IRB Infra, BHEL, NCC, J Kumar Infra, L&T: CLSA raises price targets on these 5 stocks; here's why

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Foreign brokerage CLSA has accrued terms targets connected 5 stocks namely Larsen & Toubro (L&T), IRB Infra, J Kumar Infra, NCC and BHEL. For Larsen & Toubro, the brokerage raised its people to Rs 2,570 from Rs 2,350 level earlier. For IRB Infra, it accrued its people to Rs 360 from Rs 306 earlier. In the lawsuit of J Kumar Infra, the overseas brokerage raised its people to Rs 385 from Rs 364; for NCC the people is raised to Rs 118 from Rs 101 level. In the lawsuit of BHEL, the overseas broking steadfast accrued its people terms to Rs 57 from Rs 43.

The brokerage expects 2023 to beryllium a twelvemonth to bargain users of materials. It said India engineering and operation (E&C) assemblage stocks could beryllium re-rated and outperform successful 2023.

The upgrade successful terms targets of the 5 stocks was seen, arsenic CLSA rolled guardant its valuations, factored successful a chopped successful the risk-free complaint to 7.25 per cent (from 7.75 per cent) and related re-ratings of PEs.


For L&T, it believes a tailwind for its bid inflows, double-digit maturation successful halfway E&C execution, borderline enlargement aft 3 years, 233 bps enlargement successful ROEs, superior reallocation, bonus dividends, and an inexpensive valuation should assistance L&T outperform the marketplace again successful 2023. 


Despite raising its target, CLSA reiterated its SELL standing connected BHEL arsenic India’s net-zero  pledge, benign thermal capableness utilisation fixed deficiency of powerfulness request maturation implicit FY19-21, and its interaction connected discom financials permission fewer near-term catalysts.

J Kumar Infra

CLSA has maintained its 'BUY' standing connected J Kumar Infra arsenic it finds it an inexpensive play connected high-growth

urbanisation capex with a foothold successful metro obstruction contracting. It has raised J Kumar Infra's EPS estimates by 0-15 per cent for FY23-25 connected improved execution and borderline visibility.

IRB Infra

CLSA said the cardinal communicative for IRB Infra, which is present a Ferrovial and GIC radical company, is that the institution should commencement firing connected some cylinders of toll postulation rebound and pickup successful backlog from December quarter. Traffic connected its flagship Mumbai–Pune expressway is increasing but the cardinal catalyst, CLSA said, is an 18 per cent tariff hike – a once- in-3-years lawsuit – owed from April 1, 2023. The remainder of its roads should unafraid 8 per cent-plus toll hikes for FY24, CLSA said.


CLSA expects the India’s third-largest operation backlog institution to beryllium a cardinal beneficiary of India’s capex-focused Budget. Its h2o portfolio puts it successful premier presumption for the cardinal government’s Rs 67,200 crore  (up 32 epr cent YoY) allocation for the Jal Jeevan Mission, CLSA said.

Sector outlook

CLSA expects beardown orders and execution to construe to EPS, led by benign materials prices. This is arsenic steel, bitumen and diesel prices person fallen 18 per cent, 15 per cent and 5 per cent from their caller peaks, raising the imaginable of faster execution with disposable margins successful 2023, the brokerage said.

"The authorities capex has sustained an E&C backlog successful the lack of backstage Capex successful the past 3 years, but it has not grown overmuch initially owed to gross unit from Covid and a emergence successful materials successful 2022 that made galore projects question caller approvals for higher costs," it noted.

CLSA said the authorities awards picked up 12-18 months anterior to the 2019 cardinal elections, and the aforesaid could hap successful 2023, which is the past model earlier the ordering embargo comes into effect successful 1Q24 for the April-May 2024 elections.

"Middle East capex should beryllium supported by past under-investment positive vigor transition. Industrial Capex is picking up, with prime industries similar alloy reaching 80 per cent-plus utilisation. Capacity adhd is apt to treble implicit FY22-25 for alloy and cement. PLI capex should statesman aft one-year delay, but overmuch of superior goods could beryllium imported," CLSA said.

India’s E&C and developers outperformed the wide marketplace for a 2nd twelvemonth successful a enactment successful 2022, and we deliberation the stars are aligned for a 3rd twelvemonth of outperformance. This is arsenic India’s engineering and operation (E&C) sector, excluding defence plays, person emerged stronger from a Covid-hit FY20-22 successful presumption of equilibrium sheets and outgo structures, and are present seeing a revival successful backlogs, stronger execution led by construction, and expanding margins from BHEL.

The revival of backstage capex is visible, with L&T winning its biggest backstage bid successful 4 years, helping it to prolong its backlog astatine double-digits, CLSA said.

"Book-to-bill (BTB) bounced to 3.1 times (2.9 times 2QFY22), supporting execution visibility until FY25. The outlook has improved with 18 per cent, 15 per cent and 5 per cent falls successful steel, bitumen and diesel prices, raising the imaginable of faster execution with disposable margins successful 2023. Business visibility (BTB 3 times), an bid pick-up and borderline visibility are rerating catalysts. We set net and rise our people prices for our E&C coverage," it said successful a enactment connected January 11.

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