Investors want SBI Cards to make the most of growing credit card spends

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Despite SBI Cards performing good with its indebtedness publication expanding and plus ratios getting better, investors person been lukewarm connected the stock

March 03, 2023 / 08:48 AM IST

Investors privation SBI Cards to marque the astir of increasing recognition paper spends

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By Alekh Angre Highlights SBI Cards accounts for astir a 5th of outstanding cards and spends successful the industry It led the manufacture successful caller paper additions connected a nett ground successful January 2023 Asset prime has improved RBI’s tightening of regulations has been weighing connected the stock Hardening of involvement rates has led to outgo of funds rising Another symptom constituent for investors has been the stagnant stock of revolvers successful gross receivables Digital lending platforms are gaining popularity, offering contention to recognition cards SBI Cards and Payment...

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