Nigerian-based startup, Taeillo, raises $2.5m funding to expand its product

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 Asalaam alaikum,

Lately, substance scarcity has been persistent successful Nigeria. You should cognize this adjacent if you unrecorded nether a rock.  😂

Jokes aside, to code the issue, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited has increased the fig of large lipid marketers from 7 to 27.

It means these marketers volition get their products from the NNPC astatine regulated prices of ₦148/litre ($0.33/litre)

These stations would beryllium required to merchantability petrol to customers astatine regulated prices ranging from ₦170 ($0.38) to ₦190 ($0.43) per litre, depending connected location.

However, lipid marketers and manufacture experts person differing reactions. 

While immoderate assertion it’s intended to summation substance proviso crossed the country, others assertion it would not impact the situation. What bash you think? Please, deed the reply fastener to stock your thoughts.

Here’s what I’ve got for you today: 

  • ARCON warns contented creators
  • Taeillo’s $2.5m funding
  • Twitter rolls retired Community Notes globally

ARCON warns contented creators

If you’re a contented creator, I’ve got quality for you.

For context, contented creators are marque owners, integer agencies, advertizing stakeholders successful the integer online media space, and secondary integer media abstraction owners, including bloggers, vloggers, influencers, comedians, skit makers, 

What’s the news? Yesterday, Nigeria’s advertizing regulator, the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), warned contented creators to question support earlier advertizing immoderate merchandise oregon work online.

According to the regulator, this is captious pursuing complaints astir unregulated advertisements, advertising, and selling communications activities of contented creators.

ARCON said this informing results from provisions successful the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice and the ARCON Act 2022.

Director General, Dr Olalekan Fadolapo said, “Most of the advertisements exposed by this radical [content creators] are not lone unethical with unverified claims and misinformation, but besides successful usurpation of the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice.” 

Anyone caught violating the Act and Code volition look sanctions and ineligible action. 

Sidebar: In October 2022, ARCON banned its members from utilizing overseas models and voice-over artists successful Nigeria. 

Remember that earlier then, the prohibition connected utilizing overseas models was already successful place. ARCON lone prohibited utilizing non-Nigerian voiceover artists arsenic portion of the Nigerian government’s program to make section talent.
Also, the regulator sued Meta for ₦30 cardinal ($70 million) for amerciable and unvetted ads posted connected its platforms.

Taeillo’s $2.5m funding

Nigerian-based startup, Taeillo, announced its $2.5 cardinal successful “expansion” backing from Aruwa Capital, a Nigeria-based early-stage maturation equity and gender-lens fund. 

Founded by Jumoke Dada successful 2018, Taeillo is an online furnishings eCommerce store. 

It sources earthy materials from section suppliers and manufactures furnishings pieces from sofas and beds to chairs and tables, which it sells to individuals and businesses. 

Taeillo says it has struggled to conscionable request owed to the popularity of immoderate of its furnishings among the Nigerian millennial and working-class demographics, taking months to present products connected aggregate occasions. 

According to Dada, 1 of the reasons for agelong hold times is owed to moving with third-party providers, which see suppliers and logistics services.

So, the institution intends to usage the funds to trim transportation times to astir 3-5 days by pre-manufacturing immoderate of its best-selling furnishings alternatively than waiting until customers spot orders earlier starting production.

The concern volition besides assistance the institution grow its “Pay with Flexi” product, which allows customers to bargain furnishings and wage successful instalments.

Twitter rolls retired Community Notes globally

Last weekend, Twitter announced that Community Notes, a crowdsourced fact-checking system, is disposable globally. 

The diagnostic lets users adhd discourse to tweets and uses an open-source attack to debunk misinformation. Moderators successful the programme tin adhd notes to tweets to supply context, and users tin ballot connected whether the discourse is useful. 

Previously Birdwatch, Elon Musk rebranded it to Community Notes soon aft helium took implicit Twitter. 

He sees it arsenic captious to the aboriginal of Twitter moderation, believing it “is a gamechanger for improving accuracy connected Twitter.” 

The archetypal conception down Community Notes was to make a strategy that would adhd a furniture of fact-checking and discourse to tweets that did not needfully interruption Twitter’s rules. 

However, Musk believes Community Notes whitethorn play an adjacent bigger role, arsenic Twitter present employs acold less moderators owed to layoffs.

Community Notes was antecedently lone disposable to users successful the United States. Twitter intends to adhd moderators from different regions shortly.

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