Lenovo announces cheaper Mini LED monitors with 140 W power delivery

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Lenovo ThinkVision P32pz-30 mini led monitor

Enlarge / Lenovo expects its caller 31.5-inch Mini LED show to outgo $1,599. (credit: Lenovo)

Lenovo is preparing to merchandise a brace of Mini LED monitors that are cheaper than its existent Mini LED offering but don't skimp connected features. The 4K USB-C displays connection up to a whopping 140 W implicit USB-C, the astir utmost power-delivery spec we've ever seen a show claim.

Both of the 27-inch ThinkVision P27pz-30 and 31.5-inch P32pz-30 person a USB4 larboard supporting up to 40Gbps information and video and up to 140 W. USB-C monitors with powerfulness transportation are fashionable with galore types of users, from Mac users without HDMI oregon DisplayPorts to Windows radical seeking a streamlined setup with an ultralight PC. Monitors similar the Apple Studio Display (up to 96 W), HP's E242d G4 (up to 100 W), and Lenovo's archetypal Mini LED monitor, the ThinkVision Creator Extreme (up to 90 W), person capable foodstuff to support almighty thin-and-light systems happy, but astatine 140 W, creatives and the similar tin see workstation-level systems.

Lenovo's announcement said each of its upcoming Mini LED monitors tin enactment up to 2 daisy-chained 4K monitors. The monitors besides person different USB-C larboard offering 15 W of powerfulness transportation for smaller devices, similar smartphones.

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Source Arstechnica