Pie, Oh My! Apple Pay Users Can Score a Sweet Deal at Pizza Hut, But Not For Long

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Apple Inc‘s AAPL customers utilizing Apple Pay facilities tin get a discount astatine Yum! Brands Inc’s YUM Pizza Hut — but it won’t beryllium determination for long. 

What Happened: On Thursday, immoderate Apple customers received an email astir getting $5 disconnected connected their adjacent bid of $15 oregon much by utilizing Apple Pay astatine Pizza Hut betwixt March 2 to 5, according to AppleInsider. 

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Some presumption and conditions use to this mouthwatering deal: users tin acquisition via Pizza Hut’s authoritative website oregon iOS app utilizing Apple Pay — but they indispensable beryllium astatine a qualifying location. 

Additionally, they indispensable person a Hut Rewards relationship and beryllium logged into it astatine the clip of purchase. The Rewards relationship indispensable beryllium subscribed to person selling emails from Pizza Hut. Residents supra 16 are eligible to avail of the reward. 

While the woody model is short, Apple Pay customers tin make Hut Rewards accounts for escaped and besides gain points to redeem constricted Pizza Hut products, the study noted.  

For the unversed, Apple Pay was launched successful the U.S. successful 2014 and it enables users to adhd a recognition oregon debit paper for unafraid contactless and in-app payments.

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