People paying heavy price for ‘regime change’ plot: Imran

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LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that radical are paying a dense terms for the authorities alteration conspiracy wherever a “bunch of criminals” person been foisted upon the federation by the erstwhile service chief.

The erstwhile premier’s remarks connected Twitter attracted a crisp effect from Pakistan Muslim League-N main organiser Maryam Nawaz, who held his authorities liable for the economical crisis.

Mr Khan posted a tweet aft the Pakistani currency depreciated by astir Rs19 to a dollar successful a azygous time connected Thursday. “Rupee slaughtered — mislaid implicit 62 per cent oregon Rs110 [to a dollar] successful 11 months of PDM (government),” helium wrote.

The PTI main stated that the monolithic devaluation of the section currency had accrued nationalist indebtedness unsocial by Rs14.3 trillion and ostentation to a grounds precocious of 31.6pc.

PDM undoing ‘mess’ created by PTI govt, Maryam quips

“Pakistanis [are] paying [a] dense terms of authorities alteration conspiracy wherever a clump of criminals person been foisted upon federation by ex-COAS,” helium said.

While rejecting Mr Khan’s onslaught connected the PDM government, Maryam Nawaz expressed her astonishment implicit the PTI leader’s remarks and said the existent authorities was really clearing the “mess” created by the PTI government.

“Mighty audacious of you to criticise those who’re undoing your messiness created done your ruthless plunder, incompetence, misplaced priorities, cruel woody that you struck with IMF and past its breach that plunged the state into economical turmoil. So beryllium down!” she tweeted, addressing the PTI chairman.

In different tweet, the PML-N person pledged to ‘block’ Mr Khan’s effort to regain powerfulness with the assistance of judiciary.

“Let’s not hide to convey each those for this mayhem who handpicked and fed you [Imran] for 4 years, arsenic good arsenic the remnants of their power successful the judiciary that you are present banking on. Won’t fto that happen,” she said.

Mr Khan successful an earlier tweet chided the “imported regime” portion posting the representation of retired Lt Gen Amjad Shuaib successful jail.

“I consciousness embarrassed arsenic a Pakistani to witnesser the depths we person sunk to acknowledgment to this imported authorities of a cabal of crooks and their handlers,” helium said.

The PTI main said that successful their desperation to cling to powerfulness and muzzle each dissenting voices, they had jailed a “respected, patriotic” Pakistani connected sedition charges.

Published successful Dawn, March 3rd, 2023

Source Dawn