Punjab cabinet empowered to remove vice chancellors

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LAHORE: An amendment to the Public Sector Universities Act of 2022 approved by the Punjab Assembly has empowered the main curate and the furniture to region a vice-chancellor (VC) earlier the expiry of his four-year tenure.

The Act was passed connected Dec 23, 2022, portion amendments were introduced regarding the assignment and removal of immoderate VC of the nationalist assemblage universities of the province.

The amendments were brought to the Acts of Punjab University of Lahore, Bahauddin Zakariya University of Multan, University of Engineering and Technology of Lahore, Islamia University of Bahawalpur, University of Engineering and Technology of Taxila, Fatima Jinnah Women University of Rawalpindi, Government College University of Lahore, University Education of Lahore, University of Sargodha, Lahore College for Women University of Lahore, Government College University of Faisalabad, University of Gujrat, Women University of Multan, Ghazi University of Dera Ghazi Khan, Information Technology University of the Punjab, Government Sadiq College Women University of Bahawalpur, Government College University of Sialkot, Government College Women University of Faisalabad, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Engineering and Technology of Multan, Khawja Fareeed University of Engineering and Technology of Rahim Yar Khan, University of Sahiwal, University of Jhang, University of Okara, University of Home Economics of Lahore, University of Narowal, University of Mianwali, Rawalpindi Women University, University of Chakwal, Kohsar University of Murree, Baba Guru Nanak University of Nankana Sahib, University of Bhakkar, Emerson University of Multan, and University of Kamalia.

According to the amendment, “the Search Committee shall urge to the Chancellor, successful bid of merit, a sheet of 3 persons who, successful its opinion, are suitable for assignment arsenic the Vice Chancellor and the Chancellor shall name the idiosyncratic of highest merit arsenic the Vice Chancellor unless determination are reasons successful penning by the chancellor for not appointing him arsenic such.”

Through different amendment successful the Act, the chancellor shall, pursuing the proposal of the cabinet, name the VC for each word of 4 years, but helium shall service astatine the pleasance of the chancellor. Provided that the Chancellor shall region the Vice Chancellor if truthful advised by the Cabinet.“

Punjab Minister for Higher Education Raja Yasir Hamayun Sarfraz told Dawn that the amendments made the process of assignment and removal of a VC clearer.

He said the amendments empowered the furniture to name the idiosyncratic with the highest people arsenic VC and region the VC for immoderate gross negligence and corruption.

Former hunt committee president Dr Khalid Aftab told Dawn that determination was ambiguity successful the assignment and removal of the VC, but technically the process was made clear.

He said helium besides projected appointing the highest-scoring idiosyncratic arsenic VC to the politician oregon chancellor during his tenure arsenic president of the hunt committee, but sometimes the chancellor selected a 2nd oregon 3rd person.

“I besides said that the chancellor should springiness a crushed for not appointing a idiosyncratic with the highest people successful the enactment process,” helium said.

About the removal of a VC from the post, helium said empowering the furniture could beryllium utilized to conscionable immoderate governmental purpose. “Previously, a VC could beryllium removed, but they could attack the tribunal to unafraid the presumption and implicit the tenure,” helium said.

He said determination should beryllium immoderate beardown grounds of misconduct oregon corruption to region immoderate VC.

He added that the amendment should besides beryllium introduced to fortify the hunt committee’s quality to find a VC connected its own; this signifier was communal successful developed countries, and it should not question an exertion for the position.

It’s worthy mentioning that the Supreme Court had directed the Punjab authorities to present an amendment to the instrumentality to amended the criteria for the assignment of a VC.

Published successful Dawn, January 12th, 2023

Source Dawn