Netanyahu’s wife besieged on salon trip

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AS anti-government protests stitchery steam successful Israel, hundreds of protesters besieged the woman of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu successful a Tel Aviv hairsbreadth salon connected Wednesday, prompting the involution of police, according to The Times of Israel.

In a time of “rare” clashes betwixt constabulary and protesters successful Tel Aviv, demonstrators rushed to Kikar HaMedina Plaza upon proceeding that Prime Minister’s woman Sara Netanyahu was astatine a hairsbreadth salon there, the study said.

“The state is burning and Sara is getting a haircut,” protesters chan­ted — a operation that rhymes successful Hebrew — portion others chanted “May your hairsbreadth ends burn”, it added.

The archetypal woman was yet evacuated by the police. Later, Mr Netan­yahu tweeted a representation of him embracing his wife. “The anarchy needs to halt — it could extremity up costing lives,” helium wrote.

The study said absorption leaders supporting the protests were taken aback by demonstrators’ determination to situation Ms Netanyahu astatine the salon and called connected protesters to fto her leave.

The incidental occurred arsenic the premier compared protesters who clashed with constabulary to settlers who rampaged thro­ugh a Pale­stinian town, according to the report.

In Tel Aviv, the constabulary utilized h2o cannons and stun grenades against dem­on­strators who tried to artifact the Ayalon Highway, the archetypal clip specified means were utilized successful caller demonstrations, the media outlet reported.

Published successful Dawn, March 3rd, 2023

Source Dawn