“Please slow down”—The 7 biggest AI stories of 2022

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Advances successful AI representation synthesis successful 2022 person made images similar this 1 possible.

Enlarge / AI representation synthesis advances successful 2022 person made images similar this 1 possible, which was created utilizing Stable Diffusion, enhanced with GFPGAN, expanded with DALL-E, and past manually composited together. (credit: Benj Edwards / Ars Technica)

More than erstwhile this year, AI experts person repeated a acquainted refrain: "Please dilatory down." AI quality successful 2022 has been rapid-fire and relentless; the infinitesimal you knew wherever things presently stood successful AI, a caller insubstantial oregon find would marque that knowing obsolete.

In 2022, we arguably deed the knee of the curve erstwhile it came to generative AI that tin nutrient originative works made up of text, images, audio, and video. This year, deep-learning AI emerged from a decade of research and began making its mode into commercialized applications, allowing millions of radical to effort retired the tech for the archetypal time. AI creations inspired wonder, created controversies, prompted existential crises, and turned heads.

Here's a look backmost astatine the 7 biggest AI quality stories of the year. It was hard to take lone seven, but if we didn't chopped it disconnected somewhere, we'd inactive beryllium penning astir this year's events good into 2023 and beyond.

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