PCB writes to ICC for speedy visa processing for fans and journalists ahead of 2023 World Cup

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has written to the International Cricket Council (ICC) requesting that the visa process for media and fans who privation to question to India for the upcoming World Cup beryllium expedited.

According to a PTI report, the PCB, which had written to the ICC earlier this period implicit the visa hold for the players, raised its concerns astir visas for Pakistan fans and media connected this occasion.

The PCB has expressed concerns that the visa process is taking excessively agelong and that this could forestall galore media unit and fans from attending the tournament. The PCB has besides pointed retired that the tourney is conscionable a fewer weeks away, and that determination is simply a request for urgent enactment to beryllium taken.

The PCB requested swift enactment from the ICC connected the visa process for spectators and media successful an email. While it is hard to estimation the fig of fans asking for Indian visas, astir 50 journalists are apt to question for the World Cup.

The External Affairs Ministry is reviewing the names of journalists who privation to screen the 50-over event. Because Pakistan is connected India's anterior notation database (PRC), the applications volition necessitate support from the ministries of outer affairs, location affairs, and sports, PTI quoted BCCI sources arsenic saying.

"The visa applications for Pakistan media are being facilitated," a BCCI root told PTI.

A PCB root added, "It is alarming that the media and fans are yet to beryllium informed astir the visa policy, arsenic Pakistan person already played their archetypal of the 2 warm-ups and volition play their archetypal World Cup contention successful six days.

"The PCB expects that the ICC and different applicable authorities volition expedite the substance arsenic determination is simply a increasing anxiousness among Pakistan fans and journalists who privation to enactment and screen their squad successful the ICC CWC 2023," the root stated successful notation to the email written to the International Cricket Council.

Pakistan volition play against the Netherlands successful their World Cup opener connected October 6 successful Hyderabad, and the PCB volition beryllium hoping that these visa concerns are resolved earlier past truthful that supporters tin show their enactment for the squad astatine the stadium. The PCB has requested assistance from the ICC erstwhile more, and they expect the competent authorities to instrumentality further enactment connected the matter. In their 2nd warm-up game, Pakistan volition look Australia.

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