to 60% successful our Premises business.

Moving present to our operating disbursal management, our non-GAAP operating expenses successful the 4th fourth of 2022, adjusted to excluded restructuring and severance outgo and definite non-cash charges consisting of stock-based compensation, and depreciation and amortization was 32% of revenue, compared to 37% successful Q4 2021.

For the afloat twelvemonth 2022, our non-GAAP operating expenses were 33% which was accordant with afloat twelvemonth 2021. This resulted successful our 4th consecutive 4th of affirmative non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA.

In summary, we proceed to present a accordant gross borderline illustration and choky controls implicit operating expenses successful our business, portion reinvesting for maturation wrong our existent outgo structure.

Now, turning to the equilibrium sheet, we exited Q4 of 2022 with 17.1 cardinal successful cash, currency equivalents and restricted cash. In 2022, we spent $9.3 cardinal successful strategical inventory purchases and $3.9 cardinal successful superior expenditures. This physique up of inventory was to trim a information of our proviso concatenation shortages. The superior expenditures were required for upgrades of our existing accumulation facility, arsenic good arsenic our planned expansion.

We stay indebtedness escaped and we person maintained our beardown moving superior position. In our 10-K filing, we volition beryllium providing a afloat reconciliation of the year-to-date currency flows. For completeness, we person included the afloat equilibrium expanse successful the appendix of this net release. As we determination to the archetypal 4th of 2023, our full backlog for each aboriginal shipments was $35 cardinal exiting Q4 of 2022, up 16% versus Q4 of 2021.

As Steve mentioned, immoderate of our transformational opportunities are taking longer to materialize, handset income astatine our cardinal mobility customer, which impact the full accessory ecosystem person declined and proviso concatenation headwinds are expected to proceed into astatine slightest the archetypal fractional of 2023. These factors combined with the wide uncertain macroeconomic situation whitethorn lessen our maturation complaint successful 2023.

That said, we expect an summation successful full gross successful 2023 and we presently expect revenues to beryllium successful the scope of $125 cardinal to $130 million, portion continuing to absorption connected gross borderline and EBITDA expansion. Normal seasonality is expected to continue.

With that, I volition reason the fiscal treatment and walk the telephone backmost to Steve.

Steven Humphreys

Thanks, Justin. Our absorption for 2023 is delivering steadfast maturation with beardown margins, expanding the strategical presumption we established successful 2022, portion sustaining our equilibrium expanse and making wide advancement towards our semipermanent concern model.

In IoT, this means expanding our enactment successful strategical semipermanent markets, gathering the capableness and outgo competitiveness to turn with a wide scope of applications and to prolong accelerated maturation and margins erstwhile our customers motorboat transformational applications. In Premises, our absorption is connected maximizing per lawsuit stock of wallet and expanding our enactment successful some the commercialized and national markets done the team, transmission and technologies we’ve built arsenic good arsenic done strategical partnerships.

In IoT, successful bid to support expanding our manufacture enactment successful strategical markets, we are focused connected making advancement wrong each of our transformational opportunities. Beginning with mobile, we are supporting 5 designs with our largest mobility customer. This is down from 8 designs arsenic 2 amended and 1 we’ve exited owed to debased margins.

As I mentioned earlier, this lawsuit faced declining income past quarter. So we are paying adjacent attraction to their volumes. They kept spend america past quarter, but shipments haven’t yet returned to historical levels. However, we are besides moving with them connected a antithetic exertion country with much measurement imaginable than the ones we are presently successful combined. So we’ll study details arsenic they develop.

Moving to healthcare. Specifically, successful the car injector class for our archetypal customer, we started a 2nd NRE to further make the plan which we are moving connected done the archetypal fractional of 2023. Our 2nd task an applicator trial for the aforesaid end-customer, we’ve been moving with the supplier for specialty successful coating.

In the 3rd task for a antithetic extremity client, an NRE plan that we delivered is present successful evaluation. Another for a 4th healthcare institution is presently successful illustration investigating and a 5th task is besides successful valuation with the aforesaid customer. Now arsenic I talked astir earlier, we person much than 3 twelve healthcare customers either successful valuation oregon shipping.

They are processing products that screen a wide scope of usage cases, car injectors of course, but besides astute bandages, dental applications, cause dispensing, aesculapian trial and others. With the estimation we’ve built successful the aesculapian industry, we are winning caller projects each 4th and we volition update arsenic they progress. In astute packaging, which includes our cannabis marketplace solution, the ramp to measurement accumulation is moving slower than we expected. We are inactive assured that it volition instrumentality disconnected and erstwhile that happens, we are acceptable with the close products and terms points.

More broadly successful astute packaging we built our presumption with precocious extremity brands with our platform, arsenic good arsenic partnered platforms similar Bluebite and collectID, this is different class that we are positioned to pb erstwhile it takes off. Now successful summation to these strategical categories, different IoT precedence for 2023 is establishing ourselves arsenic the wide high-end marketplace person for technically challenging RFID-enabled IoT applications.

We privation to beryllium successful each opportunity, triumph each usage lawsuit with precocious worth and precocious accusation strength and turn with them arsenic they launch. To marque this happen, we’ve built the industry’s starring task engineering and task absorption system. We are besides expanding our accumulation capableness successful Southeast Asia to adhd method capabilities and to little our manufacturing costs.

Following a thorough evaluation, we’ve decided to grow into Thailand with an accelerated timeline for coming online. We greenlighted the task past period and expect to beryllium producing archetypal parts successful a wholly caller installation wrong 5 months.

In presumption of lawsuit partnerships, Wiliot is 1 of our largest adjacent word maturation opportunities. We are supporting some the passive and battery-assisted devices and expect a scope of opportunities some straight from Wiliot and done different solution providers. As I described successful the opening, Wiliot’s devices are technically complicated.

They instrumentality 2 accumulation passes and extended programming and testing. This complexity shows successful their terms constituent but it besides affects our full capacity. Production capableness to nutrient 100 cardinal units of simpler devices, produces 50 cardinal Wiliot devices. At existent volumes our capableness successful Singapore is enough, but the further capableness successful our caller Thailand installation volition beryllium needed to enactment continued measurement maturation of analyzable products similar Wiliots.

Now collectID is different cardinal lawsuit partnership. They excel successful promoting and selling the user engagement capabilities of our IoT solutions to a wide scope of athletics clubs with their beingness successful European shot and HL Hockey and car racing. Now these aren’t large volumes but they show the strategical precocious borderline usage cases of instrumentality absorption and user engagement enabled by solutions similar our SaaS platform.

Continuing the concern strategy, 1 mode we are gathering capableness and exertion enlargement needs, portion conserving superior is done manufacturing partnerships by TraceID. I described earlier however this expands our capableness without superior concern and leverages our income and exertion teams. We tin bring ruggedized concern and specialty UHF products to our customers, expanding our stock of wallet, portion staying accordant with our precocious worth solutions focus. Now determination are different IoT partnerships successful the works that we’ll disclose erstwhile they are successful place.

Turning to Premises, expanding the video and analytics capabilities of our Velocity level and expanding our stock of wallet are our apical priorities for our presumption successful the carnal information marketplace successful 2023. We are gathering cardinal strategical partnerships to grow our implicit solutions scope without investing excessively until we person established a exertion measurement with lawsuit demand.

Strategic partners included Iricity for analytics, ScaleComputing for hyper converged solutions and aggregate camera and different video-related partners supporting Velocity Vision.

Our OEM partners are besides contributing powerfully and volition proceed to bash truthful successful 2023, leveraging our engineering concern and entrenching our exertion estimation successful the manufacture by making our products disposable done the income teams of 2 of our largest competitors.

So, we proceed to physique connected the breadth of our level and grow diagnostic adoption done easiness of use, hyper convergence, and instrumentality learning applications.

In Video Analytics, our caller Vision AI bundle is the halfway of this strategical absorption successful 2023. With this technology, we've present integrated a wide acceptable of instrumentality learning analytics into our Velocity Vision system.

Integrated with our Velocity Access Management platform, we're bringing quality to carnal information and the full acquisition arsenic radical interact with buildings and different facilities astir them. This analytics suite is besides ideally positioned to grow our increasing recurring gross base.

Lastly, expanding our stock of wallet means expanding income wrong our national lawsuit basal arsenic good arsenic adding caller national agencies. In Q4, we secured 4 caller national agencies wrong the Department of Interior and expect to adhd much agencies implicit the people of 2023. We besides proceed to turn income to commercialized customers, specifically successful banking, education, and wellness attraction facilities, each industries that prioritize security.

So going into 2023, we deliberation we're positioned precise good strategically successful some of our halfway businesses. In RFID, we, of course, person to execute our Thailand expansion. But beyond that, 2023 is each astir executing our program and continuing to grow our enactment successful precocious RFID-enabled IoT applications.

This positions america to accelerate our maturation arsenic our customers motorboat products enabled by our technology. In carnal security, we'll grow our marketplace stock done our implicit level for endeavor standard carnal information and grow our recurring revenues done our integrated information and analytics software.

Now we are prioritizing gross borderline and EBITDA expansion, driven by choky absorption connected value-added applications and expanding our stock of wallet crossed each of our customers. This volition support our equilibrium expanse beardown portion we turn and advancement towards our people concern model. Now those are intelligibly the close priorities to physique worth successful our concern and triumph strategically successful our semipermanent markets. What it means adjacent word is that we're going to turn with discipline.

Supply constraints are continuing successful the archetypal fractional of 2023. We won't wage other to thrust maturation if it undermines margins. Some concern is nether borderline pressure, and we won't pursuit that concern if we can't differentiate and support our margins.

Now this could beryllium respective cardinal dollars that we'll person to rotate retired of and replaced with higher worth business. It mightiness depress our aggregate maturation adjacent term, but arsenic agelong arsenic our underlying maturation is strong, we'll marque that trade-off.

Lastly, we've communicated antecedently the imaginable interaction from an economical recession. We deliberation there's a anticipation that categories similar cannabis and adjacent mobile devices could beryllium affected. Our strategy remains coagulated with realistic assumptions truthful we tin turn wrong our resources and enactment up of our contention to turn arsenic our marketplace takes off.

We deliberation we're positioned successful 2023 with a coagulated equilibrium of growth, gross margins, and moving superior portion expanding our capableness and exertion strengths.

So arsenic a effect of this concern situation and our strategical position, we expect 2023 nett revenues successful the scope of $125 cardinal to $130 million, with expanding EBITDA margins. This reflects premises maturation successful the 20% scope and IoT high-value solutions maturation successful the 25% range, offset by rotation retired of lower-margin IoT revenues of astir $5 cardinal to $7 cardinal and level astute paper scholar revenues. We deliberation this factors successful risks related to proviso chains, inflation, slower economical growth, and blimpish concern decisions by our customers.

Now we could easy person upsides. If merchandise launches hap faster, Wiliot related income make much widely, supplies go much available, and respective different factors. If immoderate of these happen, we judge that with our accumulation enlargement successful Thailand, we are positioned to accelerate and turn revenues and EBITDA margins successful 2023 and beyond.

So with that, I'll present inquire the relation to unfastened the lines for questions. Operator?

Question-And-Answer Session


Thank you. [Operator Instructions] And the archetypal question comes from Craig Ellis with B. Riley. Please proceed.

Craig Ellis

Yeah, acknowledgment for taking the question and Steve, congratulations connected a fig of the beardown yearly fiscal metrics successful the business, particularly astir profitability. I wanted to commencement conscionable by pursuing up connected immoderate of the proviso points that you made. Can you spell into much item astir alternate sources of proviso and what the COGS illustration of immoderate of those sources looks similar comparative to your historical pb supplier?

Steven Humphreys

Sure and I'll marque a mates of comments, and past Amir is present with me, too. So I'll fto him leap successful connected that arsenic well. But of course, ST Micro is the closest alternate that we enactment with. Although there's immoderate different smaller ones arsenic well, EM and others. And past besides successful this year, we get a small spot of latitude due to the fact that Wiliot provides their ain chips that they get retired of the fabs. So that information of our request and our gross isn't constrained by our largest supplier.

So we've got immoderate diverseness arsenic ever it takes clip for designs to travel online, thing that's been designed with a spot from idiosyncratic other bash you privation to plan successful an ST Micro, that portion volition usually instrumentality a fewer months, but others tin travel up faster and due to the fact that Wiliot, it's a spot of a larger stock of the proportion, that besides diversifies our supply. Amir, you privation to adhd thing else?

Amir Khoshniyati

Sure. And conscionable gathering connected that, the 2nd fractional of the twelvemonth was each astir transverse qualification. So with the ST announcement that we precocious had, we got the highest runner spot cross-qualified truthful it takes a small spot of unit from 1 of the largest suppliers starring into it. And past to Steve's point, we are truly focused connected IoT solutions arsenic a whole. So Wiliot, it besides is creating a precise bully buffer arsenic good with an change technology. So we are precise good positioned.

Craig Ellis

Got it. And then, related to supply, arsenic we look astatine the equilibrium sheet, Justin, we spot inventory ticking up $4 cardinal to $5 cardinal successful the quarter, currency down. Is the alteration successful inventory truly related to immoderate of the proviso things that Steve and Amir conscionable talked astir oregon is it thing else? And erstwhile should we expect inventory to normalize? And what's your outlook for what that means for the currency balance?

Justin Scarpulla

Yes, we've talked astir a small spot successful the publication arsenic well, but we really person made strategical purchases successful Q4. I expect those to proceed a small spot into Q1, but we volition close size and get currency backmost to erstwhile levels successful Q2 and beyond. So what we're looking astatine is we're targeting moving superior much than we people our circumstantial currency balance, Craig. And we're maintaining a people of implicit $50 cardinal successful moving capital.

The inventory is good, strategical inventory purchases we met to repurchased strategically, and we're going to physique that up a small bit, and past we're going to equilibrium it retired towards the backmost fractional of the year.

Craig Ellis

Got it. And then, if I could conscionable adjacent it retired with a two-parter, the archetypal portion for Steve, the different portion for you, Justin. So Steve, I didn't drawback each of the elements that autumn wrong the $125 cardinal to $130 cardinal gross outlook beyond the 20% premises growth. So tin you repetition those elements?

And past Justin, clearly, the institution is prioritizing gross borderline EBITDA. Nice to spot it, but what should we deliberation astir with respect to the contour of gross borderline done the twelvemonth fixed immoderate of the gives and takes strategical premix outs, improving proviso successful the backmost half, et cetera.

Steven Humphreys

Okay. Absolutely. So first, connected the maturation side, the premises maturation successful 20% scope you said the IoT solutions increasing successful the 25% scope overall, but there's besides immoderate little borderline revenues we're rotating retired of astir $5 cardinal to $7 cardinal that offset that growth, and past the astute paper scholar gross is staying flat. We don't expect immoderate further declines from them. They should beryllium solid, but level and therefore, that moderates the blended maturation overall. Does that capable successful what you're looking for, Craig?

Craig Ellis

Yes, and conscionable wrong that, Steve, earlier we spell implicit to Justin, wherever bash you consciousness similar you've got the astir assurance successful this year's maturation versus things that whitethorn either beryllium timing related arsenic we ever spot with enterprise-related IoT projects and periods of macro uncertainty oregon things that mightiness beryllium much root of proviso oregon proviso dependent.

Steven Humphreys

We deliberation we've factored each those successful now, and that's wherefore we tried to springiness the underlying maturation arsenic good arsenic immoderate of the things that we're rotating retired underneath that growth. So the 25% maturation overall, we person built up task by project, and there's a mates of customers that were debased borderline that we cognize we privation to rotate retired of, and we person that mill successful is precise specific. So we deliberation we person it beauteous good built up. Amir, bash you privation to adhd immoderate colour commentary to that?

Amir Khoshniyati

Yes. I would accidental we're precise good positioned and again, goes down truly to the products that we're offering. We're successful alternate technologies, and they're some precise good positioned some successful RFID and MBL. And past it positions america precise good successful the salient segments that are accelerated growing. So wrong wellness care, astute packaging, specialty retail applications, they get embedded into products and unrecorded with the beingness rhythm of the products, truthful they're not commoditized. It gives america a truly bully premix and a balance, and that's precise precocious probability and puts america successful a bully position.

Craig Ellis

Got it. And past immoderate thoughts connected the contour of gross borderline Justin, yes, thanks.

Justin Scarpulla

Sure, absolutely. We're precise circumstantial successful our guidance that we gave the afloat twelvemonth yearly gross guide. But we were wide arsenic good coming retired of this 4th and what we've done for 2023 from a bottoms-up perspective. We bash expect borderline enlargement without giving an nonstop number, I'd accidental successful the 1% to 2% range, determination astir determination would beryllium a bully fig for 2023.

It is simply a cardinal absorption arsenic we talked about, we are trying to determination retired of immoderate of our lower-margin products, and that's going to beryllium a cardinal for us. So we've done it. I deliberation you were here, Q4 of 2021, wherever we had the large message. We've been capable to support a unchangeable borderline illustration for each of 2022 close successful enactment with what we wanted and we expect that to proceed into 2023.

Craig Ellis

Great. Thanks for the assistance guys. I'll hop backmost successful the queue.

Justin Scarpulla

Sure. Thanks.


Our adjacent question comes from Brian Ruttenbur with Imperial Capital. Please proceed.

Brian Ruttenbur

Yes, convey you precise much. Let maine excavation down present into the currency pain successful the period. I cognize that you inventory, moving capital, a assortment of things happened successful the 4th quarter. What bash you expect for the twelvemonth successful 2023 successful presumption of currency burn, currency generation, springiness america a ballpark?

Justin Scarpulla

What we deliberation we'll bash for the twelvemonth volition really beryllium level to exiting 2022. We'll beryllium up perchance $1 cardinal oregon $2 cardinal successful exiting 2023 arsenic well. We bash consciousness – similar I said, successful Q1 and Q2, we'll person immoderate currency pain for Thailand expansion, immoderate CapEx that we're going to beryllium doing implicit the adjacent 4 to 5 months, and getting that installation up and running. So the archetypal half, you could expect it to perchance diminution a little, but we volition get that backmost positive much by the extremity of 2023.

Brian Ruttenbur

Great. And then, I deliberation the 1 question was asked a mates of times successful your assurance successful wherever we are close now. I guess, the question astatine this constituent is what could spell incorrect that you haven't factored in. It seems similar you've taken a batch into information thought this through, but wherever are the holes successful the mentation for maturation going forward? What could spell incorrect that you haven't factored in?

Steven Humphreys

I deliberation we've tried to springiness immoderate beauteous bully visibility that we've built it up from the crushed up. And it truly is important to america that we enactment numbers retired determination and we perpetrate to them and instrumentality to them and we present connected them.

I deliberation we factored successful the risks of dependency connected customers launching products, the risks of that are ever determination successful the carnal information concern and however accelerated the projects are going to deploy. We've got a bully funnel that gives america a just magnitude of upside extortion connected that. I mean downside protection.

So I deliberation we've tried to origin successful proviso and request arsenic good arsenic income cycles and lawsuit uncertainty successful presumption of deployment. If a large recession hits, past arsenic I mentioned successful my comments, things similar cannabis, specialty packaging, and mobile devices, those tin each beryllium recession affected. But we factored successful – frankly, we are expecting immoderate recessionary effect. So that would beryllium arsenic if it was a bad, a beardown recession than astir radical are thinking.

Brian Ruttenbur

Great. Thank you precise much.

Steven Humphreys

Thanks, Brian.


Our adjacent question comes from Jaeson Schmidt with Lake Street Capital. Please proceed.

Jaeson Schmidt

Hey guys. Thanks for taking my questions. Just privation to excavation into benignant of that little margin, that $5 cardinal to $7 cardinal that is offsetting the maturation successful that IoT solutions. I mean, however overmuch of that is simply a relation of conscionable deficiency of proviso and therefore, are you guys having to prioritize higher borderline business? And however overmuch of it is simply a relation of benignant of the pricing situation changing?

Steven Humphreys

Yes, it's those 2 factors and you're precisely close that with constrained supply, we'll prioritize higher borderline concern with immoderate categories that are conscionable lower-margin library, for example, is simply a lower-margin category.

And past besides determination is immoderate projects that we started aboriginal that were strategical and we've been precise unfastened astir that that immoderate of them we participate into successful the opening with little gross margins successful bid to get the concern going and past grow arsenic we spell forward. And I mentioned successful my commentary that successful the mobility space, determination is 1 that we've moved connected from, due to the fact that the margins were debased successful that. So it's successful each 3 of those categories.

Jaeson Schmidt

Okay. And conscionable to travel up connected that, I mean, is this benignant of a caller situation? I mean, erstwhile you had fixed guidance connected the Q3 call, was determination an presumption that you would person immoderate earthy debased borderline concern that you wouldn't spell after, but present you are seeing much of that, hence, benignant of the revised guidance? I americium conscionable trying to origin in, yes, what was factored into erstwhile guidance compared to benignant of this updated outlook?

Steven Humphreys

Yes. So a mates of things. Certainly, the rigorous attraction to gross borderline is 1 of them. And we bash deliberation that determination is much of a recessionary hazard we're proceeding from our customers caution astir request successful mobility, adjacent successful the aesculapian country wherever they are conscionable cautious astir erstwhile precisely they are going to propulsion the trigger connected launching projects.

I deliberation that's moving done the budgeting process of a fig of companies and truthful we're trying to beryllium thoughtful astir that and marque definite that we factored it wholly successful and it's not going to beryllium thing that we person to travel backmost and remark connected again.

Jaeson Schmidt

Okay. That's helpful. And then, conscionable the last 1 for maine and I'll leap backmost into queue. Justin, however should we deliberation astir OpEx passim this year?

Justin Scarpulla

We are going to spot an summation successful OpEx. Obviously, we accrued our wide headcount successful 2022. So that volition beryllium afloat burdened and afloat loaded into the 2023 plan. We are continuing to marque immoderate strategical hires and we'll marque immoderate hires wrong – on with our Thailand enlargement successful 2023. So they'll beryllium without the nonstop guidance that we do. There volition beryllium an summation successful our non-GAAP OpEx and our GAAP OpEx arsenic good successful the15% range, determination astir there.

Jaeson Schmidt

Okay. Perfect. Thanks a batch guys.

Justin Scarpulla

Yes, thanks, Jaeson.


The adjacent question comes from Anthony Stoss with Craig-Hallum. Anthony, delight proceed.

Anthony Stoss

Good day guys. My congrats to the Premises team, they did a truly bully job. Steven, I wanted to absorption successful connected to past quarter, you took down the afloat twelvemonth usher predominantly connected issues connected the proviso concatenation side. You're taking it down yet again. Is this each demand-related oregon is determination inactive immoderate further issues you spot connected the proviso side?

And past also, I'd emotion to perceive much colour from Wiliot, you expected them to vessel 10 cardinal oregon are you expected to vessel 10 cardinal units successful Q4. You shipped 1 not excessively agelong ago, you thought you'd vessel $100 cardinal successful 2023. Anything you tin update america connected some the 4th and past the afloat year.

Steven Humphreys

Absolutely. Yes, proviso is continuing to beryllium a challenge, and that's wherefore we said we – and that's besides wherefore we've enactment immoderate circumstantial marketplace information points successful there. We hatred to sanction companies, but we request to person credibility successful the statements that are made. And the information that this proviso is going to proceed to beryllium a situation successful the IoT abstraction from 1 large supplier.

Offset somewhat similar we were talking astir earlier with the SMicrochips and the information that Wiliot does their ain chips, and determination is immoderate request softness successful there. That's wherefore I tried to marque wide wherever we spot bully demand.

We person this breadth of customers successful wellness care, and that means a batch of smaller demands that are much reliable versus waiting for a mates that are ample takeoffs. That gives america a overmuch much reliable basal but we are watching carefully. Again, arsenic I said successful my comments, mobility and a mates of areas and cannabis, we'll spot erstwhile that takes off.

We fundamentally said, let's not expect that to determination successful 2023 versus that anticipation that there's authorities going through. There's each kinds of affirmative things that the MSOs volition say, but we privation to beryllium cautious astir that truthful that nary substance what happens, we're delivering.

Then connected Wiliot, you're perfectly right. We had initially believed that we could get retired to astir 10 cardinal units of Wiliot successful the 4th quarter. We hadn't done NRE connected it, different technology. It is simply a truly tricky technology.

And what was precise wide is they've got to beryllium precocious quality, precocious output and the engineers portion successful concern with Wiliot person enactment successful a batch of enactment – and I deliberation - and you each tin diligence this with Wiliot straight by each means due to the fact that we've built a large narration with them.

They were precise impressed with however accelerated we got up to velocity with the accumulation and the prime of the accumulation and the output of the accumulation that's coming out. That gives america assurance that we volition beryllium successful a bully presumption for deliveries that I already mentioned.

I besides would mention, arsenic you said, we were readying much truly astatine the information that, that wasn't coming through, we could pivot successful and bring successful much request astatine bully gross margins to capable successful what we had expected would beryllium Wiliot shipments. It does amusement – gives you a information constituent that there's immoderate breadth of request there.

So, I'll halt there, and I tin adhd much colour if you want. But did that code each of the questions you were asking?

Anthony Stoss

Yes, no, to immoderate degree, I wanted to displacement gears connected STMicro, arsenic you know, I'm a large instrumentality of STMicro successful covering it. The 1 accelerated way plan that you talked about, was that a caller customer, caller design? Second portion question is, fixed the issues you've had with NXP, tin you - are you focusing connected STMicro going guardant to effort to bring that down from 85% of your designs to 50-50? Or I guess, however extensively bash you program to usage STMicro?

Steven Humphreys

Amir, you privation to deed the circumstantial task and shipment of chips?

Amir Khoshniyati

Sure. So, I would accidental the archetypal measurement present with ST was to transverse suffice a merchandise that would beryllium agnostic successful the market. So it wasn't conscionable defined arsenic a concern that's tuned down to 1 lawsuit solely. Now we bash person 1 lawsuit exertion that's picking up traction astir it. So we person a usage case.

But astatine the extremity of the day, we're putting each of our value connected the customers to marque a enactment of which absorption they privation to go. We person options for them, which mitigates the hazard and the dependency connected 1 supplier.

The different broadside of it is with the NXP, they are a strategical spouse of america historically. So they enactment arsenic an hold of our income team. They locomotion america into a batch of opportunities. So that inactive is afloat intact. Our anticipation is present with the ST partnership, customers present person much flexibility, not lone with the decisions they make, but besides we person 2 suppliers that enactment arsenic extensions of our income unit and locomotion america into much opportunities.

Anthony Stoss

Got it. Thank you. If I could conscionable sneak successful 1 for Justin, connected the Thailand installation versus Malaysia, however large a bump wide erstwhile it's afloat ramped? Do you deliberation you tin get to gross margins from Thailand versus Malaysia?

Justin Scarpulla

Probably 5% to 6%.

Anthony Stoss

Perfect. Thanks guys. Best of luck.

Steven Humphreys

Thanks, Tony.


The adjacent question comes from Mike Latimore with Northland. Mike, delight proceed.

Unidentified Analyst

Hi guys. This is Alan connected for Mike. When was the adjacent tranche of manufacturing capableness to beryllium complete? And volition that get you to the $500 cardinal portion level?

Steven Humphreys

Sure. The adjacent measurement is erstwhile Thailand is coming online, which volition beryllium successful the June clip frame, that volition get america into the precocious 300s, 400, and then, determination volition beryllium much instrumentality delivered successful the 4th fourth successful the October clip framework and that volition get america to that 0.5 cardinal unit. It was now. Again, 0.5 cardinal units successful presumption of process passes.

If you person thing similar a Wiliot oregon a mobile instrumentality that volition sometimes instrumentality 2 passes and it won't beryllium that galore devices coming out. But from a terms constituent perspective, if you deliberation astir debased $0.20 per portion past that times the capableness gives you much of a consciousness of the gross capacity. Does that reply what you're asking for?

Unidentified Analyst

Yes, for sure. And then, if I could compression 1 more. I guess, however is ostentation affecting your customers' request levels from their customers if it is astatine all? And person you been capable to rise prices and if so, by however much?

Steven Humphreys

So that’s 2 questions there. First, inflation. We haven't seen ostentation deed it truthful overmuch arsenic fearfulness of recession and recessionary effects. So handset income dropping a small bit, that's much recession than inflation, I think, similarly, customers being cautious astir fund deployment for caller merchandise launches, that's much recessionary concern, I deliberation than inflationary concern. And past terms rises, Amir, you privation to interaction connected on?

Amir Khoshniyati

Yeah, customers are blessed to get products. So from our standpoint, prices person not affected them and we've been successful a steadfast presumption to rise them and we did 2 of them. We did 1 past year, midway done the twelvemonth and past we did different 1 effectual January 1st.

Unidentified Analyst

Great. Thanks guys.


We person reached the extremity of the question and reply league and I volition present crook the telephone implicit to absorption for closing remarks.

Steven Humphreys

All right. Thanks, operator, and acknowledgment to each of you for joining america today. As you tin hear, we're precise affirmative astir the concern accidental and particularly the caller markets that we're already starring successful and we're expanding into. And we truly expect this pb to grow due to the fact that the teams we've built truly are best-in-class.

And I deliberation you'll spot that it shows successful the marketplace stock we're already winning, the partnerships we're building, the quality to grow accumulation and triumph immoderate strategical business, portion we're besides expanding gross margins and EBITDA margins and that each comes from the spot of the exertion and the teams.

So, arsenic we spell guardant adjacent to here, my last remark is that rebuilding capitalist assurance is truly a apical precedence for america this year, and we truly admit the continued enactment we've been getting. We'll support giving updates connected our advancement with milestones and metrics and ongoing capitalist and expert entree and outreach.

And then, meanwhile, of course, the immense bulk of our squad volition beryllium focusing connected gathering our business. So, convey you each again for joining america and person a bully evening.


This concludes today's league and you whitethorn disconnect your lines astatine this time. Thank you for your participation.

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