Mega Millions’ jackpot is up to $1.1 billion. What you need to know before the next drawing

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  • Published: Jan. 08, 2023, 5:00 a.m.

Mega Millions jackpot

Mega Millions' estimated jackpot heading into Tuesday is present $1.1 billion. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) APAP

Ever wondered what it mightiness beryllium similar to beryllium a billionaire?

Well, you volition person a accidental to spot that phantasy travel existent with this week’s Mega Millions drawing. Because the jackpot is mode past “millions,” close connected up determination astatine $1.1 billion.

And, sure, you astir apt person a amended accidental of getting struck by lightning 2 oregon 3 times than really hitting the jackpot, but … there’s a chance. In fact, according to USA Today you person a 1 successful 302.6 cardinal accidental astatine picking the winning numbers.

This is, according to reports, the 3rd largest jackpot successful the game’s history, and it built up to this large payday due to the fact that cipher has won the crippled since October. The largest Mega Millions payday came successful 2018 erstwhile idiosyncratic successful South Carolina won $1.537 billion. A fortunate victor successful Illinois won $1.337 past July.

Here’s everything other you request to cognize heading into the large drawing:

WHEN: The adjacent drafting volition instrumentality spot astatine 11 p.m. connected Tuesday, January 11.

JACKPOT: Estimated $1.1 billion.

CASH OPTION: The level currency outgo enactment would reportedly wage retired $568.7 million.

ODDS OF WINNING: 1 successful 302.6 million.

OTHER PAYOUTS: Just due to the fact that you don’t deed the jackpot doesn’t mean you can’t instrumentality location a bully chunk of alteration with a full batch of luck. While cipher deed the jackpot successful Friday’s drawing, $4.4 cardinal was paid out, according to USA TODAY, with winning tickets ranging from $2 to $1 million. It said that 115 tickets matched 4 balls positive the mega shot which pays retired $10,000, and that 15 of those tickets added the Megaplier making them worthy $30,000

TICKETS: Tickets outgo $2 each oregon $3 if you adhd the Megaplier. They tin beryllium purchased astatine stores oregon online astatine Pennsylvania’s Lottery website.

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