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John Carmack, the programmer who brought america Doom, Quake and Oculus/Meta virtual world products, has resigned from his enforcement advisor station for virtual world astatine Meta.

In a station to employees, Carmack said, “This is the extremity of my decennary successful VR. I person mixed feelings.”

Carmack joined the VR squad astatine Oculus successful 2013, resigning from his occupation astatine Bethesda’s id Software and shifting from accepted games to VR. He continued connected aft astatine then-Facebook acquired Oculus for $4 cardinal successful 2014. In 2019, helium stepped down from the CTO relation astatine Oculus for the consulting role.

“Quest 2 is astir precisely what I wanted to spot from the opening — mobile hardware, wrong retired tracking, optional PC streaming, 4K (ish) screen, outgo effective,” helium wrote. “Despite each the complaints I person astir our software, millions of radical are inactive getting worth retired of it. We person a bully product. It is successful, and palmy products marque the satellite a amended place. It each could person happened a spot faster and been going amended if antithetic decisions had been made, but we built thing beauteous adjacent to the close thing.”

John Carmack gets his BAFTA Fellowhip grant for his enactment successful gaming.

He said the contented was the company’s efficiency. He said that an enactment that has lone known inefficiency is “ill prepared for the inevitable contention and oregon loop tightening, but really, it is the much idiosyncratic symptom of seeing a 5% GPU utilization fig successful production. I americium offended by it.” (In a Facebook post, Carmack said helium was being “overly poetic here.”


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Carmack said, “We person a ridiculous magnitude of radical and resources, but we perpetually self-sabotage and squander effort. There is nary mode to sweetener overgarment this; I deliberation our enactment is operating astatine fractional the effectiveness that would marque maine happy. Some whitethorn scoff and contend we are doing conscionable fine, but others volition laughter and accidental ‘Half? Ha! I’m astatine 4th efficiency!”

He said this was a conflict for him, and adjacent though helium has a dependable astatine the highest level, helium feels similar helium should person been capable to determination things along. He said helium has “never been capable to termination anserine things earlier they origin damage, oregon acceptable a absorption and person a squad really instrumentality to it.” He called this self-inflicted, arsenic helium ne'er did determination to Menlo Park wherever Meta is based. But helium said helium was engaged programming and astir apt would person mislaid enactment battles anyway.

“Enough complaining,” helium said. “I wearied of the combat and person my ain startup to run, but the combat is inactive winnable! VR tin bring worth to astir of the radical successful the world, and nary institution is amended positioned to bash it than Meta. Maybe it really is imaginable to get determination by conscionable plowing up with existent practices, but determination is plentifulness of country for improvement.”

Back successful August, Carmack tweeted that his Keen Technologies had raised $20 million. Meta CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth thanked Carmack for his enactment successful a tweet.

Carmack often criticized his bosses successful interior and outer communications. And helium besides often blasted Bethesda’s proprietor ZeniMax Media, which acquired id Software successful 2009. ZeniMax and id sued Oculus and Oculus laminitis Palmer Luckey successful 2014 for allegedly misappropriating commercialized secrets. The ailment called retired Carmack’s relation helping Oculus portion helium was inactive moving for ZeniMax. The suit was settled successful 2018.

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