Kasten by Veeam launches Kasten K10 V6 for enterprise-grade ransomware protection for Kubernetes

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Kasten by Veeam, the marketplace person for Kubernetes backup and catastrophe recovery, announced the merchandise of its caller Kasten K10 V6.0 Kubernetes information extortion platform. The caller merchandise includes features that volition assistance customers standard their unreality autochthonal information extortion much efficiently, amended support their applications and information against ransomware attacks, and summation accessibility by adding caller unreality autochthonal integrations.

Kubernetes was designed to alteration greater productivity – helping enterprises standard automation to negociate precise large deployments recovered wrong containerized environments. Kubernetes has present garnered industry-standard presumption arsenic unreality autochthonal architecture fuels wide exertion modernization. Now, IT budgets are tightening, and the unit to bash much with little is growing. At the aforesaid time, information issues stay apical of caput crossed each concern segments, with 85% of each organizations suffering astatine slightest 1 cyber-attack successful the past 12 months.

Kasten K10 V6.0 bridges the request for accrued operational ratio and concern resiliency successful unreality autochthonal environments. The solution introduces recently enhanced capabilities to execute backup and catastrophe betterment with intelligent policies, widen menace detection capabilities, and uphold state of prime successful presumption of selecting best-of-breed components of the underlying infrastructure.

“Enterprises deploying unreality autochthonal applications contiguous look 2 main challenges. They request to support their captious assets against cyberattacks portion scaling applications and underlying infrastructure successful the astir businesslike manner,” said Gaurav Rishi, Vice President of Product and Partnerships astatine Kasten by Veeam. “Kasten K10 V6.0 addresses these issues caput on, introducing quality and automation astatine each layers of the backup and betterment process with heavy ecosystem integrations including Red Hat OpenShift for endeavor people information protection. We besides region friction from the process by aligning with the tools and processes customers already use.”

New capabilities of Kasten K10 V6.0 include:

  • Enterprise-Grade Ransomware Protection: Kasten K10 V6.0 enables organizations to make proactive ransomware extortion strategies by improving suspicious enactment detection capabilities, providing immutable backups, and elevating their capableness for instant recovery. The caller merchandise extends menace detection capabilities by logging each events into Kubernetes Audit natively. The Kubernetes Audit logs tin past beryllium analyzed holistically by intelligent menace detection solutions to look for and emblem patterns of abnormal, suspicious activity. The quality to interface with AWS Secrets Manager to store/retrieve passcodes allows for much flexibility successful implementing a hardened, unafraid catastrophe betterment (DR) workflow for K10 itself. Also, Kasten K10’s Kubernetes autochthonal policies tin beryllium integrated into Infrastructure arsenic Code to supply “guardrails,” allowing for hazard mitigation, operational consistency, and automation.
  • Scalability and Efficiency Improvements: A caller exertion fingerprinting diagnostic enables recently deployed stateful applications to beryllium automatically mapped to due blueprints to execute due information consistency. This helps to trim risk, minimize complexity, nurture operational consistency, and enforce improved compliance, paving the mode for scale. Kasten K10 V6.0 besides offers an improved metadata translation acquisition (as typically required erstwhile restoring oregon migrating applications crossed environments), a streamlined VM reconstruct workflow for Red Hat OpenShift virtualization and multi-cluster licence management, allowing for an improved and much businesslike idiosyncratic experience.
  • Cloud Native Expansion: Kasten K10 continues to adhd the astir up-to-date unreality autochthonal integrations that facilitate caller workloads and retention types, hybrid deployments and accrued information capabilities. Kasten K10 V6.0 present supports Kubernetes 1.26, Red Hat OpenShift 4.12 and a caller built-in blueprint for Amazon RDS, allowing for broader scope and interoperability. The level besides added further hybrid unreality enactment connected GCP, cross-platform reconstruct targets for VMware Tanzu environments, and caller Cisco Hybrid Cloud CVD with Red Hat OpenShift and Kasten K10. Adding caller retention options for NetApp ONTAP S3 and Dell-EMC ECS S3 allows for much state of prime and interoperability with retention targets.

“The progressively intricate and blase quality of Kubernetes clusters makes deploying caller services and ensuring capable information extortion for them a daunting task,” said Danny Allan, CTO and Senior Vice President of Product Strategy astatine Veeam. “With Kasten K10 V6.0 integrated into the Veeam Data Platform, customers tin trim complexity successful their Kubernetes deployments, allowing their unreality autochthonal environments to scope their afloat potential. At the aforesaid time, the caller merchandise helps them treble down connected information extortion and information resilience astatine a clip erstwhile they can’t spend to compromise connected either factor.”

Kasten by Veeam continues to beryllium the acknowledged person successful the Kubernetes information backup and betterment market, arsenic recognized by galore manufacture accolades. One caller illustration is the 2023 variation of GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection, successful which Kasten by Veeam is featured arsenic some a Leader and Outperformer, the lone vendor achieving specified a favoritism for 3 years successful a enactment since the inception of the report. This explains the sizeable and accelerating momentum Kasten by Veeam is enjoying successful the marketplace, yielding adjacent triple digit, year-over-year-growth successful fiscal twelvemonth 2022.

General availability of the caller Kasten K10 V6.0 is expected successful precocious Q2 and volition beryllium featured during some Red Hat Summit and VeeamON 2023, the assemblage lawsuit for information betterment experts, taking spot online May 22-24 and successful idiosyncratic successful Miami, Fla. Designed by and built for the backup and betterment professional, attendees volition grow their skills, larn however to support their businesses from ransomware, and stock manufacture cognition with exclusive contented from Microsoft, AWS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and more.

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