Islamabad Club suspends corporate membership of NEST, returns money

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ISLAMABAD: The elite Islamabad Club has suspended the firm rank of National Endowment Scholarships for Talent (NEST) and returned Rs25 cardinal to the said organisation.

In effect to a news report, the absorption of the Islamabad Club stated that the caller committee of the Islamabad Club “detected amerciable firm rank of National Endowment Scholarships for Talent, a government-owned organisation nether Section 42 of Companies Ordinance, established done nationalist funds and reported the substance to the premier minister”.

The connection claimed that the head of the Islamabad Club instantly suspended the rank of the unit of NEST and highlighted this substance to the Ministry of Education.

The absorption of the nine went connected to authorities that authorities funds amounting to Rs25 cardinal which were wrongly utilized for obtaining firm rank of the nine portion concealing facts and the non-profit charter of NEST person been refunded.

It whitethorn beryllium mentioned that the further caput of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training heads NEST arsenic its CEO. The committee headed by erstwhile acquisition curate Shafqat Mehmood approved the firm rank of NEST. The consequent approvals for the issuance of complimentary cards and the merchandise of Rs25 cardinal were allegedly granted by further secretaries Mohiyuddin Wani and Asim Iqbal, respectively. Mr Wani is presently moving arsenic Gilgit-Baltistan main caput and Mr Iqbal is posted successful the Cabinet Division.

The premier minister’s spokesperson told Dawn that the PM’s Office ordered an enquiry into this substance that led to the termination of the 4 NEST officials. He did not disclose what enactment was being taken against elder bureaucrats who accorded approvals for the membership.

According to the sources successful the Establishment Division, Mr Wani was facing scrutiny. The Ministry of Education and Professional Training shared the documents related to the approvals of rank with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for forensic investigation to ascertain the authenticity of his signatures, they added. The ministry besides sought suspension of Mr Iqbal.

It whitethorn beryllium noted present that 2 elder bureaucrats are successful blistery h2o and 4 cardinal officials of the National Endowment Scholarships for Talent person been dismissed from work for splurging astatine slightest Rs25 cardinal to get rank successful the elite Islamabad Club.

The committee of directors (BOD) successful its gathering held connected Nov 3, 2021 approved firm rank for NEST and initially nominated 4 enforcement officers, namely Athar Hussain Zaidi, Faysal Qasim, Qamar Safdar and Quratulain Talha for issuance of complimentary cards for the nine membership. The BOD had besides approved that the “monthly subscription charges [of the executives] shall beryllium paid by the institution [NEST]”.

Published successful Dawn, January 12th, 2023

Source Dawn