JI insists 15 million citizens remain uncounted in Karachi census

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KARACHI: The Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) connected Thursday claimed that immoderate 15 cardinal Karachiites remained uncounted successful the enumeration process, informing that the “fraud” successful the sanction of integer census volition not beryllium accepted and the enactment volition attack judiciary against the “flawed exercise”.

Addressing a property league astatine the enactment headquarters, Idara Noor-i-Haq, the JI Karachi main Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman alleged that the authorities removed the information of the 2017 census from the website successful bid to conceal their misdeeds.

“We had made it wide successful the Islamabad gathering that we don’t privation specified extensions [in deadlines]. The basal request is to number Karachiites successful full,” helium said. “The authorities had besides assured america that they were extending the chopped disconnected day for the census workout to guarantee that each and each idiosyncratic is covered. However, the authorities failed to support the committedness and, alternatively compromised with the PPP to support the latter’s interests,” helium alleged.

He referred to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics information which suggested that immoderate 38,000 high-rise buildings successful the metropolis were not covered during the census and, successful immoderate cases, lone the names of the heads of families surviving connected the archetypal fewer floors were registered, whereas adjacent the houses connected the remainder of floors were not counted.

“Jamaat-i-Islami has conducted a survey connected this contented successful respective areas of the metropolis and compiled a elaborate report, highlighting each and each block, thoroughfare and municipality successful antithetic neighbourhoods which remained uncounted during the census. We adjacent shared that information with the authorities acrophobic but to nary avail,” said the JI chief.

Hafiz Naeem claims galore houses connected precocious storeys successful high-rises person not been enumerated

He pointed retired that the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) information showed that 19.1 cardinal radical were imperishable residents of the city, whereas millions others were surviving successful the metropolis arsenic non-permanent residents.

“And those whose information is not disposable with Nadra are not included successful these figures,” helium added. “It’s a question people connected the authenticity of the census data. But unfortunately, contempt each these flaws, immoderate governmental parties person bargained the rights of Karachi and Karachiites against positions, ministries and perks. Any specified woody and those who made it volition beryllium exposed,” helium said.

Published successful Dawn, May 26th, 2023

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