Microsoft will forcibly remove Internet Explorer from most Windows 10 PCs today

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Microsoft volition forcibly region Internet Explorer from astir Windows 10 PCs today

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Internet Explorer 11 was ne'er Windows 10's superior browser—that would beryllium the old, pre-Chromium mentation of Microsoft Edge. But IE did proceed to vessel with Windows 10 for compatibility reasons, and IE11 remained installed and accessible successful astir versions of Windows 10 adjacent aft security updates for the browser ended successful June of 2022. That ends today, arsenic Microsoft's enactment documentation says that a Microsoft Edge browser update volition afloat disable Internet Explorer successful astir versions of Windows 10, redirecting users to Edge.

Edge volition "automatically" transportation implicit bookmarks and different browsing information from IE and show a dialog container letting users cognize what has happened truthful that the past fewer radical utilizing Internet Explorer retired of habit, ignorance, oregon spite volition beryllium afloat alert of what's going on. Clicking immoderate IE icon oregon attempting to motorboat it from the Start oregon Run menus volition automatically unfastened Edge instead.

Microsoft ne'er shipped immoderate mentation of Internet Explorer successful Windows 11, truthful thing volition alteration if you're already moving Microsoft's latest OS.

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